How to clean the vessels at home

Blood vessels are the main transporters of oxygen and blood to all organs of the human body. With age, the walls of the vessels are clogged with cholesterol and plaques form on them, which reduce the area of ​​the vessels inside. To look younger, to feel good, and also not to be ill it is necessary to regularly, that is, to clean the vessels at least once a year. This article will cover a very popular topic, namely, how to clean the vessels at home quickly and efficiently.

Blood vessels are important in the human body just like the liver or the heart. Cleaning vessels can be done with drugs or traditional medicine. Recipes of traditional medicine are quite diverse. Herbs, nuts, vegetables, and fruits can be used to clean the vessels. All that can be used in food, but also benefits and is tasty, can often become a useful and very effective medicine for blood vessels.

How to clean the vessels at home

Cleaning the vessels at home takes a different number of days. Vessels can be cleaned in 3 days, or in 40 days. You can choose a home remedy based on reviews, a product that will help to expand the vessels and clean the vessels of the legs, brain, hands and the whole body.

Cleaning the vessels at home with vegetables

To clear blood vessels from cholesterol plaques and blood clots, it is enough to consume a large amount of vegetables and eat as little as possible fatty foods and harmful products that are sold in places of public catering.

Freshly squeezed vegetable juice perfectly dilutes the blood and has a widening effect on veins, vessels and capillaries. Juice from beets, celery, carrots, greens and cabbage copes with bad cholesterol. For cleaning, half an hour before breakfast, it is enough to drink 100 mg of freshly squeezed juice of the above vegetables. Cleaning the vessels with beetroot is made on the basis of not more than one tablespoon of juice at one time.

Beet juice perfectly helps to fight atherosclerosis. Prolonged use of beet juice improves blood quality, relieves blood vessels from cholesterol and improves well-being.

How to clean the vessels at home

Before a meal, you need to drink 1 tablespoon of beetroot juice with honey in a ratio of one to one. In addition, you can eat boiled beets for breakfast with a clove of garlic or drink beet kvass. Beets contain a large amount of iodine, calcium, zinc and potassium. It has a beneficial effect not only on the vessels, but also on the whole organism.

Beet kvass for vessels gives an excellent effect. An interesting fact is that beet kvass can be prepared in advance for a week or two. It can be stored in the refrigerator, and besides direct use it can be used in cooking for cooking marinades, borscht and other dishes.

Cooking beet kvass

  • 2 kg raw beets;
  • a slice of stale black bread;
  • water.

Beets need to be washed and cut into pieces, which fit into a three-liter jar, and pour hot, but not boiling water. The water should cool to such a state that the jar feels barely warm. Next in the jar you need to put the pieces of bread and tie a jar of gauze. Leave the bank in a dark place for two days. The temperature in which kvass is located should not be below 15 degrees. After two days, a foam is formed on the kvass, which must be removed. After one day, kvass is ready. It is filtered and started to use. It is best to store kvass in the refrigerator.

How to clean the vessels with kvass

In order to obtain a therapeutic effect, you need to drink kvass before eating 100 ml for three times a day. This brew can be drunk to quench your thirst. This drink is useful for the entire vascular system. The benefits are for any organ and for the head. Regular intake of this drink helps reduce headaches, relieve pressure, and cleans veins.

Properly consume beets with dried apricots, nuts or prunes. This is due to the fact that these products contain potassium, phosphorus and iron, which are so necessary for vessels. The cleaned vessels expand, the blood begins to circulate, and the body continues to work like a clock.

It is important to know that fresh beet juice can cause nausea, weakness, low pressure, hiccups. Therefore, before applying it, the juice should be set in a refrigerator or other cool place for about two or three hours. It is advisable to warm the juice before drinking. Juice can be combined with other juices from vegetables and greens. It is important to respect the proportions. For an adult beet juice should be 1 tablespoon, for a child one teaspoon. Any juice prepared for cleaning vessels, should be used in food without adding salt and sugar.

Pine cones for cleaning vessels

Pine cones contain a large amount of useful substances necessary for vessels and the whole body. Phytoncides, chemical elements and other molecules perfectly increase the overall tone, remove toxins, harmful cholesterol, increase efficiency and help cure many diseases of the circulatory system. In the cones such a powerful bactericidal composition that they are used for a large number of diseases.

Pine cones, infused with vodka, are effective not only as a preventive action, but also perfectly help restore the health of patients who had to suffer a stroke or heart attack. Of course, it is best to apply this therapy as an adjunct to medical treatment, and you should also consult with your doctor who will give more accurate recommendations about the use of such a medicine.

It is alcohol that helps cones to retain their rich composition, so most recipes with this fruit are alcohol. For tincture, it is best to take alcohol with a strength of 70%, or very high-quality vodka. 250 mg of alcohol need five large buds, which should be washed and cut. Cones are sealed with a lid and sent to a dark and cool place for 14 days. If the tincture is made on vodka, it is possible to increase the preparation time for another week. Every day, the jar will need to be shaken so that the nutrients are distributed and the alcohol is fed with the spruce.

For the prevention of this medicine is used one teaspoon in the morning after meals. When the tincture is used to cleanse the vessels, you need to drink it three times a day, 7 grams after meals. You can drink this tincture every day for 14 days, or for a longer time. The main thing is that the total time of taking such medication does not exceed more than six months.

Purified vascular system will need to be maintained in excellent condition, abandoning alcoholic beverages, fatty meats, spreads and margarine.

How to clean the vessels at home

On the day it is advisable to eat about half a kilogram of vegetables. Drink at least 1.5 liters of water and give up alcohol. It is also important to exercise, move more, walk more and breathe fresh air.

Hydrogen peroxide as a panacea for atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is deposits that form on the walls of blood vessels, the same cholesterol plaques. Stress, sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition has allowed the disease to rejuvenate. Now they still suffer most of the population of the planet. Doctors all the time trying to find a way to treat this disease and offer treatment with hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide is mainly applied externally to the treatment of wounds and disinfection, but for the treatment of vessels it will be necessary to apply it inside, using a weaker concentration.

Hydrogen peroxide allows blood to become more fluid, thin it, oxidize fat and inhibit. Hydrogen peroxide, which spreads through the blood, has an oxygenating effect that can reduce tissue ischemia and provide anesthetic effect.

Intramuscular or intravenous administration of such drugs is extremely prohibited independently. Only a doctor should do this. But at the same time home treatment with hydrogen peroxide will effectively clean the vessels. Peroxide must first be diluted with water and drink inside. The treatment begins with a few drops, constantly increasing the dosage. The maximum dosage of peroxide should not exceed 30 drops per day.

In 50 mg of water you need to dissolve 3 drops of peroxide. This solution is drunk three times a day. The number of drops should be increased every day by one. The maximum dose is 10 drops. Then you need to take a break for 7 days.

This scheme begins after the scheme number 1. The number of drops starts from 10. The course of treatment under this scheme should last from one to two weeks. Everything will depend on the severity of the disease.

Apply peroxide is on an empty stomach, so you need to do this either in the early morning or late in the evening, if food has not been taken for a long time. If the stomach is full, then peroxide, reacting with the contents of the stomach, will cause serious illness.

With this treatment, you can not use alcohol or aspirin. If dizziness, nausea, palpitations become more frequent, then you need to refuse to take drops or reduce their number. In any case, to find out whether it is possible to use peroxide inside it is best to consult a doctor.

Cleansing vessels with herbs

Hawthorn, St. John’s wort, chamomile, melissa, linden are herbs that perfectly clean the blood vessels. A decoction of herbs helps to return the vessels of youth. The main thing is to carry out treatment in the complex, adjusting the lifestyle and nutrition. Morning exercise, a contrast shower, a run, a light breakfast, plenty of water and vegetables – this is a guarantee of good health and strong vessels that will perform their important functions.

How to expand the vessels

On the question of how to expand the vessels, not only traditional therapy, but also popular treatment answers. The valerian root helps to expand the blood vessels at home. Valerian roots are poured with boiling water and boils in a water bath for 30 minutes. Reception to be made 4 times a day on the table spoon.

Vascular dilation is also possible with garlic oil. To do this, one head of garlic is ground into a slurry and diluted with one cup of oil. Infused in a dark place during the night. In the morning you need to take a teaspoon of this oil, mix with a teaspoon of lemon juice and take half an hour before meals. The procedure is carried out three times a day for three months.

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