How to cure POS naturally quickly

Features of back pain

Almost every person periodically feels discomfort in the back.

This may be due to many factors:

  • Sedentary lifestyle;
  • Late access to a doctor;
  • Previously raised severity, resulting in an intervertebral disc tearing;
  • Spinal hernia;
  • Disease of any internal organs;
  • Hypothermia;
  • Freezing.

In addition to these factors, there are many more that can cause back pain.

Back pain can be different and drastically for different reasons. What kind of pain can be and what are they connected with?

Causes of back pain

Each individual person may have many reasons for which they feel discomfort and pulling back pain.

These pains are divided into:

Definitions speak for themselves. Accordingly, mechanical pain occurs as a result of falling, hitting, stretching, or improper movement. A non-mechanical appear in any chronic or acquired disease. Here you can read more about the cause of back pain in the area of ​​the shoulder blades and their treatment.

Mechanical damage

The word speaks for itself, it is damage to the spinal or vertebral bones due to external influence.

How to cure POS naturally quickly

Such damage can be called:

  • Fractures;
  • Stretching;
  • Bruises;
  • Blows;
  • Accidents resulting in chronic pain at the source of the injury;
  • The lifting of heavy loads in connection with which there was a tear of inert tissue.

Each of these lesions in itself can lead to further discomfort or pain in the area of ​​a fracture or other injury.

That is, mechanical damage entails a number of diseases that can continue to constantly remind of a healed injury.


These are injuries that occur due to the fact that some disease was not detected in a timely manner and turned into chronic.

The causes of non-mechanical spinal injuries can be such diseases:

  • Scoliosis;
  • Osteochondrosis;
  • Rupture of interosseous tissues due to serious back diseases;
  • Spinal hernia;
  • Pinched nerve endings.

Therefore, it is better to immediately consult a doctor if you feel even the slightest pain in the back, so that it does not lead to problems and serious consequences. About what is osteopenia and how to treat it.

Stress and emotional turmoil

Perhaps this may seem strange to someone, but the state of the spinal section directly depends on the emotions and experiences received by the person.

Emotions such as:

  • Feeling of fear;
  • Nervous breakdowns;
  • Constant experiences;
  • Chronic bad temper;
  • Depression;
  • Depression;
  • Unrest;
  • Immersion in oneself;
  • Dissatisfaction with one’s life.

All these manifestations are very detrimental to the general condition of the body and the spine as well.

By passing the thread through the consequences of these emotions and stressful situations, you can make sure that the connection is direct.

What happens to a person when he experiences negative moods?

Can this be avoided?

More often than not, people independently enter into a state of depression, perceiving what is happening wrong and distorted. After that, problems from different angles begin to arise: psychological, neurological, surgical, and many others.

Those for whom this is familiar, think again and look at life from the other side:

  • The sun is shining;
  • Morning is replaced by night;
  • Outside fresh air;
  • Nature all the time pleases with new and new decorations;
  • Native people are nearby;
  • Healthy children.

Factors that you can enjoy a lot. The most important thing for you to determine what you have is good. Many psychologists say that problems and troubles bypass those who enjoy life and smile, no matter what.

A person in a good mood has a flat back, his eyes are fixed forward, and this contributes to the correct position of the spine.

Diseases of internal organs

Various diseases of internal organs also affect the state of the spine.

Depending on the degree and severity of the disease, different parts of the human spinal system may be sick, because the body works like a clock, and if at least one of the internal organs has a disease, the whole system suffers.

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To qualitatively check the source and cause of back pain, you need to undergo a comprehensive examination.

For correct and accurate diagnosis, it is necessary to pass the following important and defining examinations as a matter of priority:

  • A visit to a neurologist;
  • To pass a complete blood count;
  • To pass a blood test deployed on biochemistry;
  • Analysis of urine;
  • Feces analysis;
  • Make an ultrasound of the abdominal cavity;
  • You should also make an ECG.

These studies will help your doctor to find deviations in the testimony and send you to the right specialists.

Never make a diagnosis yourself, and always ask the doctor for directions for the tests listed above for your own peace of mind.

Depending on the diagnosis, you can obtain from the doctor a list of drugs that will cure or help get rid of the attacks of pain.

Treatment may be different:

How to cure POS naturally quickly

If the disease is not self-cure, the attending physician will prescribe pills, shots, an antibiotic that will help you feel better.

In the case when the disease is not running, it may be recommended to eat foods that have the right effect on a particular human organ.

They can also recommend a set of physical exercises if pain is caused by a sedentary lifestyle.

Which doctor will help with back pain in the middle of the spine? In order to accurately determine which specialist to contact, you must first visit a therapist and a neurologist.

After a full examination, they can refer you to such specialists as a gastroenterologist, urologist, gynecologist, surgeon, cardiologist, this will help you to prescribe the most correct and complete treatment of your back.

Pain and a crunch in the back over time can lead to dire consequences – local or complete limitation of movements, even disability.

People who have learned from bitter experience use natural remedies recommended by orthopedists to cure their backs and joints.

Traditional medicine to help

There are many herbal ingredients that can cure the source of pain in the back. There are the following recipes of traditional medicine:


To avoid back pain, follow these guidelines:

  • Lead an active life;
  • Do light physical exertion for the spine every day, especially when seated;
  • Periodically clean the body (stomach, gall, kidneys) from harmful toxins, slags and other contaminants;
  • Be in a good mood;
  • Try to keep your back straight.

Be healthy and let your back does not interfere with the usual way of life and does not hurt!

Pain and a crunch in the back over time can lead to dire consequences – local or complete limitation of movements, even disability.

People who have learned from bitter experience use natural remedies recommended by orthopedists to cure their backs and joints.

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