How to cure protrusion

Intervertebral disc protrusion is such a violation of its normal position, in which the disc bulges out of the spine. Treatment of protrusion can prevent the further development of the hernia, so you should not make a diagnosis and be treated at home. Among people older than 30, every second person has this pathology. With timely treatment can cure the disease by conservative methods.

How are protrusions formed?

The intervertebral discs consist of two main elements – the semi-fluid pulposal nucleus and the surrounding fibrous ring formed by dense tissue. Permanent increased loads, metabolic disturbances and various diseases of the spine (scoliosis, osteochondrosis) adversely affect the state of the intervertebral discs. Their elasticity and thickness decrease.

In addition, negative changes affect the structure of the fibrous ring. Its internal fibers are destroyed. Pulpous core goes into a solid state due to loss of moisture. Gradually, the core of the disk begins to shift into cracks that form in the fibrous ring, and because of this, the disk is displaced and protrudes into the spinal canal. As a result, protrusion of the disk occurs.

The main methods of treatment

It is possible to get rid of protrusion only with an integrated approach. Treatment of protrusion should include medical support, special therapeutic exercises, physiotherapy, etc. Only with an integrated approach, it is possible to prevent the formation of a hernia from the protrusion and alleviate the patient’s condition. In most cases, conservative methods of protrusion treatment can cope with the disease and there is no need to resort to surgery.

Drug treatment

First of all, symptomatic treatment is prescribed. Pain relief allows the patient to quickly return to a normal lifestyle, and although such a disease does not fight with the disease, it is an integral part of complex therapy. To relieve pain, muscle relaxants are prescribed – drugs that relieve muscle spasm.

They effectively fight inflammation and the painful sensations of NSAIDs, so they are also often prescribed, but they can cause numerous side effects. The frequently prescribed NSAIDs include: Neise, Movalis, Ketonal. Various dosage forms of drugs may be prescribed: gels, ointments, injections, tablets. To avoid the negative impact of drugs on the body or to minimize it, it is advisable to use a combination of drugs that have anesthetic and anti-inflammatory effect.

Cartilage repair is provided by chondroprotectors, glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate. Doctors prescribe various drugs and active supplements containing these substances. To achieve the desired effect, the course of protrusion treatment with chondroprotectors should be long. But it must be borne in mind that such therapy may have certain side effects.

Physiotherapy treatment

One of the effective physiotherapy during protrusions is electrophoresis. It is carried out with the use of drugs that improve blood circulation and metabolism in the tissues of the affected area. Due to this, the fibrous ring tissues are restored faster, as they receive more intensive nourishment.

Massage is also often prescribed, it is very important that it is performed by a qualified masseur, since improper actions can only aggravate the condition. To increase efficiency, warming agents are used.

Physical therapy during protrusions

Therapeutic gymnastics is one of the most important methods of protrusion treatment. The set of exercises that the doctor makes up is individual for each patient, it helps to strengthen the muscular corset that supports the spine in the correct position. As a result, the protrusion does not develop into an intervertebral hernia, as the pressure on the disk decreases.

Doing is necessary regularly. The first workouts must be carried out under the supervision of a doctor who will correct the actions of the patient if he performs the exercises incorrectly. Gradually, the load during exercise should increase, only in this case, you can provide the necessary effect of training.

Alternative treatments

Nontraditional treatments can also help to cope with the disease.

Such procedures contribute to pain relief, as they relax cramped muscles, stimulate blood circulation, and activate nerve impulses in the transmitted roots. As a result of the course of treatment, the metabolism is normalized.

In addition, the following methods can be applied for treatment:

  • stone therapy;
  • acupressure;
  • moksoterapiya;
  • vacuum therapy;
  • hirudotherapy;
  • manual therapy.

How to cure protrusion

Each of the alternative treatment methods has a specific effect. When treating with leeches, the hirudin enzyme is injected into the blood when the leech sticks to the body. Due to the action of the enzyme, the body reduces swelling in the diseased area, reduces pain, improves blood circulation and lymph circulation in the body.

The effect of acupuncture is that the needles act on the biologically active points of the body. This triggers tissue repair processes, tissue nutrition improves, and vascular walls strengthen.

Manual therapy is a mechanical effect on the muscles of the back and spinal joints. A manual therapist can restore spinal mobility and relieve muscle spasm in the back of the patient.

Vacuum therapy helps to warm up and relax the muscles. One of the methods of vacuum therapy is a can massage. This helps to relieve pain.

It is unlikely that it will be possible to cure the protrusion with completely folk remedies, but the use of some herbal ingredients for the preparation of traditional medicine medicines is quite possible.

Ointments, tinctures for rubbing or internal reception based on it, prepared according to the recipes of traditional medicine, contribute to the restoration of the tissues of intervertebral discs.


If protrusions are formed in the cervical spine, the operation is appointed quite often. For some patients, this is the only way to treat and prevent negative effects on the brain. The operation consists of excision of the protruding part of the intervertebral disc.

In other cases, surgery for protrusions is not assigned. Surgical treatment is already used if the protrusion has developed into a hernia.

It is much easier to prevent back diseases than to treat them, especially since prevention does not require any excessive efforts. It is better to monitor your health so that you do not have to figure out how to treat protrusion with conservative and folk remedies.

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