How to cure flux at home quickly

Acute pain in the form of pulsation, hyperemia, swelling and inflammation, a noticeable dislocation of the cheek and the formation of a film on the mucous membranes. All this may be signs of a flux. The inflammatory process begins after the introduction of bacteria, as a result of damage to the tooth enamel, caries, non-compliance with hygienic standards. The problem worries due to severe pain and swelling of the face, but how to treat flux at home quickly?

Occurrence of flux

Most often, flux occurs on the gums, from there begins inflammation of the periosteum and the further spread of the process. Dozens of different tips give you a lot of portals regarding fast and effective home treatment. But you must understand that this does not happen. You always have to sacrifice either speed, or cost, or quality.

How to cure flux at home quickly

Let’s determine when the dentist needs to run as quickly as possible:

  1. The process is in the acute stage throbbing pain almost impossible to endure. Hope for your own strength is meaningless, only qualified medical assistance will help to cope with the problem.
  2. Started purulent process, You have already noticed a purulent discharge from the inflamed gums. In this case, only surgery will help, do not even think to conduct it yourself.
  3. If you can’t provide aseptic conditions for oral cavity.

How to treat flux with antibiotics?

As a conservative treatment, dentists often prescribe antibiotics. Love to use:

How to cure flux at home quickly

All of them are rather soft actions and do not lead to serious side effects. Contraindications also do not differ originality – allergies and diseases of the kidneys or liver. Should you prescribe such drugs yourself? The decision is yours. But remember one simple thing, an antibiotic destroys microbes, including pathogens. If everything goes according to plan, in 5 days it will clean your mouth from all infectious agents.

But the inflammation may not disappear, because the constant presence of the original cause is not always necessary to maintain the process. Such a cause was staphylococci or streptococci, which the patient successfully dealt with. Now he may not worry about the spread of the pathological process in the body or relapse.

How to cure flux at home quickly

But what to do with the inflammation itself? At best, it will disappear along with the bacteria within a week. But it may remain, it all depends on the stage of the disease and the reactions of the body.

Help from qualified doctors: quick disposal of flux

Understand what the dentists are doing with patients who have detected flux. It is obligatory to sow the substance separated from the gum on a nutrient medium if there is a suspicion that the process is caused by microorganisms. The test will help determine what exactly caused the flux. This will provide an opportunity to prescribe adequate conservative therapy.

The doctor will pay attention to your requests and advice, but you should not expect to be seriously listened to. No one will prescribe anti-inflammatory when already half of the face is hidden behind the swelling, and the pulsation of the gums is visible to the naked eye. The dentist will immediately take up the scalpel as soon as he sees the pus. But do not worry, all manipulations are performed under local anesthesia. After that you walk for several hours with a numb face and tongue, but no more. The moment of injection may not be the most pleasant, but it will not last more than a few seconds. Insignificant payment for the opportunity to get rid of the painful sensations that caused unpleasant feelings for several days or weeks. Another important point is the observance of the rules of asepsis and antisepsis, which is almost impossible to achieve at home.

How to treat flux on the gums at home?

As you can understand, to cure the flux at home, and even quickly you will not succeed. All popular recipes will give a minimal effect, the usefulness during the acute stage of the disease is reduced to zero. It is necessary to visit the dentist as quickly as possible, because the process does not necessarily go to the chronic stage. The pain can simply intensify with each passing day, swelling does not even think to subside. Tinctures chamomile, sage and calendula really give some effect. But only if you have a slight redness or barely noticeable swelling and mild pain. Usually, flux occurs due to the fact that the patient did not apply in time for the help of a specialist, did not follow his condition. The likelihood that you will notice the disease at an early stage and start taking measures to combat it is not so high. Urgently make an appointment with a dentist. If you are told about a long queue, do not forget to report that you have flux. If this does not help, look for another clinic. Acute states are taken in a different, urgent order.

Emergency measures: fast flux treatment

But there could also be such a situation when you cannot physically consult a doctor. Another country, limited opportunities and many other options. In this case, you should take care of maintaining your well-being until reception. Let’s define what we care most about:

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory you can find in the nearest pharmacy, choose carefully, be guided by your diagnoses and possible contraindications. Antihistamines will help you fight swelling and slow down the development of the inflammatory process. There is even a slight hope of reversing it completely. To remove discomfort, you can use painkillers. The same Ketanov practically does not cause dependence and acts rather effectively. But lean on containing Ketorolac drugs are not worth it.

Dangerous self-medication

Do not hold the scalpel in any way. At first glance it seems that making a cut, squeezing out pus and doing away with everything is very simple. Consider that you do not know anything about the anatomy of the oral cavity – its innervation and blood supply remain a mystery to you. In such conditions it is easier to harm than to help yourself. Yes, and control yourself at 100% you can not. Already after a few minutes, it seems like a well thought-out microscopic operation will seem like a real hell.

No self-respecting doctor will tell you how to treat flux at home quickly. It is impossible, in principle. Away from the doctor and qualified help, you can only slow down the process and remove individual symptoms. But a pair of rinses or poultices will not help to drastically change the situation.

Video about fast flux treatment

We also recommend watching a useful video on how to quickly and accurately cure the flux at home:

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