How to clean the blood in the human body

Do I need to clean the blood? More than one generation of doctors and home healers, whose opinion categorically disagrees, is beating on this issue. Official medicine is confident that the body is a holistic system and does not need any outside cleansing. But this is the ideal. In real life, not everyone can boast of excellent health and the absence of any kind of disease. In this article you will learn about what blood is, what are its functions, who needs blood cleaning and how to perform this procedure at home.

Blood and its functions

Blood is a liquid tissue that carries nutrients through the body. Nutrition a person receives in many ways – through food, breathing, and even through the skin. Further, complex substances trapped in the body are split into simple ones, and then the blood carries them to all organs. This gives them food and allows them to function normally. Blood performs the following functions.

  1. Blood transports oxygen to organs, and also removes carbon dioxide. This means that the blood provides breathing to all organs of the human body.
  2. In addition to oxygen, blood supplies tissues with vitamins, mineral salts and other components that an organ needs. If fresh, nourishing blood flows through the arteries, blood flows through the vein and removes metabolic products from the tissues.
  3. Blood also has a thermostatic function. It runs through the body, providing a balance of heat in the body. That is, the hot blood goes to the organs that lose a lot of heat, and the cold goes to those that need to be cooled.
  4. Blood is also needed for clotting, because it is the blood that allows you to quickly stop the bleeding and tighten the wound on the skin.

The total amount of blood in the body depends on the body mass of the person. Usually, blood makes up about 7% of the total body weight and varies on average from 5 to 6 liters. If the blood is in good condition, it perfectly performs all its functions and it does not need help. However, sometimes the body fails.

How to understand that you need to clean the blood

Indeed, how to understand this issue? Who needs to clean the blood and when? How to understand that the blood needs cleaning? Here are a few factors and signs that indicate that blood needs to be cleansed.

  1. If you smoke, the blood will certainly need to be cleaned. Even after one cigarette, nicotine is not removed from the blood for several days, and with constant smoking, the nicotine content in the body is enormous.
  2. If you drink alcohol, you also need to clean the blood regularly. Alcohol is immediately absorbed into the blood (especially on an empty stomach), and she, in turn, carries it throughout the body. Toxins and poisons, which are formed after the collapse of alcohol, poison all organs, but most of all affect the functioning of the liver, kidneys, nervous system and brain.
  3. Cholesterol is a special type of fat that can form atherosclerotic plaques. They narrow the lumen of blood vessels and lead to its dystrophy. As a result, blood cannot deliver the right amount of oxygen and nutrients to the organs. If the blood cholesterol level is elevated, cleaning is necessary.
  4. In addition, you need blood cleaning, if you have allergic reactions that were not there before. With hair loss, frequent illnesses, an apathetic condition and unstable pressure, it is imperative that blood be cleansed. It will help you improve the body.

After cleansing, your health will stabilize, your immunity will get stronger, your skin will become smooth and clean, and headaches and cramps will only become a memory.

Blood purification food

All substances that we absorb are eliminated in three main ways. Most of the substances along with bile are excreted through the intestines. Another part of the metabolic products are excreted by the kidneys. In addition, we remove the products of metabolism and with the help of the skin – when we sweat. By the way, the latter method is actively used during disruptions of the body. After all, everyone knows that during illness a person sweats more than usual.

To clean the body with proper nutrition, you need to know what product is able to remove toxins and slags from the body. This is fiber. It has an adsorbing property. Once in the intestine, it absorbs all the harmful substances and naturally brings them out. A huge amount of fiber found in bran, legumes, vegetables and fruits, grains. If there are problems with digestion, the purification with fiber should be coordinated in advance with your doctor.

In order to clean the blood, you need to eat a portion of a dish with a high content of fiber every day. And to facilitate the evacuation of feces from the body just drink on an empty stomach one tablespoon of vegetable oil. It not only relieves constipation, but also removes bile from the body.

How to clean the blood in the human body

More powerful choleretic effect has fresh juice of beets, cabbage, grapes and black radish. They should be drunk in diluted form, otherwise they may be aggressive enough for the gastric mucosa.

Purify the blood can be using cereal porridge – buckwheat, millet, rice. They need to alternate, and eat throughout the day without adding sugar, milk and salt. Together with cereals you need to drink green tea. It has many useful components that positively affect the work of all organs. Such a diet will help you not only clean, but also update the blood in just 10 days.

Drug blood purification

Often with health problems resorted to medical purification of the blood. First of all, this is the use of hepaprotectors. They facilitate the work of the liver and take over some of the functions. Among them are Gepabene, Silimar, Sibektan. They are actively used not only for cleansing the blood, but also for various failures in the liver – during intoxication, prolonged and forced medication, after poisoning and with hepatitis.

In addition, in serious cases, the patient is prescribed a thorough blood cleaning using drugs, droppers, and other equipment. Such cleaning is possible only in the hospital. In case of serious blood diseases, the patient needs an alien blood transfusion of the same group.

How to clean the blood at home

If you are worried about the condition of the body, but there are no serious failures in its work, you can clean the blood at home. Here are some effective and proven recipes.

  1. Clover. This plant helps to eliminate toxins from the blood. With viral infection intoxication is the main cause of poor health. It is the toxins in the blood that give lethargy, apathy, weakness, and poor health in general. Dry stalks and leaves of the plant should be poured into a jar and pour boiling water. Insist a couple of hours, and then drink three times a day for half a glass.
  2. Alfalfa has a pronounced diuretic property. It cleans the blood of cholesterol. Alfalfa can be brewed in both green and dried form. Three tablespoons of the plant (or a handful of green grass) pour boiling water and infuse for at least three hours. During this time, the decoction will absorb all the beneficial properties of the plant. Drink half a glass before each meal.
  3. Fasting is another effective way to cleanse the blood. Within two days you need to abandon any food. You can drink only water and green tea. In extreme cases, you can add a little lemon juice to the liquid. This fasting is not easy – both physically and psychologically. Throughout the time, you will be accompanied by weakness, dizziness. However, by the end of the second day you feel better – the blood will be cleansed, the state of health will improve, cheerfulness will appear. You need to go out of fasting gradually – first juices, then light broths and

How to clean the blood in the human body

These simple recipes will help you clean up not only the blood, but also the intestines, liver and body as a whole.

The poor condition of the blood immediately affects the well-being of the person. If you get tired quickly, are often nervous, constantly under stress and you have no strength at the end of the day, perhaps one of the reasons for this is slag blood. Recipes for home blood purification are not only effective, but also absolutely safe. Take care of your health and take care of its condition in time.

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