How to cure flux in one day

What is flux? How to cure flux at home quickly?

Flux (periostitis) is one of the most common dental diseases. Swelling of the gums and cheeks for various reasons brings constant discomfort and pain, which, without timely treatment, can lead to serious complications.

How to cure flux in one day

Flux is characterized by swelling of the gums due to accumulation of pus. Such a problem should be immediately referred to the dentist, since the cause of such a swelling is purulent processes in the tissues, periodontal inflammation, and infection. But there are several ways to get rid of it yourself. Let us examine how to treat flux at home quickly, but safely for the health of the entire oral cavity.

The use of any medication to quickly get rid of the flux at home should be coordinated with your doctor. As for folk recipes, their effectiveness is ambiguous, and depends on the causative factor of the disease. The main task in the rapid treatment of flux will be the removal of puffiness, by conducting antibacterial, anti-inflammatory therapy.

Drug treatment of flux: antibiotics

The following antibiotics can be used for self-treatment at home:

How to cure flux in one day

  • Lincomycin, Amoxicillin;
  • Ampioks, Amoxiclav;
  • Ciprofloxacin, Doxycillin.

These broad-spectrum antibiotics, which will get rid of the infection without additional tests.

The main indications for the rapid treatment of flux with antibiotics at home are swelling of the gums, infectious processes in the oral cavity, staphylococcal and streptococcal infections, the postoperative period (tooth extraction, gum incision for pus), prevention of purulent complications.

It is possible to determine how to treat flux in the home quickly with antibiotics only after the cause, main symptoms and stage of the pathological process have been identified. If after self-treatment with different groups of antibiotics the result is not visible, it is necessary to discontinue the course and contact a specialist.

The most effective effects at home with periostitis are drugs Amoxiclav and Lincomycin.

  1. Amoxiclav – a broad-spectrum antibiotic, is actively used for the rapid treatment of dental diseases. It fights the inflammatory process, eliminates staphylococcal and streptococcal infections. This drug can be used in the form of tablets, but when the gums swell it is better to use the powder as a local remedy for efficiency.
  2. Lincomycin is a drug to quickly eliminate the infection, but it has undesirable side effects. It is prescribed only by a doctor, but the rate of treatment with lincomycin is much higher.

In addition to antibiotics, antibacterial topical preparations, anti-inflammatory tablets, ointments, and rinsing solutions are used at home for the treatment of periostitis.

Local treatment of flux: rinsing, ointment

To quickly get rid of inflammation, it is necessary to carry out a combination treatment.

  1. Rinses, ointments, compresses.
  2. Tablets, solutions.
  3. Folk recipes: decoctions, lotions, trays, tinctures.

1. Rinse the mouth when flux occurs with antibacterial agents: Malavit, Chlorhexidine.

Chlorhexidine – anti-inflammatory agent, has an antibacterial effect in case of a pronounced flux. Rinse your mouth with the solution must be at least three times a day and no more than five. There are no contraindications, it can be used at any age.

Malavit is the safest way to quickly cure periostitis. Contains only natural plants, as well as some trace elements that destroy the pathogenic microflora. Apply Malavit need to rinse, diluting a few drops in a glass of water.

2. Ointments for flux can remove the inflammatory process, anesthetize the pathological area and stop the growth of bacteria. The well-known Vishnevsky ointment is very effective for dental diseases. But applying it to children needs to be careful, as its ingestion is undesirable.

Streptocidal ointment along with Ihtiolova also removes puffiness and anesthesia of the area around the tooth. Apply them to a uniform layer of swelling, using a cotton swab.

How to cure flux in one day

Traditional recipes for the treatment of flux

Some recipes of traditional medicine have existed for dozens and even hundreds of years, which indicates their effectiveness. Some of them are medically justified, therefore they are allowed for a quick cure at home.

  1. A solution of salt and soda – relieves inflammation, accelerates the ripening of an abscess and the release of pus, anesthetizes. To prepare the solution, stir a spoonful of soda and salt in a glass of warm water, then rinse during the day after meals, before going to bed and at any convenient time, since this cannot be harmful.
  2. Melissa, sage – has a calming effect, and together with the bark of the oak they relieve inflammation in the oral cavity. It is necessary to mix these plants in equal amounts and brew a liter of boiling water. After the solution reaches room temperature, rinse your mouth about ten times during the day.
  3. Honey propolis – relieves pain if you just chew it during the day. When inflammation is necessary to apply the extract of the plant on alcohol, lubricating flux to complete anesthesia.
  4. Ruta, bundle, cabbage leaf, calamus – all these herbs and plants are excellent for treating flux, as they relieve inflammation, eliminate soreness and swelling, and soothe the tooth.

It is especially important to use natural plants in the form of local remedies at bedtime, when severe throbbing pain interferes with sleep. In this case, it is recommended to moisten a cotton roll in onion juice and attach to the affected area. In traditional medicine, onion is a natural antibiotic, therefore it will quickly and safely destroy the unfavorable microflora, and thereby relieve inflammation and pain.

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