How does the pancreas forum hurt

Today’s crazy pace of life often deprives us, as we ourselves think, of being able to monitor our health and lead a correct lifestyle. We eat fast food, cook in a hurry, often eat fried, and then we complain that the pancreas hurts. We eat fast food, cook in a hurry, often eat fried, and then we complain that the pancreas hurts. These pains can be felt in the right side, in the left, and even on the back. Most often, pancreatitis is accompanied by other diseases that have arisen against its background: diabetes, hepatitis, and fatty hepatosis. Therefore, in case of pancreatic pain, consult a gastroenterologist and a hepatologist, as you will definitely need to diagnose and treat liver diseases. Diabetes mellitus can cause fatty hepatosis of the liver, which in its advanced form can cause the development of cirrhosis.

How does the pancreas forum hurt

Signs of pancreatic disease

While nothing bothers, we do not think about where a body is, what form it is, what signs are characteristic of which disease. But all this becomes relevant if pain occurs. It is often difficult for an ordinary person to recognize which body needs help, signaling pain about its plight. However, there are signs that help navigate the situation, despite the fact that sometimes the pancreas gives symptoms similar to osteochondrosis and even shingles.

Since the pancreas has an elongated shape, it can give pain in different places. With inflammation of the head of the gland, the pain will be on the right, in which case they are often attributed to the liver, if the other parts of the pancreas are inflamed, then pain in the left hypochondrium is provided. In acute pancreatitis, the pain often becomes shingles and is very strong. We list the main symptoms by which you can determine what exactly hurts the pancreas:

  • decrease or lack of appetite, as a result – drastic weight loss;
  • pains in left hypochondrium or encircling, so severe that a person cannot find a comfortable position in any way, either sitting, lying or standing;
  • nausea, severe vomiting with a sour taste;
  • high temperature (38 °).

In this case, if you sit on a chair and lean forward, the pain gradually subsides. These symptoms are characteristic of the acute course of the disease, but there is also a chronic form. In the left hypochondrium appears a constant feeling of distension, in the mornings and after eating this area hurts. Also the patient is tormented by diarrhea, insomnia, nausea, severe thirst; there is bitterness in the mouth.

When the pancreas hurts, these are the main symptoms. If you notice a few signs from this list, immediately contact your doctor, because only he can prescribe the necessary examination and treatment. If you do not pay attention to the fact that the pancreas hurts, then over time the disease becomes chronic. At the same time, the gland stops producing hormones, on which the digestive process depends, as well as insulin, which leads to diabetes.

How does the pancreas forum hurt

And one more characteristic feature: with pancreatitis, pains are activated after eating, and if not eaten, it becomes easier. Patients may experience signs of toxicosis, such as aversion to certain products.

Treatment of acute inflammation of the pancreas involves hospitalization, chronic pancreatitis is treated at home under the supervision of a physician.

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