How to get rid of back pain

We can help you navigate the diagnosis, pay attention to possible violations of well-being and tell you what diseases they may be associated with. In order to find out the diagnosis of a possible disease, indicate in the picture a part of the body and select the symptoms related to it. The final diagnosis can only be established by a specialist!

Recovery programs

Understanding the unique nature of the human body, examining the needs of patients, we combined expert consultations, examinations, treatment sessions and created new comprehensive programs for people of different ages.

For children and teenagers

Children from 6 years old are engaged in our Center. Rehabilitation specialists help the parent figure out whether his child is healthy, whether spinal curvatures are not observed and how to safely correct the baby’s posture.

For adults

Our experienced team of rehabilitation therapists can professionally create you an effective spine restoration program taking into account absolutely all the individual characteristics and wishes, the results of which will be regularly discussed and adjusted if necessary.

For older people

She is one of our main tasks – to extend your youth! We will not prescribe a lot of drugs that do not fit well together, we will be able to restore your health without medicines and operations!

For pregnant

Approximately 50-70% of pregnant women have back pain, but only a small part knows how to get rid of pain. In most cases, with timely referral to a specialist, you can get rid of pain.

Growth program +7

Recommendations during and after rehabilitation

Tikhonov Valery Genadievich

(Surgeon, Research Fellow, Meshalkin Institute of Cardiac Surgery

This system of rehabilitation of the body is known since ancient times and has been successfully used for many years in different countries from China and Japan to European countries. Observations have shown that rehabilitation with the use of the technique leads to a significant improvement in well-being, back pain disappears, sleep normalizes, the body’s endurance and resistance to respiratory diseases increases, headaches disappear, pressure, vision and internal organs function are restored, and the risk of a heart attack and stroke

Shevlyuk Tatyana Vladimirovna

(Therapist of the highest category. Chief physician of the center of primary health care, head of outpatient department.)

How to get rid of back pain

I consider the vertebral device and the recovery system presented on the basis of the Eurospine Spine Center to be fundamentally new, safe and effective approaches to the treatment and prevention of back and joint diseases. Vertebral simulator absolutely naturally and painlessly restores the work of all muscle groups of the spine. The session lasts from 40 to 90. Before the session, the patient is given a relaxing massage, and after – they are trained in gymnastic exercise to maintain muscle tone for the whole day. I believe that there are no analogues to this device, and I recommend it to absolutely all people who want to preserve health and prolong life.

Sade Tatyana Valeryevna

How to get rid of back pain

(Specialist in somatic training for Bryan Ingle, on energy osteopathy, orthobionomy, Chinese traditional medicine. Leading Fitness Convention Nike. Lecturer of workshops in Europe and Asia on somatic and conscious movements.)

Occupations on vertebrologic devices help muscles to more effectively be involved in work due to restoration of sensory-motor sensitivity. After class, my patients note the absence of pain in the lumbar region, sacrum, hips, upper back, neck, headaches, no “frozen shoulder” syndrome, the general state of the body improves; there is a relaxation on the physical and mental levels. In Ukraine, unfortunately, there are no such institutions yet. Only in the Eurospine Spine Center, well-trained, trained instructor-specialists work, an individual approach is felt for each person, and the service is top notch.

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