How long does an inguinal hernia heal

Due to a significant step in modern medicine, various methods of treatment of even the most complex diseases are applied. There is no need to be afraid of operations to remove a hernia, the newest techniques allow with minimal invasion to carry out surgical intervention, after which the patient can move independently.

Recovery from the operation of the inguinal hernia in patients is quite fast, due to surgical intervention on hernia repair of the inguinal hernia. Since this disease is more common in men, as is the hernia of the esophagus, by the way, they need prevention to strengthen the muscles of the abdominal cavity, abdomen and groin.

As a rule, all procedures are prescribed in the morning, and after it in the evening, dressings and stitches are performed. Removal of the formation helps to feel healthy again, but is recommended after removal of the tumor. be alone for about two weeks and do not disturb the healing stitches.

How long does an inguinal hernia heal

Recommended exercises to strengthen the muscles of the groin area

The rehabilitation period includes not so much peace in the first weeks, as light exercise. For example, morning exercises or special exercises aimed at restoring activity and stimulating the muscles of the abdomen and groin, together, these small physical activities will help the body to tone.

After operation you must wear a special inguinal bandage, if there is obesity, you need to lose weight with exercise or diet, the extra weight gives an extra load on already weakened muscles.

The following exercises are recommended:

  • Lie on your back on the mat, hands positioned along the torso. At 45 degrees to raise straight legs and perform the exercise scissors, crossing legs. You need to do an increase, the first day 3-5 times on each leg, and in the following days you can add one at a time.
  • The same prone position, lift the legs bent at the knees and perform actions, as when riding a bicycle, 5 times.
  • You need to get on all fours, bend your legs at the knees, and elbows in your hands and lean on them. Bent leg in the knee should be raised up, then change the leg, the exercise is done 5 times for each leg.
  • Lie on your side, stretch your arm forward, put your head on it, legs straight. It is necessary to lift one leg up, do the exercise 5 times and change the side.
  • You need to take the emphasis sitting, one leg put forward, bending the knee, lean on his hands and sway slowly, then change the leg.
  • Legs with shoulder width, squatting, but not full, but as far as the state of health allows.
  • Emphasis lying, perform full push-ups, if the exercise for someone seems difficult, you can lean on your knees.

These exercises are designed for regular performance, they should not cause pain and discomfort. Every day you can increase the number of repetitions and approaches. By the way rehabilitation works, you can add or reduce exercises; for men, the doctor may suggest another complex of restorative gymnastics. After surgery, inguinal hernia Do not load the body immediately physical exercise, they should be done gradually.

Rehabilitation for each last a different amount of time and passes in different ways. It is best to consult with your doctor about therapeutic exercises. Sexual relations are also related to physical exertion, therefore it is necessary to have sex three weeks after the operation of the inguinal hernia.

Diet required for inguinal hernia

Regular proper nutrition will help to avoid complications that may occur after surgery. In the recovery period, you should try to eat liquid food, in small portions, slowly, you need to eat at least four times a day. Drinking protein after inguinal hernia surgery is one of the most important requirements for recovery. Successful recovery requires compliance with a diet. Diet includes eating foods rich in protein, which is needed for nutrition and muscle growth: chicken fillet, buckwheat, fish, low-fat cottage cheese, milk, eggs, but sometimes they are excluded from the diet, as they contribute to gas formation.

The diet should not consist of those foods that can worsen the condition and lead to gas formation. For example, you can not eat sweets, chocolate, sour-milk products, yogurt, candy, fruit. Such a diet can cause unwanted complications.

Diet should be combined with a healthy way, for a while or for good you need to forget about smoking, alcohol and other harmful habits, it will be especially difficult for men. You also can not drink coffee, it is better to replace it with chicory. Too sour berries, fruits and vegetables should not be consumed, and carbonated drinks should not be consumed.

Complications in the postoperative period

Complications may appear for various reasons. For example, doctors not recommended to lead a passive lifestyle after discharge, it is forbidden to lie. But at the same time, excessive loads can cause complications, such as relapses and new formations. Inguinal hernia is a dangerous phenomenon, both for children and for adults. But it is especially dangerous for men.

Any surgical intervention can lead to any complications in the body and the doctor must be aware of previous diseases and operations.

– If the operation was performed by an incompetent and inexperienced surgeon, he may show carelessness during the opening of the hernia sac and damage the spermatic cord. Complication can happen if this treatment has already been performed.

– If the hernia sac is improperly treated, intestinal disturbances may occur. Most often, such a violation occurs in the presence of a sliding hernia.

– It is possible to damage the hip joint if the surgeon puts too rough seams on the inguinal ligament.

– In most cases, there is a risk of developing testicular edema, it can be detected visually. At increase in a scrotum it is necessary to carry out repeated operation. Dropsy is the most common complication.

– Failure to comply with the prescriptions of doctors, careless attitude to their health, failure to follow the diet, excessive abuse of bad habits, and performance of heavy physical exercises can all lead to a number of complications. Repeated bulging of the inguinal hernia may occur.

– An infectious complication may appear in the wound area. This may be due to the cold-blooded treatment of the surgeon to the operation, this education is considered the most dangerous complication.

– A hematoma may form, but to prevent this, doctors usually apply ice to the causal site for a couple of hours and fix it with a load.

– During the rehabilitation period, it is necessary to follow all the instructions so that recurrences of the inguinal hernia are not formed.

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