How does versicolor appear

Deprive is not only a disease transmitted to humans from animals, as a large part of the population mistakenly believes. This is a generally accepted concept, combining various skin ailments, causing itching, the appearance of inflamed multi-colored spots, as well as the peeling of the affected areas.

Symptoms and classification depriving

What makes a person deprived? More often than not, people with weak immunity suffer from deprivation; a variety of viruses or fungi can provoke this ailment.

In the world there are many types of depriving, they all share the following symptoms:

  • skin blemishes
  • hair loss on the affected area
  • peeling, bursting skin, itching

Here are the main and most common types of lichen:

  • ringworm
  • lichen or pink versicolor
  • pityriasis versicolor
  • versicolor flat red
  • shingles

Below we describe in more detail about each type of lichen, its symptoms and methods of treatment.

The term ringworm can mean two fungal diseases at once – microscopy and trichophytosis. Usually they go to a person from an already infected person or animal. Obvious symptoms are the appearance of itchy, pink spots on the skin, in the center of which there are white scales.

How does versicolor appear

When these symptoms appear, it is necessary to immediately check with a dermatologist, including highlighting the affected areas with a Wood lamp, and taking a scraping. After the diagnosis is established, the patient is usually isolated at home. Treatment is carried out drugs, as well as rubbing a special ointment.

After infection with rosy lichen, pink scaly zones appear on the human body. Then the temperature may rise, nausea appears. This disease occurs most often in people aged 15-40 years, extremely rarely in children. Symptoms become more noticeable after a cold. The exact cause of pink lichen has not yet been determined, but it is considered guilty to consider a certain herpes virus group. Pink versicolor is not contagious.

A dermatologist makes a diagnosis after dermatoscopy and detailed examination. If in doubt, a skin biopsy is performed. The sick person is recommended to follow a hypoallergenic diet, not to use means that irritate the epidermis, to wear only natural clothing. There is no specific specific medicine for pink lichen, therefore symptomatic therapy is carried out.

Shingles can cause only those who previously had had chickenpox. After the disease, its virus goes deep into the nerve endings, “sits” there for some time, and is activated due to weakening of the immune system. Both an infectious disease specialist and a dermatologist examine the sick person, and then they also diagnose him. In some cases, immunofluorescence or microscopy can be performed.

The symptoms of shingles are the following: first, the patient’s temperature rises slightly, the headache, he becomes sick. Then, a certain area of ​​the face, body or limbs starts to hurt and itch. Later bubbles appear.

Tinea versicolor is a disease of the surface of the skin. Yeast fungi Pitirosporum or Malasseziya cause it, it can also be transmitted from the person infected to a healthy person. The first sign will be the appearance of stains on the neck and body – painless, not causing itching, without clearly expressed forms.

After dermatoscopy and thorough examination, the dermatologist establishes the diagnosis. Sometimes microscopy and luminescent diagnostics are additionally performed, a Balzer test is taken. Lichen versicolor with antifungal agents.

Deprive flat red – a chronic disease not only of the skin, but also of the nails, as well as the top layer of all the mucous membranes. Scientists have not yet figured out the exact cause, but it is considered that the appearance of depriving of this type is caused by impaired metabolism and immunity.

First, the epidermis is covered with a red, irregularly shaped rash that causes itching. In parallel, on the mucous membranes of the mouth (often – and genitals), nodules of pink-white color may appear. After their disappearance, hyperpigmentation remains. A fairly specific type of illness helps the doctor quickly establish an accurate diagnosis. During treatment for lichen edema, PUVA therapy and selective phototherapy are performed. In this case, the patient should take antihistamines and rub special ointment.

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