How does the hernia hurt

The red one is a protrusion of the internal organs through the opening. It is acquired or congenital. The latter is found in young children due to a violation of the development of connective tissue, and is acquired due to severe physical exertion when the muscles are weaker than internal pressure.

Umbilical hernia

Pathology involves the exit of a part of the intestine or omentum by the abdominal wall through the umbilical ring.

Parents are not always able to understand how the umbilical hernia in babies hurts, as in some cases it may not bother him and eventually pass by itself. However, this does not mean that the state can be allowed to take its course, the indications and contraindications for the operation are determined exclusively by a specialist.

In children, an increase in education is observed during crying, in adults it can be seen when lifting weights. The disease is determined by pain in the area of ​​its formation or by other external manifestations, the person appears:

With tension, the discomfort becomes stronger, in children this occurs after a scream or prolonged laughter, they begin to cry during bowel movements. Having understood how an umbilical hernia hurts in an adult or a child, and how it manifests itself, it is necessary to know how to temporarily alleviate the condition.

How to help?

If the stomach hurts with an umbilical hernia, it may be caused by stinging, which leads to gangrene of the contents of the bag. A sign of what becomes the impossibility of self-reduction of protrusion. Help for the patient is as follows:

  1. The first thing to do, when hernia hurts – this call an ambulance the earlier it arrives, the more likely a person has to maintain the normal functioning of the organs in the hernial ring.
  2. If you can not tolerate pain, you must put ice on the abdomen area.
  3. Taking painkillers and laxative drugs is prohibited.
  4. With severe nausea, you can eat some ice.

Spinal hernia

Education may be localized in the cervical, lumbosacral, and thoracic regions. The spinal discs consist of a fibrous ring and pulpal nucleus. In the event of pathological changes, a rupture of the hard shell occurs, through which the fluid that presses on the nerve endings leaks.

Often, the pain after spinal hernia removal is returned, this is because the root cause has not been eliminated. Many factors can contribute to the formation of pathology, it often develops against the background of other diseases or injuries. Among other things, in the absence of sufficient load, the power of the disks is disturbed, as a result of which they become fragile and are easily destroyed.

It is possible to determine how a vertebral hernia hurts by partial stiffness at the site of localization. Men and women are equally affected since the age of 30; the primary causes are:

  • excessive exercise or low activity;
  • hypothermia of the back;
  • excess weight;
  • wrong posture and stoop gait.

In the absence of timely intervention, it can disrupt the work of the heart muscle, cause a stroke, contribute to the appearance of gastritis, sciatica, bronchitis. Often with a hernia, the leg hurts badly, it can be a harbinger of limb paralysis.

How to remove the pain?

Surgical intervention is not carried out immediately, at the first stage, conservative methods are used, which include: physiotherapy, acupuncture and the method of traction effects. From discomfort in the back, it is recommended to take non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs with a duration of action up to 24 hours: ceberex, ketoprofen, piroxicam, sulindac and others, which the expert will prescribe.

Drugs relieve pain and inflammation, but have a number of side effects in the form of irritation of the gastric mucosa, as a result of which gastritis or an ulcer can form. You can protect yourself from side effects by taking medication after eating, and by choosing the means that do not dissolve in the stomach, but in the intestine.

How to avoid pain after surgery

Cases in which patients have a backache after a hernia on the spine are removed are not uncommon. This is due to non-compliance with the recommendations of the rehabilitation period, which includes a gradual recovery process. Duration depends on the individual characteristics of the organism, an average of 6 months. At this time, a person should not:

  • sit for 30 days;
  • make sudden movements of the back;
  • lift more than 4 kg.

Every hour you must lie for 15 minutes and wear a hard corset for at least 3 hours a day. If some time after the removal of the intervertebral hernia hurts the leg, an MRI scan should be done to confirm or deny the appearance of a recurrence that can pinch the nerve. To ease the condition, it is recommended to lie on one side, bending the sore leg.

Lumbar hernia

Often patients are interested in: can a stomach pain in a spinal hernia? This happens because of the surrounding pain, due to which it is difficult to determine its specific location.

Determine how sore lumbar hernia can be on the accompanying manifestations:

  • the pain may pass after a few minutes or continue for more than a week;
  • gives to the buttock or other area of ​​the leg;
  • stiffness appears when bending and turning the back;
  • in advanced cases there are problems with the functioning of the intestines and urination, atrophy of the leg muscles.

Pathology, due to circulatory disorders, leads women to gynecological problems and failures of the menstrual cycle. As a result of reduced mobility, scoliosis is formed.

Pain relief

If the loin is sore, and a hernia was diagnosed earlier, the doctor who prescribes medications on the basis of tests, because of contraindications and side effects, explains what to do in this case in advance. As a rule, problems with the spine begin and last for several years, and it is possible to provoke a sharp pain when lifting weights.

To quickly relieve pain, the back should be immobilized and apply ointment: voltaren, emulgel and others. They are based on diclofenac, which is considered a strong painkiller, with virtually no contraindications. Kalanchoe is used from natural remedies, a film is removed from the plant and fixed to a sore spot overnight to an adhesive plaster.

Thoracic hernia

As a hernia of the spine of the thoracic region hurts, it is difficult to determine because it often gives to the stomach, after which patients suspect gastritis, an ulcer, pancreatitis. Often, discomfort occurs in the region of the heart, lungs. Some people do not go to the hospital for diagnosis and are engaged in self-treatment of non-existent diseases, strongly tearing the body.

Pain syndrome extends to the chest and shoulders area, increases with movement. Concomitant manifestations, which determine how a hernia of the thoracic region hurts, depend on the degree of contraction of the nerve roots or the spinal cord and may be as follows:

  • numbness;
  • lack of air due to apparent pressure in the chest area;
  • stiffness of the upper shoulder girdle.

Sometimes the protrusion does not manifest itself and is detected by chance with an MRI.

Pain relief

Surgery is indicated if conservative methods do not help the patient. A person is recommended to reduce physical exertion, in case of pain, to use non-steroid painkillers, to massage manually or vacuum banks.

Schmorl hernia

Pathology is formed as a result of pressing the disc into the vertebra, it is congenital or acquired. Often asymptomatic, if the schmorl hernia of the thoracic region hurts, it is likely to have greatly increased or another form of the disease has formed.

As it was written, the pain syndrome is not a constant companion of the ailment, if it occurs, it is dull, aching in nature and manifests itself after prolonged walking or standing on his feet, except for him, the person feels:

  • fatigue in the back;
  • reduced spinal flexibility;
  • numbness of the limbs.

As a rule, after resting in a horizontal position, the manifestations disappear, so people are in no hurry to go to the hospital. For this reason, the disease is more often detected by chance, on an X-ray.

What to do with pain?

If a schmorl hernia is detected, how to live so as not to hurt, tell the doctor, whose recommendations are as follows:

  • reduce weight and keep it under control;
  • perform therapeutic exercises;
  • get rid of bad habits.

Treatment is reduced to strengthening the muscles of the back, in order to reduce the risk of intervertebral hernia. Assign the reception of painkillers, use Ketanov, nise and others. In case of signs of arthrosis, anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed: diclofenac, ibuprofen, voltaren. Ointments should be applied to the skin without damage.

How does the hernia hurt

Among other things, the removal of unpleasant sensations is promoted by: baths with needles, alcohol compresses of chestnut and dandelion tinctures, sabelnik, rubbing the sore spot with fir essential oil and honey.

Neck hernia

It is not easy to distinguish a cervical hernia from manifestations of osteochondrosis, they often accompany. The formation of pathology contributes to the feature of the structure of the spine, age-related changes, obesity and so on.


The main manifestation is pain in the neck, extending to the shoulder, shoulder blades and hands or fingers, which increase with the movement of the head. Depending on which disc is affected, cervical hernia often causes blood from the nose, diseases of the ears and eyes, throat, and lungs. Other manifestations include:

  • numbness, tingling and burning of hands;
  • sometimes losing weight on one upper or lower limb;
  • fingers bend heavily.

How does the hernia hurt

The person is relieved when raising hands. According to the doctors, people can feel the precursors or understand how an intervertebral hernia hurts since the age of 20.

What to do with pain?

In most cases, protrusion is treatable without surgery. The discomfort is eliminated as in vertebral, lumbar and thoracic pathology. Apply non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs ibuprofen, Celebrex and others. They relieve pain well and have practically no contraindications.

To relieve spasms also apply: a compress of garlic and vodka, infused for 10 days, warming the sore spot with warm badger fat, which is covered with a film and warmed, massage and rubbing with fir oil.

Inguinal hernia

Loops of intestines or omentum extend into the hole formed in the groin area. This is due to weak muscle tissue in the abdominal area and high internal pressure. Pathology is dangerous by infringement, surgery is the only treatment. In case of contraindications for surgery, conservative methods are aimed at relieving pain and reducing the risk of injury.

The bulging can be seen visually, when a person has tension, a swelling appears in the groin area, in a horizontal position it can disappear, other manifestations include:

  • feeling of heaviness in the abdomen and pain;
  • discomfort when walking;
  • the formation of constipation;
  • increased pain in the days of menstruation in women.

In men, the disease appears more often, so they should pay more attention to health.

How to remove the pain?

Before the arrival of the doctor, you need to take a warm bath and make an attempt to reduce the protrusion on your own. If nothing happens, you need to lie on your back by twisting both legs and waiting for the arrival of the doctor. Taking painkillers is prohibited.

After operation

If a testicle hurts in men in the first days after an inguinal hernia operation, this may be the norm, but in some cases the probability of infringement of the spermatic cord, which causes infertility, is not excluded. Confirmation of concerns is possible only after Doppler sonography.

In the case when after the inguinal hernia the testicle hurts, and the removal was carried out for a long time, inflammation or recurrence may occur, which occurs more often if the patient does not follow the recommendations of the rehabilitation period: restriction on lifting weights and sexual contact, wearing a bandage, diet and more.

The cause of the hernia may be non-compliance with the rules of work and rest. Bad habits and ignoring the manifestations of people wear out the body, which subsequently complicates the treatment or leads to complications.

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