How to become less irritable

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How to become less irritable

OH YEAH! What an interesting question – How to become calmer? This topic of this article. Few people ask such a question, but this does not mean that they are kind and calm beings. It’s just that they haven’t realized yet that they have become irritated, nervous, aggressive, and are breaking down on everyone, just give a reason. As a result of all this, relationships with loved ones, with colleagues, friends and even with themselves are spoiled.

Well, who likes to communicate with the psycho, who as a little, so yelling? Of course no one. Yes, you yourself always keep from such people as far as possible. And if you are a nervous type, then most likely you noticed how you are NOT LOVED. They try to avoid you, and you are always alone. Although, perhaps, there are some people near you who do not pay attention to this (appreciate them).

Surely many will say type: “And how can you not be annoyed if I have such a life: only some jerks are around, there is always no money, the neighbors have got it, and I got it myself? You’ll be nervous here. ”. I agree. The life of many people is very difficult (relatively). You get up early in the morning from bed and run to work or school, not having time to eat. Then you sit in a crowded and hot public transport, then rummaged at work. After intense work hours, you are again stuck in a traffic jam on public transport. You come home late in the evening squeezed like a lemon, and the next day the same.

The joy of life disappears, and there is dissatisfaction, which causes irritation, as well as stress, which is the main cause of nervous breakdowns. So the question arises: How to become calmer?, so even with such a life? In fact, you can become calmer right now. This is done very simply. You only need to do what I give you below.

How to become calmer?

So how do you think when a person is calm? Noooo, never lies in a coffin, and when he sleeps. But that’s not the point. To calm down and stop being nervous, you need to deliberately perform special exercises. They are suitable for stress relief and to become calmer here and now. Therefore, if you really realized that you need to become a calmer person, then make a decision and perform the exercises below every day without a pass.

See, a person becomes irritated when someone or something gets him, that is, leads him to emotions. Perhaps, with my water, I myself call you aggression. Be patient, I just want to explain something important to you, so that you do what I give you below. You should know why you are doing this and what results it will bring. So, when you are in a nervous state, your emotions are beating the key, your brain works VERY ACTIVE! With such activity, you can’t even concentrate on something concrete.

Therefore, to become calmer, You first need to intentionally reduce the activity of your brain. I have said many times that our brain works on several frequencies: alpha, beta, theta, and delta. Now your brain is working on a beta level. It is on this frequency that you experience joy and anger, happiness and unhappiness. In short, the beta level is wakefulness. With open eyes, your brain always works at beta frequencies.

And to make you calmer, you need to reduce the frequency of the brain with beta frequencies on alpha. Alpha is a half-dream. When you wake up, your brain works on this frequency, but not for a long time, as open eyes hold the beta frequency. Going to the alpha level is very easy.

And the first exercise is meditation. Every day, while you are alone or in a room, you need to take a comfortable, relaxed position (on a chair), close your eyes and concentrate on breathing in and out. In 30 seconds you will enter alpha level. At this level, you are calm and serene. Your task is at least 5-10 minutes a day to engage in this practice, and preferably 3 times a day. This practice is sure to make you a calm person. Do not neglect her.

The second option is more complicated. You need find opportunities for good rest. And it is desirable that this holiday was active and bring you joy. I have already listed above the causes of irritability. To become a calm person and get rid of stress, you just need to recuperate. One of the good ways to relax is to get out of the countryside, visit the beach, play active games, do yoga. By the way, here’s a video – Fitness Yoga from Natalia Pravdina.

The third option is doing favorite things. Beloved affairs make us happy and calm (if they are not computer games). And full concentration on something makes you forget about everything. For example, when you embroider. Are you not fully focused on business? Of course, concentrated! And at this time you think about your problems? No, there is no time to think about them. You do not even control your internal dialogue with yourself. It happens that you have it completely disabled, and you do not even suspect it. And when you draw, collect the designer, read the book – the same thing happens. Therefore, take the time to do pleasant things. Pleasant – soothes.

The fourth option will seem strange to you – speak quietly. Your voice also affects your emotional state. When you yell, you are not calm, and when you speak quietly – you become calm automatically. In a quiet voice, you can even calm the person screaming at you. Therefore, every time you notice that your nerves are at the limit, speak quietly and slowly. Four minutes after such communication, you will definitely calm down.

I gave you four tips, but I advise you to pay more attention to the first one — meditation. That it is the main tool that will help you become a balanced person. Why am I so sure of this? Because I myself meditate. Meditation is rest, and moreover it is complete. And if you started meditating, then meditate every day, and preferably several times a day. Skipping sessions does not make sense, since you will return from where you started.

How to become less irritable

I hope I completely answered the question – How to become calmer? To do this is not difficult. Write your comments in the comments.

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