How to cleanse the body of toxins and waste

In the modern world, subjective things are added to the usual external problems, which bring us a lot of trouble and worries. One of these problems is slagging of the body., and they are starting to talk about this almost from high school. And now, many girls rush to the shelves with different bags and bubbles to defeat these hated slags and make the body completely healthy.

We imagine how we clean out toxins, heavy metals, cholesterol and other substances that interfere with the normal life of cells from cells and vessels. And we do not think that any cleansing of the body should be carried out wisely, selecting individual programs and selecting suitable means for each. Otherwise, all efforts will come to nothing. Therefore, first let us learn about some of the subtleties cleansing the body of toxins, to prevent gross errors during its conduct.

How to clean the body of toxins

The first. It is wrong to think that living in a big city, in which the mass of harmful substances in the air, it is possible to get rid of toxins only by using herbal or other folk methods. Daily their stock will be replenished, so the fight against toxins will be endless. It is better to take as a habit more to be in the fresh air, in nature. Then tea bags with cleansing tea will act more efficiently. One more thing: you need to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits (raw food), drink more clean water and use synthetic detergents less. This will save the body from excess toxins.

The second. Do not get carried away with overly cleansing enemas. This procedure can violate the intestinal microflora and strengthen the dysbiosis, which in varying degrees, is present in each person. It may be advisable to take herbal weak extracts, if there is a desire to remove the fecal mass from the intestines.

Third. Before you do a serious cleansing procedure, it is good to know the general condition of your body, and the state of individual organs in particular. For example, if a person has cholelithiasis, and he thought up to cleanse the liver – the stones may move, which will lead to serious pain. With problems in the urogenital area also need to be careful to cleanse, so as not to enhance the inflammatory process in it.

Fourth, the most important. The human body is so arranged that he himself knows when he needs to be cleansed of slags. After all, nature has created the liver, kidneys, intestines and other organs precisely so that all human waste is naturally excreted. The human body is a powerful self-healing system.

Imagine that the shelf life of the liver, if one may say so, is 300 years. This is how you need to try to ditch her for 40 years! So, if a person is OK with nutrition, then we do not need any special procedures. But here we come to the stumbling block that more than one generation of our fellow tribesmen stumbles upon.

Cleansing the body of toxins using fasting

Yes it turns out the main thing that litters the human body is food. Without thinking about the consequences, every day we throw into the stomach a lot of harmful products and at the same time want to be healthy. It is not necessary to list all these products, it is enough to remember that each of us ate yesterday or the day before, and everything will become clear. Not hoping that someone will quickly change their lifestyle, we can only advise to act in the most drastic way to remove the effects of harmful food and other bad habits.

How to cleanse the body of toxins and waste

This method is not new – it is fasting.. A beneficial process that helps the body itself to get rid of all the harmful substances that have accumulated in it. And in this procedure it is not necessary to reach fanaticism, because nature does not tolerate extremes. It is enough to fast completely 1-2 days a week, or at least to spend fasting days on fruit or kefir. The bravest can try to starve for three days in a row, it helps very well in cleansing. From the experience of people it is clear that in the days of fasting they lead a normal life, some even play sports. And they do not consider this time to be any special. During this period, the organism is released from the work of digesting food, and it has the ability to effectively get rid of toxins.

When a person is starving, putrefactive microflora dies in his body and the normal one is gradually restored.. Slag cleans the skin, lymph and internal organs. The blood begins to circulate faster, the nutrition of all organs and parts of the body is normalized. All tissues and ligaments become elastic, joints become more mobile.

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