How to get rid of bruise quickly

Every person has encountered this problem more than once: bruises can appear from any careless action. Even from a mild shock, an ugly stain can appear on the body. How to quickly get rid of bruise?

Unfortunately, there is no instant remedy for bruises. If a bruise has already appeared, it should take some time to get rid of it. However, if you act quickly, you can prevent it from occurring.

The most effective folk remedy for bruises, of course, cold. We are familiar with this method since childhood, when our mothers got something frozen from the freezer and put it on our broken noses and knees. How to use the cold?

It doesn’t matter how cold you use: if there is ice, apply it. If there is no ice, you can use any well-cooled object that is on hand: a cold coin or spoon, a bag of cold water or a package of dumplings from the freezer will fulfill its mission no worse. If there is a wound, it is necessary at the beginning to process it and apply a bandage, and then apply cold.

A cold compress must be removed after 20 minutes. If you are unpleasant exposure to cold for such a long time, take a break every 2-3 minutes and remove the compress for 1 minute.

It is important to remember that already 2-4 hours after the injury, ice will no longer help prevent bruising.

If the cold did not help and the bruise still appeared, you can use heat: warming gels, ointments, a warm bath or a hot-water bottle will help get rid of the existing hematoma. It is important to remember that you can start treating a bruise with heat no earlier than a day after it appears.

If you begin to use heat earlier, you risk getting the exact opposite effect from the expected.

Each hostess has vinegar in his arsenal, but not everyone knows that it is used as a means to combat bruises. In order to get rid of a hematoma using vinegar, you need to mix 250 grams of 9% vinegar with 5 grams of salt. Moisten a cotton swab in the mixture and attach to the injury site.

Bodyaga is one of the oldest and least expensive bruises. Bodyagia can be purchased at the pharmacy in the form of an ointment, gel or powder. It should be remembered that the bodyguard can not be used in the eye area, so as not to provoke irritation and an allergic reaction.

The bodyguard should be applied starting from the first day after the injury.

Traditional iodine reticulum can be used to treat bruises no earlier than the second or third day after injury. On the face of this tool can not be used.

In order for the effect of the use of the iodine net to be of higher quality, it should be applied not only to the surface of the hematoma, but also to the area around it.

In order to get rid of bruise, you can use calendula tincture. You can buy it at the pharmacy or prepare it yourself, insisting 20 g of calendula per 100 ml of alcohol for two weeks. Tincture is used as lotions and compresses.

Cabbage leaves should be slightly beaten before the juice appears and attach to the injury site immediately after the injury. Also, cabbage leaves can be used during the entire healing time.

How to get rid of bruise quickly

Pepper plaster

From the existing bruise will help pepper patch. However, it should be remembered that it cannot be used on the first day after the injury.

Rosemary oil

Essential oils are also effective for treating bruises. Rosemary oil due to its natural properties suitable for this purpose most. Also its use can be combined with other methods of treatment.


For treatment of bruises use Heparin ointment, Troxevasin, Arnica, Rescuer, Bruise-off and

10 ways to quickly get rid of a bruise at home,

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