How to cure snot

. If you or your children are seriously ill, you should break off the environment in which you are sick, or at least try to do it – find fresh air, go to the raw foods, fast, eat herbs, drink herbal decoctions and tinctures – try to recover your personal resonance with nature, because doctors can only pretend that they are “treating” a person, and only nature cures all the same.

I will give you the simplest example – here you have a cold. Snot. There is simply no place. What does modern medicine offer you? – Drops of ephedrine! Drip and nose clean! The success of modern medicine! – In the Looking Glass!

What really happened? Ephedrine narrowed the vessels of the nasal mucosa and stopped the runny nose.

How to cure snot

But what is snot? This is a harmful mucus, from which various substances that are so harmful to the body are removed from the body, that the body had to organize these “snot” – in the full sense of the word – open the “valve” in the nose.

Do you think that the body has organized snot for you from harm? To annoy you? He did this in order to remove harmful substances from the body with mucus from the nose. And you, they say, “outwitted” him – what “cunning” you are, the body opened the safety valve, and you closed it again.

We went to the doctor, paid money for the visit; went to the pharmacy, bought drops, dripped and …. stopped the process of freeing your body from harmful substances. This is how to deceive Aeroflot – to buy a ticket and not go.

A few hours later – again the body is trying to start to get rid of harmful mucus – again, snot – and again you outwit the body with drops and close the safety valve again.

As a result, encountering the inability to get rid of harmful substances by the method of excretion, the body puts these harmful substances somewhere inside the body. Outwardly, you are recovering, but years go by. And each of your snot, which you prevented the elimination of vasoconstrictor drops, you get out of serious incurable diseases, such as asthma. That is, all your snot, for all your life, which you have not removed from the body due to the “successes of modern medicine” – they are all “beautiful” inside of you and remain for some time, so that you can crawl out like? – That’s right – “sideways”, the same asthma and cancer.

Therefore, even in antiquity was the main medical, completely eliminated now the medical commandment, Do not harm!. Because it is insane to try to cure asthma by continuing to live in a gassed Moscow. And so you think? – Millions of Moscow asthmatics go to doctors and pay them money for the opportunity to continue to die among the exhaust pipes. So what are they for the sick? Asthmatics or crazy?

And cure those same snot? I still remember, my village mother used to treat snot over a pair of potatoes all her life, covering herself with a towel. – Good girl, she diluted snot, giving them the opportunity to quickly drain , that is, the folk tradition understood what the “scientific” medicine supposedly does not understand, that for true recovery and cessation of rhinitis, it is necessary to strengthen its discharge, because snuffle is a finite amount, snivel; they must not be stopped – they must be strengthened – they will run out faster and harmful substances will be removed from the body completely.

The method of treatment of rhinitis and not only for prof. Stoleshnikov

This bow is exhausted, let’s go cut again. There is no rhinitis with which it was impossible to cope in this way in one day. Chronic sinusitis and associated chronic headaches break through in one day of such treatment, in a few hours, in one hour. Inflammation of the lungs are also treated, chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis. And then eat chopped onions.

If you have a sore throat – the same thing, just breathe through your mouth. If your eyes are inflamed – conjunctivitis – cut onions and cry. No albutsides! No chemistry. Onions are an antiseptic of the highest quality, just like garlic, but about using garlic another time. I will say that sometimes I consumed so much garlic per day, about 10 or more onions per day, that my skin smelled of garlic.

Squashed garlic clove is best to treat inflammatory affairs on the woman, having thrust there with a finger. From onion and garlic, you can make a tincture: water or alcohol, which can wash any wounds. Alcohol (vodka) tincture, naturally will be stored forever and will be more concentrated. Water tincture is only for a few days. Water onion tincture is good, in boys, when the pipisk is inflamed, preputial bag, drop the pipisk into a weak onion water tincture (but not alcohol). When you have angina, rinse your mouth with any onion tincture and drink it. Onion slices are well tied to places with skin diseases and wounds. You will not find anything from synthetic drugs even close to an ordinary common onion. It cannot even be compared at all. Accordingly, all viral diseases for onions are not a problem, but medicine does not cure viral diseases and does not give you a cure.

What do you take with you when you can cure any disease for a rupus in a grocery store?

This is contrary to the very existence of Jewish medicine. The Jews will never allow you to encroach on their medicine. It would be better to ruin their own people than to give up such a highly genocidal method of exterminating the goyim.

How to cure snot

Remember, medicine is, at best, if it is not a deliberate genocide, to which much has already shown me, it is a self-contained system in itself, a locomotive for which people are firewood. That is – it is people for medicine – and not medicine for people.

And why? And because this is the Looking Glass, the mechanisms of which we are trying to understand in Scientific Ibology. That is why medicine has no right to be paid – because it treats the body, and not doctors. And taking money from the sick is looting, aggravated by the fact that once standing on the road to profit, all medicine becomes a huge marauding machine – a huge crime against humanity, which is only aggravated and aggravated.

After free medicine in the USSR – in the USA I see such medicine simply wild, but all the Jewish doctors are satisfied until they themselves get sick.

From this fundamental alienizatsii modern medicine, what conclusion? Goy have to take this matter into their own hands, to send medicine to the only path to human health – this is the path of harmony with nature, fully aware that technocratization of medicine is in fact disguised by a pseudoscientific screen an effective method of sending to the next world – the Alien genocide of earthlings, covered with pseudoscientific terminology.

– Comrades. Also, do not incline me into raw foods. I was already three years on syroedenii. And at any moment I can again become a syroed. No need to break open doors. I know about syroedeniya everything that is known in America, and in America it is known much more than in Russia, because books on raw food in the United States are printed continuously for more than 100 years. And in Russia, only one book by Ter Avanesyan, Raw Food, was known. Here it is for the race – please. In Soviet times it was a wild rarity, since it was published only in Yerevan. I went to reprints. I can make the site itself on American raw food, but then I have to close this one. Therefore, I will, if I mention that, only the most important.

So: my wife passed a fungus on his leg from garlic.- That’s right – you need to rub the affected areas of the skin with garlic. Garlic removes everything: fungi, worms, parasites, viruses. This is the most advanced antibiotic and without side effects!

Synthetic antibiotics are big money and all have side effects of varying degrees of severity. In addition, synthetic athybiotics have little effect on gram-negative bacteria (the most malignant), fungi and parasites, and do not act on any viruses at all.

Garlic acts on everything! In addition, resistance to synthetic antibiotics occurs, that is, addiction, that is, once it has undergone treatment, you can’t fool the microbe a second time with this antibiotic. Microorganisms have no addiction to garlic. In addition, life-threatening allergic reactions to synthetic antibiotics. Garlic does not cause allergies.

The only problem with garlic is that for internal treatment – for example, the flu, you need to eat garlic in quantities of about 10 onions per day. The stomach, due to the burning properties of garlic, cannot cope with such a quantity of disinfectant.

Therefore, despite the fact that at the same time its healing properties are reduced, it is necessary to heat treat the garlic in order to eat it more. Eat gradually as you can with raw garlic slices, and in the meantime still bake a dozen garlic bulbs in your oven for the day and eat everything. Baked, roasted or boiled garlic (just do not drain the water) from under the boiled garlic water can cure the regiment of soldiers, all this is already tolerated normally even by children. Boiled garlic, and water from under it can be cured at least an infant.

The same applies to onions – an antibiotic of the same fantastic nature – onions, which, due to its volatility, are especially good for the treatment of rhinitis, sinusitis, conjunctivitis, all respiratory diseases, including asthma – you need to breathe in pairs of freshly cut onions. How much is a kilogram of onion or garlic? – There are no diseases that can withstand a kilogram of onions or garlic?

And how much will you pay for an ampule of what attibiotics to make sure that they do not help and pick up a lot of allergies? And we with Watson snot will not wipe anyone; all are old enough to cut their onions and rub garlic themselves. As Ilf and Petrov used to say, “The rescue of the drowning is the work of the hands of the drowning,” especially since, as we revealed, they sink those who are drowning.

And we have already sorted out that with viral diseases temperature is a therapeutic factor and it should not be shot down and strengthened.. The reader has learned this. It was necessary to further strengthen. Here the temperature is just above the rise: 50 grams of brandy, raspberry tea, garlic tea and a quilt.

Garlic. Komarovsky against. Ukraine!

Eat garlic and onions from morning to evening and then breathe on each other without fear; this will only benefit – you will disinfect yourself and indoor air and disinfect others. Onions and garlic destroy bacteria and viruses, and without side effects.

Here the reader tells me: Quote:

Hello, Doctor! Today listened to the morning issue of the Air Force, the theme of the flu. He acted Clever Komarovsky, as Olga Says calls him in the comments to the article:November 4, 2009 at 0:15 on his website Swine flu as a mirror, in which you can see everything + http: //

Everything would be fine if this Alien did not affect you and our goyysky treatment with garlic and onions:Quote:

Well, Vladimir, I understand you: “tube twenty – one hundred and twenty sight” – a volley from the starboard: here is a purely scientific book from Canada called: “Garlic research update” by Benjamen Lau,

So, this Garlic research update report. It presents the results of boring animal experiments with garlic: diagrams, graphs, photos. The sections of the book are as follows:

cholesterol reduction infection control protection against environmental toxins protection against radiation stress, cancer prevention immune stimulant conclusion

As you understand, Watson, that in all the search sections found positive effects of garlic. Especially amazing were the results of cancer prevention. Quote. p 22:Quote:

– And as you understand, Watson, the undifferentiated natural cell-killer of our body, doesn’t care who to kill: cancer cells, microbes, viruses, fungi. Here I will give you again a quote from the chapter Infection Control. page 2:

– And this is what Watson and I constantly repeat, as the main reason for ours, with these amazing phenomena and facts, neglect. For example, I simply treat foot fungus with hot water baths with garlic powder, which costs all American vegetable stores for 2 bucks a pound – a whole regiment of soldiers can be cured of fungi. After the course of treatment, the fungus of any degree of prescription disappears. Sometimes it is enough just a couple of baths in a basin while watching a movie on TV. And this is despite the fact that antibiotics are almost not treated.

Thus, the Jewish doctor Komarovsky either did not read and did not know anything about garlic, or was a typical example of a typical Jewish pest doctor, whom the crypto-Hebrew public relations firmly pushes to the goyim as Komarovsky’s good girl. But from the advice of Komarovsky and the Jews die by the way. But you and I, Watson, are not interested in these inter-Jewish clashes; Rabbi Emmanuel Rabinovich said that small Jews can be sacrificed

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