How to get rid of irritation after shaving in the groin

Every man tends to look well-groomed, so daily shaving is the basis of facial skin care. However, unfortunately, razor blades can cause irritation, which is sometimes very difficult to get rid of. Why undesirable reactions on the skin after shaving appear and how to get rid of this problem, we will tell in today’s publication.

How to get rid of irritation after shaving in the groin

Causes of irritation after shaving

The main causes of irritation after shaving are:

  • late replacement of razor blades;
  • use of disposable razors with too sharp a blade;
  • insufficient skin hydration;
  • too frequent shaving, in which the epidermis does not have time to adapt.

In fact, this problem is easier to prevent than to cure, so let’s remember the basic rules that will help prevent undesirable consequences of shaving:

  • before the procedure it is best to steam out the skin, so try to shave after taking a shower or bath;
  • when shaving, use only warm water, never hot or cold. The fact is that too hot water opens the pores, which can get dirt or hair particles, which just causes irritation;
  • during shaving be sure to use special creams and gels that have a softening property and provide a smooth sliding razor. Soap in this case is not recommended to use, because it dries the skin. Shaving products should be selected for your skin type;
  • timely replacement of the blades on the machine will allow you to prevent irritation;
  • upon completion of the procedure, each time dip the machine in water with peroxide or use any disinfecting solution;

Popular recipes for irritation

If you have tried many means to care for your skin after shaving, but the irritation persists, then we recommend that you try using home remedies based on natural ingredients. Preparing these funds is not difficult, and the effect will please you – do not hesitate.

Preparation and application: chop a small bunch of parsley, pour a glass of boiling water, let it brew for 20 minutes, strain and use for rubbing after shaving. This decoction will help relieve irritation, soothe the skin and even heal cuts.

Preparation and use: crush two aspirin tablets and add to the mixture, add a small amount of glycerin and apply to the skin immediately after hair removal. Rinse the mixture should not be.

It is also recommended to add hydrocortisone, a pharmaceutical ointment that helps to get rid of irritation, in your usual aftershave cream.

Broths of calendula, chamomile, oak bark will help relieve irritation. Daily use of these decoctions will not only prevent irritation, but also help to get rid of the existing at the moment. Also a good remedy for irritation after shaving are ice cubes, which should wipe the skin. The cold will help to quickly close the pores, soothe irritation and maintain the skin in good condition.

The evening shaving method helps many men. The fact is that after shaving the skin needs rest to recover, so shaving in the evening will help to look much better in the morning. If you are still used to shaving in the morning, then let your skin rest for about 20 minutes before you go out.

Follow the recommendations, take care of yourself and remain men in any situation!

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