How to cure a stomach ulcer

For many years, unsuccessfully struggling with gastritis and ulcers?

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Abnormal motility of the stomach can occur in various diseases. Improper functioning of the main digestive organ causes discomfort, pain in a person. The modern rhythm of life adversely affects the digestive system.

Quick snacks, dry meal and other factors cause malfunctions in the digestive system. If discomfort appears, you should seek help from a specialist, who will tell you how to improve and restore the motility of the stomach, for the proper process of digestion.

What is gastric motility?

Among the disorders of the motor function of the digestive organ are the following:

  • Disorders of the tone of the smooth muscle cells of the mucous membrane:
  • hypertonus – a strong increase;
  • hypotonia – a strong decrease;
  • Atony – the complete absence of muscular tone.

How to cure a stomach ulcer

  • Peristalsis disorders:
    • Pathology of the functionality of muscle sphincters.
    • hyperkinesis – acceleration;
    • hypokinesis – slowing down the process.
    • Disorders of the evacuation of food mass.
    • Before eating, the digestive organ is in a relaxed state, this allows the food mass to stay in it. After a certain time, the contractions of the gastric muscles increase.

      Undulating contractions of the stomach can be divided into the following groups:

      • low-amplitude single-phase waves, characterized by low pressure and last 5-20 seconds;
      • single-phase waves with a higher amplitude, pressure, and they last 12-60 seconds;
      • complex waves appearing due to pressure change.

      Single-phase waves differ in peristaltic character and support a certain tone of the digestive organ, during which food is mixed with gastric juice.

      Difficult waves are characteristic of the lower part of the stomach, they help the gastric contents move further into the intestines.

      Pathological disorders of the motor function of the main digestive organ adversely affect the digestive process and require treatment.

      Signs of disease

      As a result of disturbed activity, the following signs may occur:

      1. Rapid saturation syndrome. It occurs as a result of a decrease in the muscle tone of the antrum. After eating a small amount of food a person has a feeling of a full stomach.
      2. Heartburn. The burning sensation results from a lower tone of the lower or cardiac sphincter and the casting of contents from the stomach into the esophagus.

      How to cure a stomach ulcer

      In addition, a person may experience nausea.

      The main causes of this condition

      Disruption of the activity of the main digestive organ can serve as a factor for the development of various ailments.

      There are primary and secondary disorders.

      Primary disorders of motor function can be triggered by the development of the following diseases:

      • functional dyspepsia;
      • gastroesophageal reflex disease.

      Secondary motility disorders are caused by various diseases:

      • diabetes;
      • some pathologies of the endocrine system;
      • dermatomyositis and polymyositis;
      • systemic scleroderma.

      In addition, the causes of this condition can be accelerated process of evacuating liquids and slowing the transmission of solid food mass from the stomach. For normal digestion, it is necessary to restore impaired gastric motility.

      Treatment of gastric motility disorders

      Drug treatment of pathologies that cause a violation of gastric motility, consists of taking medications that strengthen it.

      To improve motility of the stomach, the doctor prescribes the following drugs:

      • Passage. It is an antiemetic medicine, improves motor function, accelerates the evacuation of food masses, eliminates nausea.
      • Motilium. The drug does not cause side effects and is prescribed to improve the disturbed peristalsis of the stomach.
      • Motilak. This tool does not affect gastric secretion, stimulates the production of prolactin. It is an antiemetic medicine prescribed for the treatment of functional bowel disorders.
      • Ittomed. Stimulates the motility of the digestive organs. The drug does not cause side effects and can be combined with medicines that interact with liver enzymes.
      • Ganaton. Restores the functionality of the digestive organ, accelerates the movement of food.
      • Trimedat. It is a stimulator of the motility of the organs of the gastrointestinal system.
      • Zeercal. It is an antiemetic, anti-emetic agent. It has a negative effect on the nervous system, causes many side effects. Appointed in case of emergency.

      In addition, effectively used:

      • M-cholinergic receptor blockers: Metacin, atropine sulfate, etc .;
      • non-selective myotropic antispasmodics: Papaverine, Drotaverine hydrochloride;
      • antacids: Maalox, Almagel, etc.

      In addition to drug treatment, diet therapy is recommended.

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