How to cause vomiting

Severe nausea is a signal of our body that poisonous substances have got into it, be it food, alcohol, slags and toxins, various kinds of poisons. Nausea very often appears after eating, if a person has eaten poor-quality, spoiled food. Also, nausea can be the cause of the development of various kinds of diseases, among which the first place is occupied by diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, stomach, gall, pancreas and other problems. Another cause of nausea in the morning, in the evening or in the middle of the day can be stress, panic attacks, prolonged depression and other problems.

Very often, nausea occurs due to food poisoning, that is why many people are interested in how to cause vomiting after eating, how to do it correctly.

How to induce vomiting?

The uniqueness of living organisms never ceases to amaze, as well as the important processes that occur in them. This is the process of blood circulation, digestion, gas exchange and many others. All these processes ensure the normal functioning of the body, they are not visible and practically not controlled. However, there is one process that can be controlled. For example, each of us can provoke an emetic attack in order to get rid of toxic and toxic substances in the body as soon as possible.

What should I do to start vomiting?

A person can suffer very much, and in some cases even die if poisonous and toxic substances, poor-quality foodstuffs, get into his body. In such situations, it is necessary to clear the stomach as soon as possible, causing an emetic attack.

How to provoke an emetic attack? The most common way is to press the root of the tongue with two fingers. Such manipulations provoke spasms of the stomach and esophagus. Instead of fingers, you can use a teaspoon. And to someone, it is worthwhile to think about the fact that he ate something bad. In this case, we are talking about people with strong self-hypnosis. Vomiting can be caused in other ways. For example, a person may feel sick from a swing or from circling. Therefore, it will be enough to do it on purpose. In addition, you can create a feeling of crowded stomach. It’s enough to drink a couple liters of water, adding a little potassium permanganate or salt. In addition, to induce vomiting, it is enough to take medications that induce her. And you can soapy water or tea, pouring a little milk into it. And even toothpaste can help someone. One spoon of toothpaste is enough and a person will begin an emetic attack.

Ways to cause vomiting?

The most effective way is to put pressure on the root of the tongue, by putting two fingers into your mouth. As a result of irritation of the root of the tongue, the esophagus and stomach begin to contract gradually, which provokes the appearance of vomiting, a gag reflex.

How to cause vomiting

In some cases, drink plenty of water, which makes the stomach too full. An overflowing stomach is much easier to vomit.

How to cause vomiting in a child, in children?

When it comes to babies, to clean the child’s stomach, you need to put so that his tummy is on your lap, and then shove two fingers into his mouth, slightly moving them. After he has had a vomiting attack, this action needs to be repeated once more, since there is little once to completely clear the stomach.

Gagging need to be caused only in cases where the person became ill from the poison and toxins that got into his body. Some women tend to be thin, so every time after they eat, they cause vomiting. First, it is a psychological problem that can lead to dystrophy, and secondly, they are engaged in the translation of products. It is worth noting that a woman needs more and more food each time, as she stretches the stomach. So remember, vomiting in every single situation should be justified, so you need to provoke an attack of vomiting under special circumstances, and not because you want to.

How to induce vomiting in an animal (dog’s cat)?

Animals can also be trouble. A dog may eat poisoned meat or sausage. Or a cat can catch and eat a rat poisoned by poison. In such a situation, the animal must be saved. To do this, keep the animal between its knees and pour saline into it in the throat. Thus, you will cause an emetic attack in the animal. Do not forget to raise your pet’s head, otherwise it may choke. Poison poisoning can happen by chance, and maybe on purpose. Therefore, it is in your interest to teach the animal not to pick up food from the floor and not to take it from the hands of other people.

What is vomiting?

Vomiting is a reflex act, leading to the evacuation of the contents of the stomach through the mouth and nose. Several consecutive movements of different muscle groups make up the vomiting process. It all starts with the omission of the diaphragm and epiglottis, then the larynx and the soft palate rise. Afterwards, the pylorus begins to shrink, and the gastrointestinal sphincter relaxes. Due to the fact that the pylorus is tightly closed, and the stomach gapes, the contents of the stomach can go outside. The diaphragm and the abdominals are reduced, thereby simplifying the process and making it faster. The pressure in the stomach and in the abdominal cavity increases dramatically and the entire contents flows through the mouth. The esophagus and the stomach are not involved. It happens that the contents of the intestine during an emetic attack is in the stomach. The cause is antiperistaltic bowel movement.

It can be said that vomiting is a way for the body to protect itself from toxic and toxic substances, thereby preventing them from staying in the body for a long time in order to cause harm. The brain even provides a special section that is responsible for the gag reflex. Therefore, the main center controls the process and does not harm the body.

Causes of vomiting in children and adults

It happens that a person is difficult to understand what exactly was caused by vomiting. To do this, you can analyze vomitus, their consistency, smell, possible impurities, shade and pieces of food can tell the doctor about quite a few reasons for vomiting. According to statistics, vomiting occurs in women more often than in men. And in children, vomiting happens more often than in adults.

With persistent vomiting, metabolism, heart and kidney function can be disturbed. Such vomiting can lead to dehydration, as well as impaired consciousness. In addition, the mucous membrane of the esophagus and stomach may rupture.

Before you begin therapy, you must definitely find out the reason why vomiting began. If the cause of vomiting was poisoning, then the patient needs to do a gastric lavage. If vomiting was provoked by tumors in the stomach or other abnormalities, then the doctor will prescribe a special diet and drugs against vomiting.

How to cause vomiting

Vomiting in childhood is more common than in adults. First of all, it is associated with not fully developed gastric and esophageal sphincter. Moreover, the gagging center in children is quite easy to excite. Vomiting in childhood can also be provoked by overexcitement. A tantrum can cause nervous vomiting.

Quite a lot of attention needs to be given to patients with vomiting. Especially if the patient is lying all the time and, moreover, is unconscious. If you do not follow, he can easily choke with his vomit masses. When vomiting occurs, the patient must be laid on its side. And if there is an opportunity, then it is better to plant, having slightly inclined at the same time a head. After vomiting is over, it is desirable for the patient to rinse his mouth with water or wipe it with a piece of cotton or gauze. In the case when blood is found in vomit, immediately call a doctor, and put ice on the patient’s abdomen.

Vomiting can also be triggered by taking a drug. If the patient vomits, then this drug is better not to take. If the patient is vomited at home, it is advisable to preserve the vomit before the doctor arrives. Because, only an experienced specialist can figure out what is the cause of this phenomenon.

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