How to cure a furuncle

The furuncle (popularly called boil) is a purulent inflammation of the hair follicle and adjacent tissues and is caused by purulent bacteria that penetrate the hair follicle through minor skin lesions as well as by friction. In simple terms, boils are cavities in the skin, filled with pus. They can be single or multiple and have different localization, but their most favorite places are the neck, the armpits, the groin area. How to treat a boil and can it be done at home?

How to cure a furuncle

Causes of boils

The main reason for the development of boils is hypothermia. However, there are other factors that provoke the appearance of ulcers, namely:

  • nervous and physical exhaustion, weakened immunity;
  • recent infectious disease;
  • avitaminosis;
  • metabolic disorders (diabetes, obesity), chronic diseases (anemia);
  • skin microscopic injury, abrasions, scratches;
  • failure to follow basic hygienic rules;
  • excessive sweating;
  • a dramatic change in habitat (relocation).

Most often, boils appear in the spring – at this time the human body is weakened and easily susceptible to infections of all kinds.

Development of the boil

Doctors associate the appearance of boils with the penetration of bacteria into the hair follicle. They begin to actively proliferate there, at the base of the hair appears a dense, painful nodule of red color, having a cone shape. After some time, the nodule softens, an abscess (abscess) is formed. Then there is his autopsy, the pus comes out. At this point, a green rod appears – in a couple of days it will be rejected along with pus. After another couple of days, a barely noticeable scar will appear on the spot where the boil was. In general, they do not pose a serious danger to human health. Of course, subject to timely and properly carried out treatment of boils. As a rule, the disease lasts no more than a week.

The main rule that must be observed for the effective treatment of boils – hygiene. First of all, we are talking about a thorough toilet of a boil: it can be cleaned with 70% alcohol or brilliant green solution. Antibacterial ointments and antiseptics are shown only after the opening of the lesion and the release of pus. The use of hypertonic sodium chloride solution is advisable if the rejection of dead tissue has not yet occurred.

When it comes to solitary furuncle, external therapy is often sufficient. But if the boil is localized in the area of ​​the nasolabial triangle or on the lips, urgent hospitalization is necessary, complete rest of the facial muscles and general therapy. The patient is prescribed a broad-spectrum antibacterial drugs, conduct a thorough examination, prescribe remedial measures aimed at improving immunity. If the infection cannot be overcome, the patient is given a staphylococcal vaccine.

UHF and dry heat help to reduce the pain of the abscess. In no case do not need to do hot compresses. Boils can not be squeezed and massaged. In case of an increase in body temperature, bed rest is recommended. Properly performed treatment will help avoid complications.

Surgical intervention is necessary only in the case of the formation of phlegmon, which must be opened.

Treatment of a boil at home – recipes

  • Finely chop a piece of laundry soap, put the soap chips in a mug, cover with milk so that it completely covers the soap, put it on the fire and simmer for an hour and a half, stirring, over low heat. Remove the container from the heat, cool, put the gruel on the gauze, apply to the sore spot. Change dressing daily.
  • Bake the onion, cut it in half and attach it to the boil, tie it up with a bandage. Change dressing every four hours.
  • Traditional folk remedy in the treatment of boils at home – raw potatoes. Grate it and apply to the abscess. After four hours, change the dressing.
  • Expand the agave leaf and attach to the boil. It is believed that this plant contributes to the early maturation of the abscess.
  • Proven remedy for boils – plantain leaves. Rinse them, put them in several layers on the affected area, secure with a bandage bandage. Change it every hour and a half.
  • Take a piece of rye bread, salt it well, chew it, attach it to the boil site and fix it. Hold for three hours. At first glance, too simple, but in the old days this tool was very popular.
  • Interpret the flaxseed and fill it with two linen sacks. Alternately immerse them in hot water and apply to the boil.

How to cure a furuncle

  • Such a remedy will reduce swelling: tear off a field without text from a newspaper, rub it with soap, stick it to a sore spot. Repeat the procedure daily.
  • One part of the dried leaves of calendula, combine with five parts of butter, tie to the furuncle and leave overnight.
  • For opening and cleansing the abscess traditional medicine uses the so-called honey cake. Make it easy: mix one tablespoon of honey with the same amount of wheat flour. Sculpt from the honey dough cake, pin down to the furuncle. Change dressing every five hours.
  • Well proven in the fight against boils garlic. Attach a slice of garlic in half to the sore spot.
  • Apply at night to the place of an abscess burdock leaves boiled in milk.
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