How to get rid of bruises

A bruise (also known as a hematoma) is a subcutaneous accumulation of blood that forms when the lesions are closed with ruptures of blood vessels and hemorrhage into the surrounding tissues.

What causes bruising?

Most often, the formation of bruises is a result of mechanical damage to the vessels caused by bruises or injuries, as well as the introduction of intravenous injection.

In more rare cases, the appearance of bruises on the body may be associated with such diseases as:

  • disruption of the circulatory system (varicose veins, vasculitis, vascular fragility and

Also factors contributing to the appearance of bruises on the body can be called:

  • connective tissue weakness;
  • use of medications that cause a decrease in blood clotting: heparin, corticosteroids, aspirin, as well as some antidepressants, anti-asthma and anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • general vitamin deficiency or lack of vitamins P, C, K in the body, the insufficient amount of which in the body causes fragility and fragility of blood vessels, and as a result – the appearance of bruises without any external influence;
  • great physical exertion;
  • various allergic reactions.

How to get rid of bruises

It is worth noting that increased capillary fragility and vascular weakness are more common in women than in men, which is associated with the presence of estrogen (female hormones) in the blood of women and a general hormonal background.

When do you need specialist help?

Before you get rid of a bruise, for example, on the leg or on another part of the body, you need to determine the reason for which it appeared. If you know for sure that the hematoma appeared as a result of a mechanical injury, you do not have to go to the doctor.

A visit to the doctor is recommended in such cases:

  • a bruise on the body appeared for no apparent reason;
  • hematoma does not go away within 1-2 weeks or increases in size over time;
  • small bruises are often formed on the body, which after some time pass on their own (this can be a symptom of the disease).

How to get rid of bruises?

Use of compresses

For those who want to quickly remove the bruise at home can help onion and ice compresses. For bruises caused by contusion or a blow, it is recommended to apply a compress from onion juice until the resorption of the hematoma. Just as quickly to get rid of a bruise that arose after a blow or mechanical damage, cold compresses with ice will help during the first 24 hours.

Masking agents

If there was a bruise under the eye, you can use masking tools. Of course, neither powder nor tonal creams will help to eliminate the bruise, but visually it will become less noticeable.

Reception of vitamin-containing products and means

If bruises on the body appear due to the fragility of blood vessels caused by a lack of vitamin C in the body, it is advisable to add parsley, onions, rosehips, strawberries and citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruits, lemons) to your diet.

It should be noted that a sharp increase in vitamin C in the body, in turn, will increase the body’s need for this vitamin. Therefore, the above products in your diet should be introduced in small portions and gradually. It is also not recommended to compensate for the lack of vitamin C drugs.

Quickly get rid of bruise, the appearance of which is due to a lack of vitamins, by replenishing their stock: including in the diet of dairy products, herbs, seaweed rich in trace elements or taking specialized vitamin-mineral complexes.

With low connective tissue strength, it is recommended to use specialized nutritional supplements containing vitamins E, C, K and P.

Resorption of bruises that appeared after taking the medicine

To flatten a bruise caused by taking medications (for example, aspirin that promotes blood thinning) is possible by stopping their taking. This measure can be carried out only after prior consultation with a doctor.

Hematoma treatment for various diseases

With hemorrhagic vasculitis

Bruises caused by hemorrhagic vasculitis are eliminated during the treatment of the disease itself. In this case, you can not do without medical assistance. With a mild disease, treatment may consist in the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. If the disease is more severe, steroids (hormones) are prescribed. In extreme cases, cytotoxic drugs are used.

The most effective in the treatment of vasculitis is plasmapheresis – purification of blood plasma, accumulating harmful substances. In most cases, the treatment of hemorrhagic vasculitis is accompanied by a special diet that excludes all foods that may cause allergies.

With hormonal diseases

The problem of hematomas caused by elevated estrogen levels in the blood is usually solved by the use of vessel-strengthening drugs (troxevasin, venoruton, or others), and a specialist’s consultation is necessary before taking them.

With varicose veins

To get rid of the bruise on the leg caused by varicose veins, can only be a comprehensive approach to the treatment of the disease. When varicose veins should exercise, walk more in the open air, women should not wear high-heeled shoes. Treatment should be individually chosen by the doctor phlebologist, depending on the severity of the disease, they can also be additionally prescribed special pharmaceutical preparations that strengthen the blood vessels.

With reduced blood clotting

If the bruise is caused by low blood clotting, doctors usually prescribe a course of plasma transfusions. Also, in the treatment of such hematomas, such drugs as contrycal, aminocaproic, tramexamic or aminomethylbenzoic acid and other coagulants (hemostatics) are successfully used.

How to quickly disguise a bruise?

Regardless of what caused the formation of a hematoma, it most likely will not pass in 1 day and in order not to shock the surrounding bruises on his face or other exposed parts of the body, one can use one of their disguise methods before going outside.

Fresh bruises (purple or purple) are perfectly masked by the orange corrector, blue or green hematomas – by the yellow corrector, yellow, almost descended bruises – by purple or lilac. When choosing a concealer or concealer, it is necessary to take into account its density and consistency, for example, a solid concealer in the stick rests on the face more closely, and allows you to quickly disguise a large surface of the skin, and for small, not very dark bruises, a creamy concealer is more suitable.

Also for masking hematomas, you can use pharmacy tinting tools for bruises. To achieve a more lasting effect, it is better to choose their waterproof options.

How to get rid of bruises

If you can not find a concealer or corrector suitable for color, use for this purpose cream shades without sparkles. Properly selected shades of shadows will neutralize the color of the bruise better than the masking agent. At the end of the process of masking a bruise, use a powder-veil, which fixes the result, evens out skin tone and allows you to make the hematoma invisible for a longer time.

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