How to clean the intestines

It is extremely important to clean the body of toxins and slags to prevent the development of chronic inflammatory processes, intoxication and other disorders. Of particular importance is the bowel cleansing, which is responsible not only for the digestion of food, but also for the saturation of nutrients. In addition, this cleaning provides a quick weight loss for a couple of kilograms.

When do you need intestinal cleansing?

Intestinal cleansing is recommended in the following situations:

1. Failure to adhere to a healthy diet, lack of habits to spend fasting days.

2. Regular consumption of animal products and thermally processed foods, fried, fatty, spicy dishes.

3. Insufficient physical activity, ignoring sports.

4. Regular consumption of alcoholic beverages.

5. The habit of eating fast food.

Since the trends described above are typical for most people, bowel cleansing is indicated for almost everyone. The following signs are the reason for the immediate procedure:

How to clean the intestines

  • The appearance of flatulence and severe bloating.
  • The presence of skin diseases and body odor.
  • High susceptibility to colds, disturbed nasal breathing.
  • Tendency to constipation.
  • Increased weakness and fatigue.

Situations in which cleaning is not applicable

The procedure is contraindicated in the presence of the following internal pathologies:

1. Infectious-inflammatory diseases affecting the digestive system.

2. The development of gastric or duodenal ulcers.

3. Tumor formations in the intestine.

4. Violation of the circulatory system.

Also, the cleansing procedure is not recommended if there is a tendency to fainting. In other situations, cleaning is carried out in any of the following ways. To eliminate possible risks, you can first visit a gastroenterologist, who will assess the general condition and give necessary recommendations on the choice of a suitable method.

To clean the intestines of toxins in the home helps a variety of means – from medication to food and herbs. And, of course, do not forget about saving enema, which will be effective only if certain requirements are met.

How to clean the intestines

1. Microcrystalline cellulose.

It helps to quickly and effectively clean not only the intestines, but also blood with lymph. This is due to the ability of the MCC to absorb toxins, cholesterol and other harmful substances and excrete them with feces. When this occurs, a high-quality mechanical cleaning of the gastrointestinal wall, fecal stones are removed. At the use of the means of particular importance is compliance with the drinking regime – per kilogram of weight, you need 60 ml of fluid per day. In the absence of a sufficient amount of drinking, you can get not a good bowel cleansing, but severe constipation. Accept MCC in strict accordance with the instructions.

Bran are coarse particles that make up the shells of wheat grains and other cereals. Cleaning the intestines of this method is almost similar in effectiveness to the previous version. Successfully remove fecal stones is possible due to the impossibility of digesting the body of cellulose from bran, its strong swelling and absorption of water. Using bran, you can not only clean the gastrointestinal tract, but also restore the intestinal microflora. Bran purchased at a pharmacy or store. Take them half an hour before meals three times a day, washing down two tablespoons of cleanser with two glasses of water. Duration of cleansing is a month. The bran procedure is repeated a year later.

3. Kefir and flaxseed.

These components help to clean the intestines from fecal stones and slags, at the same time saturating it with necessary bacteria, eliminating fungi and worms. Purification can be carried out according to the following recipe, implying a three-week course:

  • The cleaning procedure with flax seeds and kefir begins with the use of a teaspoon of ground seeds and a half cup of a fermented milk product (this dosage is maintained throughout the week). Blend replaces breakfast.
  • Over the next seven days, the number of seeds is increased to two teaspoons. A week later, kefir is drunk with three teaspoons of flax seed.

4. Vegetables and fruits.

Effective bowel cleansing without an enema can be done using regular fresh vegetables. For this, varieties are needed in which fiber is present in large quantities. These are red or white cabbage, carrots and beets, radishes, celery, zucchini, sweet peppers and cucumbers. Typically, this procedure is carried out in the summer or autumn, eating vegetables in the form of chopped or grated salads with the addition of any vegetable oil.

From fruits for cleansing, fiber-rich apples of sweet and sour varieties are optimally suited (dissolving toxins and slag fructose is present in these varieties). It takes a couple of pounds of apples and non-carbonated clean water a day. Fruits are divided into equal portions, eaten every two hours. In the intervals allowed only to drink water.

5. Castor oil and lemon.

Cleaning castor oil and lemon is done in the evening and gives the result only if done on an empty stomach. Therefore, starting from lunch, the use of any food is excluded. The procedure is carried out in the following sequence:

  • Castor oil is taken at the rate of 1 gram per kilogram of weight, poured into a container, which is placed in a water bath.
  • Lemon juice is taken in double volume compared to oil.
  • As soon as the oil warms to a warm state, it is poured into a glass and drunk, after which they drink pure lemon juice.
  • If, after taking such a composition, nausea occurs, you can eat a handful of raisins, slowly chewing it in your mouth.

In order to cleanse the intestine to provide the expected result, after taking oil with lemon, do not eat or drink. The procedure begins after a half or two hours.

The presence of such symptoms as: 1. bitterness in the mouth, putrid odor; 2. frequent disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, alternating constipation with diarrhea; 3. fatigue, general lethargy; indicate the body is intoxicated by parasites. Treatment must begin now, as the worms that live in the digestive tract or respiratory system.

To clean the intestinal tract in this way is quite simple. The effectiveness of cleansing is due to the ability of salt water to pass through the body without being absorbed into the walls of the gastrointestinal tract. As a result, all departments involved in digestion are well washed. It is possible to achieve the maximum result after 2-3 procedures, after which one-time annual carrying out of such purification is required. Needed filtered boiled water at room temperature or slightly warm and salt in the amount of tablespoon per liter of liquid. The total volume of water – 2-3 liters.

After the first and second glasses of salt water do special exercises in the form of tilting left and right, turning the body to the side, squeezing the abdomen. At the end of the last exercise, the bowels are emptied. Then continue to drink a glass of water, alternating its use with the exercises described above. After each drink, it is advisable to defecate.

The end is indicated by the clear color of the water coming out of the intestine If this effect is achieved, the procedure is completed by drinking ordinary warm water in the amount of 2-3 glasses and self-provoked cleansing of the stomach through vomiting. Eat no earlier than 30-60 minutes.

Preparations in the form of Fortrans, Lavacola, Regulax, buckthorn and senna extracts also remove fecal stones. This cleaning at home is indicated if there is a tendency to constipation. You should not count on deep cleansing, but stagnation will be eliminated quickly enough. You can also provide a slight weight loss. Laxatives are used in extreme situations so that the body is not used to their action, otherwise each subsequent purification will be possible only with a significant increase in the dosage of the agent. At the same time, extremely painful sensations arise in the abdominal region due to excessive intestinal motility.

How to conduct a cleansing enema?

Cleansing the intestinal tract at home by setting enemas is carried out with chronic constipation, in the process of medical fasting or planned cleansing of the body. The accumulated slags are effectively removed if herbal decoction, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar or saline is added to the water for the enema. To clean and slimming was as deep as possible, the procedure is carried out by the course, consistently doing morning or evening enemas. It is important to strictly follow the recommendations, taking the correct position of the body during the pouring of fluid into the large intestine and after its filling.

It is recommended to follow the rules of the procedure:

1. Water with the selected filler is poured into the Esmarch cup, which is suspended to a height of the order of one and a half meters above the floor.

2. Remove the tip from the tube and lubricate it with petroleum jelly or vegetable oil. Then the tube is pinched, preventing leakage of fluid, or close the faucet, if it is provided in the design of the mug.

3. Before the infusion of fluid begins, the knee-elbow position is lifted, the pelvis is raised above the shoulders, and the tube is inserted into the anus to a depth of less than 25 cm. After that, the clamp is removed (the tap is opened) and the fluid is slowly infused into the large intestine.

4. After emptying the mugs, it is necessary to effectively dissolve fecal stones. To do this, take a supine position and raise the pelvis. If you wish, you can make a stand on your shoulders (birch) or put your legs behind your head, remaining in this position for half a minute.

5. Additionally, the abdomen is sucked in to achieve fluid penetration into the transverse section of the colon. You can do the swaying of the stomach from side to side, carrying out a kind of bowel rinse.

6. After that, you should slowly lay flat on your back and roll over on your right side to move the fluid from the cross section to the remote ascending part of the intestine, from which water then enters the cecum.

Due to this technique, cleansing the intestines at home with an enema will give the most effective result in the form of a complete flushing of the large intestine up to the cecum, where pathogenic bacteria that provoke inflammatory processes remain in the case of a poorly performed procedure. It is advisable to hold water in the stomach for at least 15 minutes and go to the toilet if there is a strong urge. After setting the first enema, they take a five-day break and repeat it again. The following set, reducing each time interval by one day. The last at the first stage is the sixth enema. After that, put with an equal interval of five days, bringing the total number of procedures to 11.

Carrying out the bowel cleansing at home according to one of the above methods, it is possible to achieve quite good results, providing improved overall condition and weight loss.

If there is a desire to completely cleanse the body of toxins, slags and other harmful substances, it is desirable to use an integrated approach, using several methods at the same time (for example, you can combine kefir purification with juice therapy, use medical drugs simultaneously with a vegetable diet).

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