How to deal with irritability

1. Acknowledge that you are annoyed and angry. Recognition is the first step to adjusting your emotional expressions.

2. Excessive irritability and aggression – a direct consequence of the inability to express their thoughts and feelings.

Non-expressed negative accumulates and pours out often on completely innocent people, often in a form more rigid than the very reason for such a manifestation.

Therefore, you need to learn to respond to the irritating factor as soon as it makes you angry, but to express emotions adequately. Adequately, it means:

– The phrase begins with a neutral non-accusatory description of the actions of another person who does not like you. Then follows a description of your reactions to this behavior.

Explain after this why this behavior is difficult for you, or simply indicate how it affects you.

Finally, describe what you would like. At the same time, use such traction as I would like to, I would be grateful to you, or I would prefer.

For example: I feel hurt when important decisions in our family are made without taking into account my

If we can express our problem openly, in an “I-utterance,” we immediately gain two significant advantages:

– we will improve relations with this person, increase clarity, transparency of these relations,

– we form a partner motivation to assist in solving our problem.

How to deal with irritability

3. If you are overly irritable and angry at any little things, think what goes wrong in your life?

Indeed, under dissatisfaction with other people there is often hidden dissatisfaction with one’s own position, life, uncertainty and fear.

4. A high level of natural activity and an intense lifestyle, of course, contribute to irritability and readiness for aggressive response.

Tensions and the strength of aggressive reactions are especially aggravated when we ourselves have to deal with inadequate (aggressive, unfriendly, tactless) behavior of others.

Also, the flow of negativity coming from the media can contribute to irritability and fear.

To get rid of this, stop looking and read news about various disasters, incidents, etc.

This news will continue until people have no need for it. While it is interesting for us to read about the bad, we will support this stream of negative energy with our energy.

Think of all the good things in your life. Every evening, remember what good happened to you today.

Learn the techniques of self-regulation that help relieve not only irritation, but also restore harmony in your soul. This may be yoga, pilates, breathing exercises, oriental practices, etc.

5. If someone or something annoys you, use the technique of gratitude. This technique may seem naive, but it is very effective and gives instant results.

As soon as you feel irritation, mentally thank the interlocutor for the positive that was in his intention to tell you.

Forgive him, forgive yourself for the thoughts, words, emotions that you feel towards him.

For example, you are angry at the saleswoman, who, in response to your request to show the goods, sharply responds to you and Hamit.

Your thoughts: “Thank you, saleswoman, for letting me know that in this store you should not buy goods. Forgive me for thoughts, emotions and feelings towards you! I forgive you, I forgive myself! Let you be OK!

How to deal with irritability

The technique is based on the fact that every action has a positive intention. If you search for such an event in any event, you will soon get rid of irritability and learn to enjoy life using all the opportunities it gives us.

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  1. 2012-10-04 at 00:01:21 | Tatyana (anonymous)

How to deal with irritability

Very good article, recently I have been very hard at work and I have become very irritable. I will use the techniques described in this article

Explanatory article. I’ll try to use some tricks. Thank!

Good article! Everyday hassle and the rhythm of life certainly have a negative effect on our nervous system. I found for myself some suitable, practical advice. Thanks to the author;)

Thank you very much for the very informative article, let’s wake up!

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