How to determine blood type by parents

In a person’s life, unforeseen events happen on which his life depends. Medically, there is often a need for blood transfusions, and for this it is important to know the exact type, the Rh factor, in order to avoid death. You can determine them with the help of medical tests with an accuracy of 100%. This data is a unique identifier of the individual.

How to determine blood type by parents

How and where to find out your blood type

Differences in blood type in humans exist due to the different composition of antibodies, antigens in the plasma. Medicine adopted the classification system AB0 (read a, b, zero). There are four basic types from 1 to 4, but scientists have created a zero group, which is equally well suited for transfusion to all people, is universal. Also, a person has a positive or negative rez-factor – Rh + and Rh-. They are designated as:

It is believed that A2 is the most popular on the entire planet, and the 4th one is recognized as the rarest, the first one being the best donor and suitable for all other people. There are several ways to determine the type of blood, but all of them are laboratory tests, which differ only in the method of determination, the technique of isolation. Analyzes are highly accurate, so there is no fundamental importance in choosing a technique.

With the help of analyzes

In any large hospital with good equipment, blood type is determined without problems. For this purpose, the composition, sample structure, the ratio of white (leukocytes) and red (erythrocytes) blood cells to the amount of plasma is studied. It takes just a few minutes. There are two standard methods for this, which differ only in the features of the study, the cost of the procedure. Any private laboratory or polyclinic can perform tests. The average cost of the procedure is 500 rubles.

By cyclones

In this case, the monoclinal antibodies, colicones, are used in the determination. They were created using genetic engineering and laboratory sterile mice. In contrast to the method of determination using serums, cyclones have a high avidity, activity. Due to this pronounced agglutination reaction occurs faster. The main components are antigens, which determine the results. These include:

How to determine blood type by parents

Standard sera

Another option is the use of standard serums. The algorithm is based on the adhesion reaction (agglutination). The resulting lumps in the sample indicate the presence of agglutinogen A and agglutinin alpha or Agglutinogen B and agglutinin beta, there are cases when everything is present at once. The sera beforehand contain agglutinins of I, II, and III groups, the reaction with which allows us to determine the group number by color and lumps.

At home

It is possible to determine the blood type at home yourself using a special set. Its cost is at the level of 150 rubles, suitable for one test. As a rule, it includes a needle and a cardboard card with fields to which you need to carefully add a drop. For each field, use a new toothpick so that the liquid to be analyzed at the tip does not mix. In which of the fields agglutination occurred, that type belongs to you.

Another way is to carefully examine the medical card. Often, in analyzes taken in childhood, the group is determined, the Rh factor, and then the information is entered into the card. Recently, you can find out the blood type on the passport of the new sample. This data is available only if there is an appropriate column in the document. Free to know their performance will turn out when you take the tests in the donor point: the definition of these data is a mandatory procedure for the collection.

Table: What type of blood will the child have?

In some cases, you can define paternity. The test of kinship is not absolutely accurate and can only give preliminary results. In addition, it is held only when the baby is born and it will be possible to take a fence for analysis. Thanks to Gregor Mendel you can find out the blood type of the child before his birth. At the core lies his theory and the laws of inheritance. The table gives only a percentage of the possible ratio.

Blood type mom + dad

Blood type of child,% chance

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