How long is ringworm contagious

What is tinea versicolor?

Pityriasis versicolor is often referred to as multicolor or color versicolor. This type of lichen was previously considered a fungal disease. Now it is believed that he is closer to microbial diseases.

How long is ringworm contagious

Symptoms of pityriasis in a person

Pityriasis versicolor affects mainly torso, neck, shoulders. Slightly scaly, slightly itchy pinkish-yellowish spots appear, acquiring a brown color. Single spots can later merge.

Skin peel off, exfoliate. Best of all, the disease is swept up on tanned skin – after flaking flakes under them, white, non-burned skin remains. Therefore, pityriasis versicolor is also called multi-colored. In the most acute period of development of the disease, the lesions are covered with a thick layer of scales, like bran.

Tinea versicolor is especially dangerous for people whose skin has an alkaline reaction. Alkaline skin is dry, rough, fragile, scaly. Such skin can get from birth, or it can become so as a result of frequent use of detergents that wash the skin off the skin – fatty acid protection that prevents the penetration of the infection.

Causes of chinexis

The cause of multi-colored lichen is infecting it from a sick person. But only people with low acidity on the skin are infected. Infection contribute to: 1. General weakening of the body, depression of immunity. 2. Increased sweating caused by various reasons. 3. Often, pityriasis versicolor develops as a concomitant disease of pulmonary tuberculosis, lymphogranulomatosis, and other diseases characterized by increased sweating. 4. Stressful situations for the skin: tanning beds, excessive tanning, frequent use of soap.

Treatment for pityriasis versicolor in humans.

Pityriasis versicolor responds well to treatment. Despite this, a long-term process often occurs with periodic exacerbations. This happens with poor treatment.

Lamisil-spray is a very simple and convenient means of treating a disease: it is enough to splash this aerosol onto the affected surface for 10-14 days to get rid of the disease. But be sure to remember to disinfect clothes and linen. In case of alkaline skin, in order to avoid infection with lichen color, it is necessary to wash with acid gels. To do this, in the usual gel you need to add acid, such as apple cider vinegar. Or after washing, wipe with a cloth moistened with diluted vinegar. The skin will benefit from this – it will become soft and silky. Acidify the skin during its alkaline reaction must constantly

How and what to treat pityriasis versicolor in humans?

Treatment of multi-colored lichen at home with calendula and blackberry.

Mix blackberry leaves and calendula flowers in a 2: 1 ratio. 1 tbsp. l collection pour a glass of boiling water, insist 1 hour. Drink 1/2 cup 3 times a day. This folk remedy activates the body’s defenses.

Folk treatment of color licking at home buckwheat

A glass of buckwheat boil in three glasses of boiling water for 10 minutes on low heat, then strain the broth and cool. Wipe sore spots swab dipped in broth.

How to treat pityriasis versicolor vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar is the most effective and simple folk remedy for chiopterectomy in humans. Lubricate the spots should be 5-6 times a day for a week. Instead of vinegar stains can be lubricated with calendula juice, onions or cranberries.

Folk remedy for color depriving at home – sorrel.

Grind sorrel into gruel, mix with sour cream or cream and lubricate the affected pityriasis versicolor. Such folk treatment will help to cope with the disease in 5 -10 days.

Homemade ointment from depriving of fragrant rue.

It is recommended to treat pityriasis versicolor at home in adults and children in this way: chop the root fragrant into powder, mix with butter (1: 3). Lubricate the affected skin areas twice a day.

How to treat tinea versicolor in humans with sulfuric ointment.

Every day after washing, lubricate the affected areas with salicylic alcohol, and then rub sulfur ointment into them. Change bed and underwear daily – boil it and iron it with a hot iron. It is better to be treated on vacation, because the smell is unpleasant. (recipe from the Bulletin of healthy lifestyles 2003, number 15, p. 27) (2004 g № 4, p. 26)

Folk remedy for multi-colored lichen is boric acid.

Boric acid powder (1 tsp.) Pour boiling water, stir and use a warm solution to lubricate the body where there is deprive. To do every day. The course is 10 days. (2009, №8, p. 33)

Feedback. Folk treatment depriving with tar.

The woman had white spots covered neck, shoulder blades and chest. She came home from work and, doing household chores, smeared stains with tar. He either dried out or absorbed, she did not wash it off for the night, and took a shower in the morning. A month later, the disease passed, all the symptoms of pityriasis versicolor disappeared. (reviews from healthy lifestyles 2011, № 4, p. 39)

How long is ringworm contagious

Treatment for pityriasis versicolor in a person at home отзывы: 185

Pityriasis versicolor in a person is NOT INFECTED! I KNOW WHAT I TALK ABOUT! I have been suffering from it for 17 years, I have been married for 15 years, I have a child, before marriage I lived in a large family with my parents and brothers. So, among my relatives, no one has anything like this, no one got infected from me. I treat myself like this: I smear stains with salicylic alcohol (sold in any pharmacy) in the morning and in the evening, everything goes away for a week, but for half a year. Then the spots appear again, and all over again. This disease is not dangerous, really no one is studying it – there is no such need, so all the supposedly newest drugs for pityriasis versicolor is a trick. It is impossible to recover forever. If it is – that is. The causative agent is a yeast-like fungus that resides on the skin of any person, but only under certain circumstances causes problems – look at Wikipedia, there the reasons for shingles are given in detail. In short, friends in misfortune – good luck to us!

The main thing in the treatment of pityriasis lichen salicylic acid – dissolved in water (crystalline) acid to rub into the affected skin until complete drying and crystallization of the acid. This is the essence of the treatment. During crystallization, the crystals are pierced and penetrate into the upper part of the skin. To guarantee the procedure, repeat 2-3 times a week. After tanning, pigmentation will fully recover!

And I would advise you to buy a NIZORAL shampoo containing 1% ketoconazole and a sponge for washing dishes for the treatment of multi-colored lichen in a pharmacy. Every day, rub spots and hold for 5-10 minutes (just rub hard, right up to the red), and then rinse with water. And so a week. And yet, the disease was gone. She herself was ill for about 9 years, but she learned about this method, immediately tried and helped. I did not even expect such a result. So try, think, and help you! The only sponge every day is necessary.

He also suffered with scaly deprive a little more than 2 years, then he decided to go to a dermatologist, the doctor prescribed NIZORAL 2% and some other tablets, I do not remember 3 years ago, was the case, and advised not to use a sponge, how a sponge spreads this infection throughout the body. And now, after a week, everything went away, but today I suddenly noticed again a couple of spots, which is sad. I still have shampoo left, so I’ll hurt, will it help or not without pills?

I have been curing this versicolor for 5 years. The first spot appeared not to believe where – yes, yes, it was there – on the genitals, at the very end. I ran to the hospital, I thought that Khan, I lived and that’s enough. The doctor prescribed an ointment for me, and everything went away, but then the chiriform depriving symptoms drove all over the body. So, as he explained to me, this rubbish from a number of venereal, but not particularly dangerous. You can pick a tinea versicolor anywhere – in the water or through other people’s clothes or dirty hands and

Indeed, pityriasis versicolor in a person is not transmitted at all in living conditions, this is nonsense. And it is very easy to get rid of it; CANDID ointment (it costs only 50 rubles) helps, anointed it twice, and that’s all, the skin is clean, but it’s true, it’s just for half a year, and then the lichen appears again. All good luck

Of my loved ones, no one from me was infected with a pinch. What is sad, I started again! A year ago, she used Betadine solution and Zalain ointment and Sulsen soap, it helped! I want to try a new method from reader reviews.

It is unpleasant to write, after reading the reviews. But I, unfortunately, had these nasty spots on my husband and daughter. They have appeared recently, and I have been fighting with stains for 15 years. That is, pityriasis versicolor is contagious and is transmitted from person to person in a household way. I tried a lot of things, but not more than half a year!

My first time this infection came out after the south. The doctor advised salicylic alcohol to wipe, it helped quickly, the disease did not appear for 2 years, but after giving birth everything started anew, apparently, the immunity sat down, so strengthen the immune system, and there will be no problem.

Tell me, please, HOW MUCH should I rub my skin with salicylic alcohol a day, otherwise I’ll burn the skin.

To treat pityriasis versicolor helps keto shampoo +, and spray termikon. Shampoo can be used instead of shower gel.

And we in Samara Dermatology and Venereal Disease Dispensary were prescribed such a treatment for chirimatosis: 1. “Travogen Cream” (420 rub) 2. Salicylic acid solution 3. Strict diet: flour, alcohol, sweets are strictly prohibited. 4. Can not be nervous, complete peace. 5. General strengthening of immunity with all kinds of vitamins, dairy products, fruits, etc.

I do not know what will happen, but I really hope to get rid of this filth.

I also have pityriasis versicolor, nothing helps, nizoral, mycoral, fluconazole, nothing helps! What to do?

I have the same problem = (The fact is that everyone suffered from the paternal lineage, as a result I got it = (My father recovered from depriving in China in just a week! And it was like that. When my father came to China, He jumped into the pharmacy for pills for a headache, and the pharmacist noticed this terrible rubble on his dad’s neck and offered some kind of liquid with a very unpleasant smell, he said that in a few days everything would pass … And indeed, it was forever! Now I plan to go in China, to get rid of this enemy, I hope everything will be successful !

What did not try, pityriasis versicolor in a person is not curable! They say that by old age, maybe it will be gone!

On the maternal line, many had pityriasis versicolor. My mother passed everything after she went to the sea, before my birth. It’s been 30 years, and there are no stains. But for 15 years I have definitely had spots, treated with salicylic alcohol. but alas …

My sister was able to cure lichen-colored lichen by Mikomax, did not use anything else. Mycomax 150 mg, 2 capsules (300 mg), 1 time per week after meals, 2 weeks. Then 150 mg. Once a week, 6 weeks. Dermazole 2% shampoo, the first 10 days to wash the body daily, then 3 weeks, then 2 p. per week, then 1 p. in Week. Already for 5 years, her spots are not tortured, I’m also thinking about starting a treatment, but instead of Mikomax, I’m thinking of buying Fluknazol, it looks like the composition is identical, but the cost is different. Maybe someone in the know, is it possible to replace one drug with another?

And the doctor told me that, in people, pityriasis versicolor is called a beach fungus in a person, and it appears from the sun. It’s really the first time for me to appear after sunburn, and with me and my girlfriend, with whom we sunbathed (although this was not the case from the southern sun). Scared. The doctor wrote a talker, smeared, until the bottle is over. And now, after 12 years, the same symptoms reappeared, keto was discharged + did not help, only skin tightens and stings, started in early spring. I now think that, indeed, the reasons for pityriasis versicolor are reduced immunity and hormonal disruptions, and we need to look for the main disease that suppresses immunity. In my case, it’s stress and increased cortisol, and it’s certainly not contagious.

Good time of day! I also found in my body these terrible spots, similar to lichen. The doctor prescribed Kandit cream 2 times a day for 2 weeks + Keto-plus shampoo. Tomorrow I will begin treatment, I hope that I will get rid of this filth. Good luck to all! Oh yeah, the doctor said that washcloth should be thrown out, bed linen and towels should be boiled, ironed clothes ironed. He said that the versicolor is a fungus … It lives in water and, if there is a scratch on the skin, could get into the spores of this infection.

I also understood that a pityriasis versicolor in a person appears after severe sweating + stress, illness. It appears periodically, since 1982 (on the neck, abdomen, in the lumbar region), when there are all conditions for the development of yeast fungus. My mom is the same. I think that there is a genetic predisposition to this disease associated with the structure of the skin. Trying to treat pityriasis versicolor with clotrimazole (ointment). I smear patches of skin twice a day, morning and evening, until they disappear completely. This is approximately 7-10 days.

For 4 years I have been trying to cure varicolor versicolor, all the same, by the summer all these symptoms are poured out again. She went to the doctor, prescribed treatment with Exoderil. I didn’t notice the effect, simple salicylic alcohol in composition, it only costs 500 rubles.

Yes, buy you all from depriving the pharmacy clotrimazole ointment and rub. If anyone has been using it for a long time, then Salicylic alcohol with resorcinol is still needed, I was given a prescription at the pharmacy. In the morning, wipe with this alcohol, and in the evening with Clotrimazole. And so about a week. Then you can repeat. Everything passes quickly and forever. Good luck!

Indeed, clotrimazole ointment for pityriasis versicolor helps! Even if the spots are white, then after the ointment it is necessary to sunbathe, but I could not recover completely! She applied to doctors and folk remedies … for more than 20 years!

Tell me, please, someone. Immediately, I have scabrious lichen and atopic dermatitis !! What kind of medicine can be treated so that one does not interfere with another? I suffer very much. thank you in advance.

Pityriasis versicolor in a person is very easy to treat with vinegar, but not very pleasant. We take table vinegar 200 grams, diluted with plain water, also 200, stirred, tightly close the container. After we go to the shower or bath, we wash well with very hot water and soap, we need to degrease the whole body as much as possible, wipe dry, and wipe all the affected areas with a pre-made solution, wrap up in a sheet or anything, so as not to get air, and wait . It will be very burning, but you have to be patient. We carry out the treatment with vinegar once a week, only 3 weeks, and you will forget about deprive.

How long is ringworm contagious

On the female line, everyone had pityriasis versicolor, but I had symptoms only at the age of 35, now I am very afraid that they will get to the little son. I am treated with keto plus shampoo and salicylic acid

Here about treatment depriving with vinegar, it precisely helps. I smear 9 percent, though I just smear it with a rag, and the lichen simply passes. I should try Ivan’s advice =)))

I was able to cure the varicolor versicolor with Nizoral shampoo, 3 applications are enough during the evening shower, apply to the affected areas and everything will disappear! Tested on myself!

For many years I suffer this rubbish. Since Soviet times, dermatologists have prescribed Castelani (colorless) liquid for the treatment of pityriasis versicolor. Did in the pharmacy, it cost a penny. Helped great. To cure pityriasis versicolor completely – not enough patience. Therefore, periodically spots appear again. Now for some reason, the liquid Castelani pharmacies have stopped doing. In any case, in Ukraine. The prescription was prescribed by a doctor and in Kiev in the only pharmacy ordered. Now I live in Russia … I am in a panic … than to replace Castelani fluid? Thanks for the tips, I will try!

Thank you all for the tips! I have a sick son. They brought lichen in the barbershop, cut the skin behind the ear, a red stain appeared at this place, then did not know what it was, just anointed with iodine – it passed. And then, a little later, the rash began, but not strong. After school, the son got into the army, came to the oath, oh my God, as I recall his back, chest, hands – all in solid brown-red spots. Horror. Later (in spring) they bought clotrimazole in a pharmacy – they used liquid, they anointed it once, when it came on vacation, it passed. Delighted. And this summer, after the army, it was again pouring at home, and it was still very strong. I do not know what to do. Recorded recipes – we will try. In general, a doctor in the regional KVD

I have many years of pityriasis versicolor – white spots on the skin do not last long, how to get rid of them?

This disease made itself felt about 15 years ago. It was just a nightmare. Especially scaly lichen symptoms worsened after

Pityriasus versicolor found 3 months ago. Only recently was a dermatologist in the KVD. Prescribed some kind of drug (to order at the pharmacy). Tomorrow I begin treatment, I hope, it will help. She asked the doctor about boiling clothes and ironing clothes, said literally, Do not you do this nonsense!. What I was surprised, as I had read in the reverse Internet.

Clotrimazole ointment helps from pityriasis versicolor, but not for long. Now I want to buy Nizoral shampoo and wash the body, as Michael advised, I really hope that it will help.

And I have scabrious versicolor appeared 8 years ago … After giving birth! At first, I thought it was the usual postpartum pigment spots, but no, they started to grow very quickly, red peeling, I was in a panic. I went to KVD, I was discharged from Orungal, and rubbing up stains after washing with lemon or acetic water, had lichen for 2 years, but he returns now every six months, single white spots … And Orungal now costs 3,500, and I’m confused about it Now other ways to treat depriving. I know for sure that pityriasis versicolor is not contagious and is not transmitted, I think that it’s all a matter of reducing immunity …

My child had pityriasis lichen symptoms last year, she got deprived of her dad (they probably have the same skin structure), the doctor said that she is 14 years old. She wrote a mash based on salicylic alcohol. Anointed a week – the symptoms are gone. After 2 months started again. Bought the same talker – did not help. 2 days anointed with lamizil – also passed, but after a few months (in summer) the symptoms of pityriasis versicolor appeared again. Probably it was necessary to smear longer, even when the spots disappeared. Now we have been treatment again for 3 weeks. We smear with different antifungal creams 2 times a day + we drink fluconazole 10 days, then in the morning cream, in the evening nizoral shampoo for 5 minutes. It took 3 weeks, spots were on the back and arms, left on the chest. We smear all the same, even what has passed.

For the first time picked up scaly versicolor in the army 3 years ago. Long tormented, did not want to come home spotty. In the medical unit I was told that I could not even try to treat the lichen in the army, it is useless. As soon as I came home immediately went to the clinic. The doctor wrote to me on a daily basis how to treat chubby versicolor. I began to follow her advice. She also said to throw the washcloth, and indeed not to use it during treatment. Iron iron things. Cure lichen through

And I first had symptoms of pityriasis versicolor on my shoulders, then on the neck, chest. Scary so, tomorrow I will go to a dermatologist. Immediately go for treatment of depriving …

Year 3 thought that the spots on the body – a violation of pigmentation, after going to the doctor found out that it is a bite-less lichen. The doctor prescribed Nizoral tablets 1 each day for 3 weeks, wash with Nizoral shampoo and wipe the stain after shower 2 times a day with Clotrimazole solution for 4 weeks. Eliminate sweets, change loofah, wear clothes made of cotton. I hope that all this will help to cure the lichen.

I have been suffering from lichen for a long time, since 1996. And the cause of the disease, or rather the beginning, after it was badly burned in the sun. I try to treat pityriasis versicolor with clotrimazole, 1% cream, but the symptoms of licking still appear 2 times a year in spring and autumn. I think we need to improve immunity, but how? Good luck in the treatment of this vileness.

I am 32 years old, for the first time spots like lichen, appeared at the age of 18, and these spots still appear periodically, especially after summer. Now I wipe the skin with a solution prepared in a pharmacy (Sol. Boracis 6%). Now I will try to treat the bruised zoster with the folk remedies according to the recipes given here.

I am 47 years old, infected with pityriasis versicolor in the south, I thought, after sunburn there were white spots, but alas. The doctor prescribed me for the treatment of lichen: Lamisil spray, Keto shampoo plus, Irunin tablets, I also wipe with salicylic acid and acetic acid. It seems to help, but I read that this nonsense is repeated, I have a shock.

My symptoms of multi-colored lichen appeared 12 years ago. I tried everything for treatment, but table vinegar turned out to be a reliable treatment for depriving me. You do not need to dilute it with water, just rub it thoroughly into the skin before redness. Notice how the spots brighten the eyes. It is enough to treat the chinex with vinegar a couple of times a day for a week. GOOD LUCK.

11 years ago, the first symptoms of pityriasis versicolor appeared – small specks. I have a beautiful dark skin, and these white circles are like tags. They are few, but in the most prominent place – on the neck. It’s horrible. Tried to treat depriving clotrimazole ointment, salicylic alcohol – helps, but not for long. Now I am treated with a flucostat, I hope, it will help. I wish you all good luck in the treatment!

It may help to permanently cure pityriasis versicolor in a person’s rosehip tea. A handful of wild rose brew in a 1-liter thermos, insist. You can brew the same portion in the same thermos 2-3 times. The course of treatment is 1 month. Rosehip contains a lot of vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system

My husband already has 5 years of pityriasis versicolor – I smeared the white spots with a solution of nitrofungin (antifungal agent) and passes.

I also had spots on my neck, similar to lichen, went to the doctor, he said, yes — it is lichen, and the disease is contagious. I do not know where I could pick her up, I’m afraid to infect a child. For treatment of lichen prescribed cream canison, 2 times a day, see what happens next.

Mycozoral cream and nitrofungin solution externally and rumicoz capsules inside – all this will help to cure pityriasis versicolor

I suffer from depriving of 30 years, first there were red spots on my body, which passed after lubrication with boric and salicylic alcohol, however, then they returned again, and this year there were white spots, I thought, after sunburn, but it turned out I got it, they are not clear. The doctor prescribed herbal ointment and nizoral shampoo for treatment. I have been applying for 5 days, but the white spots have not disappeared. What to do? Again to go to the doctor? Afraid to self-medicate

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