How to get rid of intestinal pain

All people at least once, but felt increased gas formation in the stomach, when the gases gather so strongly inside that there is a feeling of bloating, bubbling and bursting.

Often these manifestations are not serious, but at the same time you want to get rid of gases faster, because they bring a lot of discomfort and discomfort. Sometimes gases are formed due to serious diseases, so it is important to know the causes of the formation, as well as to learn how to get rid of gases in the intestine.

Symptoms of severe gas formation

Strong gases in the intestines can appear in perfectly healthy people, but this has its own reasons. Often, such problems speak of diseases that are associated with the gastrointestinal tract. The main symptoms should include the following manifestations:

    Symptoms of gas in the intestines

Abdominal distention appears. People have a feeling of distention from the inside, from which one wants to get rid of more quickly. The abdomen can visually enlarge, swell about 1.5 times more than usual.

  • As a lot of gases accumulate, people start to get swollen constantly, gases go outside.
  • In the intestine constantly rages and gases are formed. At the same time rumbling is very difficult to hide from other people.
  • In the stomach appears heaviness, which appears due to the formation of gas.
  • Pain is possible, pains are described as cramping and they appear on the right or left under the ribs. As a rule, pain appears at the fold of the colon.
  • Abdominal distention and belching, may appear hiccups. In addition, belching is possible with an unpleasant smell.
  • Almost always, the symptoms described give the person a lot of trouble. Concentration becomes worse, since all thoughts are directed at eliminating rumblings and gas emissions. If the symptoms described appear, and they are accompanied all the time, then it is necessary not to delay treatment and diagnosis, but rather to go to the doctor so that he can inspect and establish the correct diagnosis, as well as prescribe meteorism treatment.

    Causes of gas in the intestines

    Despite the fact that the accumulation of gases in the intestine – this is not a dangerous reaction of the body, you should not neglect this symptom. You need to know where the gases come from, their possible causes. In practice, there are several main reasons for which gases can accumulate inside, all of them are presented in the table:

    Products that cause flatulence

    Few people control their diet and overall diet. Attention to these factors begin to pay when flatulence appears. If we talk about some products that can cause flatulence, then there are the following:

    How to get rid of intestinal pain

      Causes of gas formation in the intestines

    Black bread, kvass, as well as food and drinks that can roam.

  • Vegetables and fruits, for example, cabbage, legumes, apples.
  • Dairy products can also be the cause, but only if a person has a lack of enzymes in the body that can process lactose.
  • Large amounts of sugar provoke gases, including chocolate and other sweets.
  • If gases appear in the intestines, the causes of which are unknown, it is better to seek help from a doctor who can tell exactly how to treat this or that manifestation. Also formed gases and bloating during pregnancy and this is normal. During early pregnancy, hormonal disruption occurs in the female body, as a result of which meteorism begins. Also during pregnancy, a similar problem can be caused by the fact that the fetus begins to grow and can put pressure on the organs, due to which digestion occurs incorrectly and there can be frequent discharge. During pregnancy in the last trimester, gases appear due to the growing uterus, but even women can struggle with such symptoms if you know some simple methods that will be described below.

    Treatment of gas formation in the intestines

    Many people do not know how to remove gases from the intestines and get rid of discomfort and smelling gases. If traditional treatment is used, then initially the attending physician will determine the exact reason for the formation of such a process in the body. After finding out the reasons, treatment is prescribed, which consists of three stages:

      Pills No-Shpa with gases in the intestine

    Initially, the main symptoms are removed. In this case, the doctor prescribes medication that quickly relieves cramps in the stomach. As a rule, “no-shpa” is used for these purposes. By the way, such pills are allowed to use during pregnancy, but only on the recommendation of a doctor. If gases appear due to a large amount of air swallowed while eating, then you just need to eat less quickly and chew food.

  • Next is the pathogenetic treatment. This stage consists of using funds that can quickly remove excess gas inside. As a rule, sorbents are assigned that will allow to absorb toxins and other harmful substances, after which they will be eliminated naturally. The most common remedy is Smecta, but you can use Phospholugel and others. For normalization and improvement of the digestive system, enzyme preparations are used, for example, Pancreatin, Mezim. For disposal, defoamers are used, which suck up the excess gases inside. Applied Espumizan, Simethicone.
  • The last step is to eliminate the cause. In this case, it is important to accurately identify the cause of the formation and use the correct therapy. If you are tortured with gases due to tumors, then surgery is indispensable. If the cause of the formation is constant and progresses, the “Zeercal” preparation is used. In case of failures and problems with intestinal flora, special lactobacilli are used to help the body recover. For constipation, a remedy is required that can normalize the stool. Often such a tool is Espumizan. Such tablets are safe and can be drunk during pregnancy, as well as given to children from 1 month with strong colic.
  • Important! Before you deal with gas, you need to consult with the doctor, so as not to harm yourself and the body, and not complicate the situation. It is not recommended to be treated independently, even with safe at first sight means. Despite the fact that flatulence is not a serious problem, but it can be an important symptom for the detection of serious pathology.

    How to get rid of intestinal pain

    Folk remedies for gases in the intestines

    Gases in the intestines – what to do at home? Such a question appears in a person who is struggling with the symptoms at home. It should be noted that not all folk remedies can deal with gases. Some of them do not work well on one person, but on the other they give an excellent effect. The basic recipes are as follows:

      Chamomile decoction for gas formation in the intestines

    Dill water. Dill in the amount of 1 is added to the glass of boiling water

  • Chamomile decoction. If the gases stink, chamomile will help them out. It is necessary to add a glass of boiling water 1
  • How to get rid of intestinal pain

    Getting rid of intestinal flatulence at home is not difficult, the main thing is to know the causes and treatment, as well as to find an effective remedy for eliminating the symptoms. If one works worse than the other, then a more effective prescription is applied, but do not neglect the recommendations of the attending physician. If you need to drink medicines for metiorism, then it is better to use them, rather than folk remedies.

    Diet with gas in the intestines

    Anyone who frequently releases gases and suffers from flatulence must follow a certain diet, or rather a diet. In any case, with frequent gas formation, it is necessary to revise its menu, since the problem is most often in the diet and lifestyle. In today’s world, many people eat on the go, while the food may not be the most useful, because it is a fast food product.

    If the resulting gases bring a lot of inconvenience, it is better to remove from the menu the products that cause them, to abandon spicy dishes and Chinese cuisine. Do not eat a lot of fat, smoked, as well as reduce the consumption of soda, beer and other alcohol. Every day you need to eat the first dish, soup, borscht or other liquid dish.

    All vegetables that will be consumed are better steamed, as gases will appear much less frequently. To normalize digestion, it is recommended to drink kefir and ryazhenka. Using the tips from the article, it will be possible not only to get rid of the gases, but also to forget about them forever.

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