How to cure arthritis in the legs naturally

How to overcome difficulties and cure a joint

The section is kept by the candidate of medical sciences, associate professor of the department of traumatology and orthopedics. Akimov Gennady Vladimirovich

The joint consists of living cells!

Like the body, the tissues of a healthy joint (bone, cartilage, synovial membrane, etc.) are made up of living cells, and only such tissues are able to regenerate and fully recover. The essence of joint disease is the accumulation of dead cells in its tissues. Damaged cells are not able to divide, interfere with the regenerative process. The removal of dead cells from the tissues of the joint is the main difficulty of the recovery process. During physical exertion (walking, running, descending stairs, riding in vehicles, lifting and carrying weights), the tissues of the joints are subjected to strong mechanical effects that can cause cell death. If a healthy joint could not withstand them, then the affected joint is even more so. That is why diseases of the joints, especially the joints of the legs, are considered to be difficult to cure.

In order to cope with a joint disease, be it arthrosis, arthritis, polyarthritis, meniscus detachment, one must understand that it protects the cells of the tissues of the joint from mechanical damage.

Root cause of the disease

The neuromuscular depreciation system protects the joint from overloads by controlling the contraction of muscle cells. Skeletal muscles tighten the joint to avoid a shock effect. Many mechanoreceptors located in the tissues of the joints, allow the nervous system to ensure smooth movements and protection against overloading of the tissues of the joint. This neuromuscular defense heals the legs when trying to jump on straight legs. It is she who makes us limp, trying to protect the sore joint from overload. Even at rest, muscles joint the joint, due to which the joint tissues receive microvibration, necessary for the release of lubrication and removal of dead cells.

Why does neuromuscular depreciation break down?

Muscles are controlled by nerve impulses passing through the spinal cord. Impaired nerve conduction or muscle fatigue leads to a weakening or even loss of neuromuscular joint protection. The more often this happens, the faster the dead cells accumulate, which ultimately leads to an inflammatory process. The muscles of the leg joints protect not only the joint itself, but also shock the spine. The weakening of neuromuscular protection leads to an acceleration of degradation of both the joint and the spine and to an even greater weakening of the neuromuscular protection. The circle of problems is closed.

Provocation of the disease

Age, spinal osteochondrosis, chronic fatigue, stagnation increase the risk of developing joint disease, but to start it requires provocation: a blow, a bruise, physical overload, and hypothermia. First, the inflammatory process begins – arthritis. If inflammation cannot be defeated for several months, then progressive deformities in the joint begin – arthrosis.

How to cure arthritis in the legs naturally

Deforming arthrosis can be a direct consequence of traumatic injuries of the internal structures of the joint, as well as due to past infectious diseases that caused the depletion of body resources. Often the cause of deforming arthrosis is age-related changes in the joints, which accumulate over the years as a result of the weakening of neuromuscular protection and regenerative processes.

How to overcome difficulties and cure a joint?

The phoning method, which we recommend for home use, is aimed at restoring neuromuscular depreciation, removing dead cells from the affected area, improving blood supply and excreting articular lubrication. Phoning is chosen because it allows you to fully compensate for the deficit of biological microvibrations resulting from a disease or aging. Biological microvibrations are the most important transport resource of living organisms, ensuring the movement of substances and cells through tissues and capillaries, that is, directly affecting the excretion of dead cells and the release of articular lubrication. Biological microvibrations are almost always in short supply, which is one of the reasons for the natural aging of the body.

How to cure arthritis in the legs naturally

With joint diseases, the need for microvibration increases, and the deficit increases. Compensation of the deficit of biological microvibrations in the area of ​​the affected joint and some other important areas of the body is a necessary condition for recovery. The phoning method allows to fulfill this condition. The effectiveness of the method can be judged by the reviews.

To implement the method, it is necessary to have an apparatus for phoning at home of any model. The impact of these devices penetrates the entire depth of the joint, naturally for the body, does not give side effects and can be applied to all its parts and organs. The method of joint repair involves the following measures:

  • Phoning of the joint 2-4 times a day;
  • Sounding (morning and evening) of the corresponding areas of the spine;
  • Fonirovanie 2 times a week lymphatic pathways: popliteal fossa and groin area;
  • Backing 2 times a week of the muscles of the thigh and lower leg of the sore leg;
  • Phonography of the kidneys and liver to improve blood quality and the general resource support of the body (ORPO) – daily;
  • If possible, the rejection of painkillers;
  • Smooth gait: when walking, put a sore leg smoothly and (!) Very smoothly transfer the weight of the body onto it. Especially when using a cane. The joint easily maintains weight, but is afraid of sudden movements.


If the pain has just arisen, then it is necessary to back up the joint on the same day 2 – 3 times with an interval of 2 hours and to perform overnight opting using the ORPO technique. These simple measures will allow the morning to get rid of the pain and restore the normal mobility of the joint. To consolidate the effect of phoning, it is recommended to repeat it over the next three days, or better weeks.

If you pay attention to the joint a few days after the onset of pain, then the course is recommended to extend to 2 weeks, even if the pain passed quickly. If treatment is started later than in a few weeks, then the course of phonation continues for two weeks after the disappearance of all unpleasant sensations in the joint in order to consolidate the effect and prevent relapse in the future.

Questions and answers:

Question: I have arthrosis of the hip joint. I can not walk for a long time and sit for a long time badly – when you get up severe pain when walking. Slowly disperse, the pain subsides and then you can live. Is there any solution to this problem?

Answer: With prolonged sitting, stagnation develops, manifested in the form of edema and, as a consequence, the occurrence of pain. To combat stagnation there is a good solution – pad seat with antihypodynamic effect.

Question: Is it possible to combine phoning with ointments?

Answer: In the treatment of joints often use different ointments. The components of the ointment deep into the joint do not fall. The effect is mainly associated with the grinding process, subcutaneous reactions and, to a lesser extent, with the composition of the ointment. Sounding more effectively grinding ointments. Ointments can additionally load the lymphatic system, so they can not be used for a long time, but at the initial stage, to reduce the painful manifestations, their use is quite acceptable.

Question: Besides arthrosis, I also have hypertension. Does this change the treatment?

Answer: Hypertension and kidney function are interrelated. Vibration improves kidney function and is therefore effective in hypertension. In this case, you first need to undergo a monthly course on the method of fonirovaniya with hypertension. The technique is included in the delivery package of devices for phoning. Then, continuing the phonation of the kidney area for a maximum time, gradually increase the phonation time of the joint and spine. If, when the required phonation time is reached, the blood pressure begins to rise, then one more additional phonation is performed during the day, only in the kidney area.

Question: I have arthrosis of both knee joints for 7 years. Weight 120 kg with height 162 cm and can not reduce. 5 years ago, they injected ostenil into the joint. 4 years lived without pain. A year ago, everything ached more than ever. She took painkillers for a year, but they also stopped helping. Are there any features of phoning in my case.

Answer: Your case is quite typical. First of all, you need to abandon painkillers. They do not cure, and reducing the pain threshold contributes to the growth of damage in the joints. For vonization of the joint with a large weight, it is desirable not to have 2 and 4 vibraphones at the same time. One vibraphone is installed directly on the patella, two vibraphones on the sides of the joint and another on the popliteal fossa. Vibraphones should fit snugly to the body and for this it is necessary to use a cuff fixing for arms and legs. It is necessary to increase the time of phonation of the groin areas to 10 minutes and the kidney area to 45-60 minutes. To obtain the maximum effect at minimum cost, you can use several devices for phoning simultaneously. To avoid disability, the treatment of joints should be taken as seriously as the treatment of a fracture.

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