How to cure clap at home

Gonorrhea is an infectious disease that affects the membranes of the urinary organs. Most often, gonorrhea (popular name – clap) affects the mucous membranes of the genital organs, less often the membranes of the urinary and rectum. Gonorrhea is transmitted sexually or from a sick mother to a newborn baby. Therefore, this disease belongs to the category of venereal.

Symptoms of gonorrhea in women are pain in the lower abdomen and when urinating, the discharge of blood that occurs between menstruation, white and yellow vaginal discharge. The incubation period for gonorrhea in women is from 5 to 10 days. However, very often the disease in women is asymptomatic. In addition, women often confuse this disease with others. For example, with cystitis (with pains in the lower abdomen and with urination) or thrush (with the appearance of vaginal discharge).

Symptoms of gonorrhea in men are pain when urinating, white-yellow discharge from the urethra. The incubation period for gonorrhea in men is from 2 to 5 days.

What women have, that men have pain when urinating, as a rule, cutting, turbid urine, may be with blood.

For the diagnosis of gonorrhea, you can use the method of two glasses. When urinating mentally divide the process into 2 stages. The first part urinate in one glass, and the second – in the second. If the urine is turbid in the first glass, and clear in the second, most likely the conclusion is disappointing – you are sick.

Gonorrhea is quite a serious disease, because it is fraught with complications: inflammation of the reproductive system in women (uterus and its appendages), impaired fertility, conjunctivitis (if the causative agent gets into the eyes). If the patient does not receive adequate treatment for a long time, the infection spreads throughout the body, it can affect the joints, liver, skin, blood vessels, heart, brain.

Often people discovering the symptoms of this disease ask themselves questions: how to treat gonorrhea in women, how to treat gonorrhea in men, moreover how to treat gonorrhea at home. However, it should be remembered that treating gonorrhea on your own without consulting and monitoring a specialist is wrong, and sometimes dangerous. The causative agent of this disease is a bacterium that needs to be “killed” with drugs, and not just “drink broths of grass”. It is also important to know that there is no one pill that you drink and the disease has passed, you need a comprehensive drug treatment. Most often, antibiotics are used to treat gonorrhea.

Active for the treatment of bacterial pathogens are:

  1. Ofloxacin, 400 mg orally once (medications are called Floksal, Oflo, Ofloksin, Tariferid, Oflotsid, Zanotsin, Tarivid, Vero-ofloksatsin, Taritsin)
  2. ciprofloxacin, 500 mg orally, one-time (drugs are called lizprov, cipromed, vero-ciprofloxacin, ciprox, ciprotan, microfloxacin, ciprosan, liprokhin, ciprofloxacin hydrochloride, ciprolet, microfloxacin , Tsiprobay, Protsipro, Ziprolon, Akvazipro, Tsifran)
  3. cefixime, 400 mg orally once (drugs are called Cefspan, Supraks)

How to cure clap at home

It must be remembered that these drugs can be bought at a pharmacy and taken only in case of simple cases of disease. Most often required examination, testing and prescription of treatment by a doctor. Plus, very often such treatment is individual, therefore the help of a specialist is necessary.

To check whether it was possible to defeat the disease at home, alcohol is often used. That is to say, prevention of treatment for gonorrhea at home. That is, after undergoing a course of treatment, a person takes alcohol. If, after administration, the symptoms of gonorrhea did not return, the treatment was successful.

Prevention of gonorrhea is the exclusion of casual partners, abundant urination after intercourse, use within two hours after intercourse of Miramistin, Tsidopol.

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