How to get rid of autoimmune diseases

Is it possible to cope with dandruff quickly, simply and forever? Answer: – yes! For efficiency, shampoos and folk remedies go into battle, we checked all the options, which caused a storm of positive reviews and comments.

How to get rid of autoimmune diseases

Elena Pritupova · April 26, 2016

Let’s immediately clarify what dandruff is, and then it will be clear how to effectively deal with it. Dandruff in essence is the cells of the epidermis, which, as a result of the disruption of the sebaceous glands, are not washed off, but are peeled off in groups. And form the same snow on our shoulders. There is always a process of exfoliation. And to remove the scales, a person washes. This is a normal process of self-cleaning of the skin. When it is enhanced and we already see scales, this indicates a violation of the process. In this case, doctors talk about seborrhea (what we call each other just dandruff).

There are several forms of seborrhea: fat, dry, mixed. There are also several reasons for its occurrence. This may be an early sign of autoimmune diseases (for example, psoriasis). This may be an increase in hormone levels. For example, an increase in the amount of the male sex hormone testosterone leads to an increase in sebum production, as a result of which a plaque (dandruff) forms on the head. It may be a fungal infection. In principle, fungi always live on the skin, but during a “breakdown” (hormones, stress, etc.) they begin to grow at an increased rate and have a negative effect. That is, in this case, in addition to disrupting the process of exfoliation of the upper layer of cells, there is also an inflammatory process. Therefore, itchy scalp is a sure sign of a fungal disease. But with all this you can fight. And quite simply and efficiently. So, what are the same ways to get rid of dandruff?

Fast / one day: shampoo

If dandruff is not a symptom of a serious disease, but is conditionally cosmetic (for example, due to improper washing of the head or dyeing hair), then it is enough to go to the store and buy dandruff shampoo. But it is important to choose the right shampoo that would achieve the goal – to dissolve and remove scales. In its composition must be acid (for example, salicylic, lactic – they help exfoliation). In this case, note that if you have oily seborrhea, then you need to wash your hair every day. Unlike dry seborrhea, where daily washing will bring only harm instead of benefit.

How to get rid of autoimmune diseases

Then you go straight to the pharmacy – for medical shampoo, which includes including antifungal drugs. More about him in the next chapter.

Forever: medication

In this case, complex therapy will help fight dandruff. It includes several components at once. First, antifungal drugs (eg, ketoconazole). Secondly, shampoos with antifungal agents (octopyrox, piroctone olamine) and exfoliating ingredients (salicylic acid). These are the most therapeutic shampoos for seborrhea, which are sold in pharmacies. The first 2-3 weeks they are used actively, then – as maintenance therapy. Thirdly, antihistamines (they have an anti-inflammatory effect and relieve irritation). Fourthly, local action ointment, if seborrhea has already passed into seborrheic dermatitis. Fifth, the diet.

Increase in the diet the presence of polyunsaturated fatty acids (they are especially abundant in fish, nuts), vitamins of group B (whole-grain bread, milk, cottage cheese, liver, cheese, eggs, cabbage, apples, tomatoes).

Ozone therapy, cryomassage (with severe itching), mesotherapy (during the crisis period) also provide good assistance.

Important! To get rid of dandruff, you need to wash your hair with medical shampoos correctly. Fundamental rules:

– Water should be warm – 36−37 degrees, as hot stimulates the sebaceous glands and promotes a favorable environment for the reproduction of the fungus, and the cool just does not wash the hair.

– Shampoo before use, you need to shake to the medical component, which could settle at the bottom, mixed with the bulk.

– Apply shampoo should be gently massaged first on the scalp. And only then go down the entire length of the hair.

– Hold the shampoo on the head for 3-5 minutes – for the effects of the active anti-violin ingredient. Periodically massage to redistribute shampoo over the head. Wash off with warm water.

– At the end of the washing procedure, be sure to rinse with cool water – to constrict the vessels of the scalp and reduce sebaceous excretions.

– In the case of hypersality of the scalp, you can first use regular shampoo, and then healing.

At home: folk remedies

Masks for hair from natural ingredients have long received their recognition. And grandma’s secrets are still relevant today. If you want to cure dandruff at home and inexpensively, choose your folk remedy.

Beet Juice Apply to head fresh beet juice. After an hour, wash off with shampoo. Better homemade: an egg, a pinch of borax (sodium tetraborate) and some water.

Sea salt. Dissolve 2 tablespoons of natural sea salt (without flavoring) in a glass of water. Apply to scalp and hair. Massage a few minutes. Wash off with shampoo.

Infusion of hop cones. 1 tablespoon of cones brew 1 cup boiling water. Insist 40 minutes. Put on the head. An hour later, wash off.

Aspirin. Add 2 regular crushed aspirin tablets to your regular shampoo. To wash a head, to massage, wash off. Aspirin can be replaced by soda.

Nettle decoction. Use for rinsing. 1 cup of dried nettle for 1.5 liters of water. Cook in a water bath for 20 minutes.

Lemon decoction. Use for rinsing. Boil 5-6 lemons in 1.5 liters of water for 20 minutes.

Masks and compresses:

– Castor oil and alcohol in equal proportions.

– Apple cider vinegar and water in a 1: 1 ratio.

– Vegetable oil and sea buckthorn oil in a ratio of 1: 9.

– 1 yolk, 1 teaspoon of burdock oil and honey.

– 1 yolk, 1 teaspoon of castor oil, honey, lemon.

– 1 yolk, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, 1 teaspoon of honey, lemon juice and fresh persimmon puree.

– 1 yolk, juice 3-4 young leaves of nettle, 2 tablespoons of sour cream, 2 teaspoons of mustard oil and bearberry.

How to get rid of autoimmune diseases

– 1 yolk, 1 teaspoon of honey and aloe juice, 1 tablespoon of any vegetable oil.

By the way, for the lazy: for masks, you can use just one of the ingredients, be it egg, sour milk, black bread (diluted with water to a mushy state), aloe juice, castor, burdock, sea buckthorn, linseed, olive or jojoba oil.

Important! It is necessary to hold the mask on the head for 30–60 minutes for the active elements to act. Apply to the hair roots. After applying the mask, arrange the head “bath” – wrap with cellophane and on top with a towel. Course – at least 10 procedures.

Almost all of the above hair masks can be used not only in the treatment of dandruff, but also to improve the condition of their hair.

And remember, dandruff is just a symptom. For proper treatment, it is necessary to identify the cause. A doctor (dermatologist or trichologist) will help, of course, to cope with this.

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