How to cause vomiting after eating

Each person is unique in his own way. What is useful and pleasant to one, the other can simply kill. Food, drugs and many other things can cause serious poisoning to someone, and to someone only a little indigestion.

How to cause vomiting after eating

In the body of every living creature runs a lot of vital processes. Gas exchange, blood circulation, digestion and so on. Since all these processes are hidden, they are almost impossible to manage. Some processes can still be managed, for example, each person can provoke a gagging act. With the help of vomiting, the body gets rid of poisons in it.

Why cause vomiting?

Vomiting is the process of cleansing the stomach of toxins. When food poisoning vomiting may begin involuntarily, and may have to cause it. Many people feel sorry for throwing out products from the refrigerator that have been lying there for a long time. Fish, meat and sausage are not cheap, so nobody wants to throw money in the trash. It is better to eat, some people think, so as not to lose the products. As a result – food poisoning.

There are many ways to lose weight. Someone does not allow himself too much at the table, someone goes in for sports, and someone, no matter how sad it is, causes vomiting. The way to lose weight is very strange. Otherwise, as a translation of products, it can not be called. Why throw food into the toilet, if you can give it to those who do not mind to eat delicacies. If there are no such people in the house, you can give the food to the poor, for whom a piece of bread is happiness, not like a cake or a salad. Some girls who pass on during the feast begin to induce vomiting. In order not to spoil your figure with extra calories. This method of getting rid of kilograms is considered effective, but dangerous for both the digestive and nervous systems. Not only anorexia can develop, but also bulimia. Regular emptying of the stomach with vomiting will be addictive. And the slender beauty will quickly turn into a skeleton and die.

How to induce vomiting?

In order to start the gag reflex, you have to put two fingers into your mouth and press firmly on the root of the tongue. Irritation of the root of the tongue leads to spasm of the stomach and esophagus. In addition to fingers, you can use a teaspoon or long hair.

People with powerful imagination can imagine that they ate something disgusting, disgusting and nasty. Gagging act does not take long.

If a person is constantly swayed in the car or on a swing, it means that he has problems with the vestibular apparatus. This feature of the body can also be used. In order to start vomiting, you just need to shake your head or go around on the spot.

In order for vomiting to pass without pain, you need to dilute the food ball with water. A large amount of water will create a feeling of fullness in the stomach. A person will desire to empty the stomach.

It has already been mentioned above that before vomiting it is necessary to fill the stomach with a large amount of fluid. Someone drinks water, and someone resorts to the use of manganese or salt. In order to prepare a solution, it is necessary to dilute some amount of potassium permanganate in a liter of warm boiled water. The color of the water should be pale pink. Drink a liter of solution is necessary in one sitting. If vomiting does not start by itself, you can click on the root of the tongue with your fingers.

Some time ago it was difficult to find manganese somewhere, they stopped selling it in pharmacies. Therefore, not every person in the home kit can find it. Manganese can be replaced with table salt. The solution should not be too salty, but simply must be warm. Drink also need to gulp.

In the world of pharmaceuticals, there are drugs that can provoke the occurrence of vomiting. They are created for those cases when it is necessary to clean the body of toxins. Vomiting can be caused by “Licorin” or “Apomorphine”.

How to help the animal?

Animals are quite wise creatures and that they are harmful, they will not eat. However, there are cases when an animal is hungry and therefore can swallow a poisoned piece. If someone attempted to poison a dog or cat, help should be given as soon as possible.

How to cause vomiting after eating

In order to induce vomiting in a pet, it is necessary to prepare saline solution and pour it into the mouth of the animal. This should be done with caution, because the dog or cat may choke or choke.

Every owner should follow the general well-being of the pet. Poisoning is easy to recognize. The animal behaves sluggishly, lies constantly, does not eat anything. If possible, it is better to take him to the vet or call a specialist at home. If this is not possible, you need to know how to help the victim yourself.

If the condition has not improved in an animal or person after vomiting, it is necessary to call an ambulance. It may be that the toxins have already gone into the blood, and quickly remove them with the help of vomiting will not work.

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