How does a sex change operation occur?

Today, people who have a strange appearance, more and more often become the subject of general discussion. Who is a simple transgender language? This is a person who has unusual psychological attitudes and biological characteristics. A transgender is a person who, being born as a member of the same sex, feels like a person of the opposite.

Gift or punishment

This pathological feature has nothing to do with homosexuality or lesbianism and is most often seen in males. Male transgender people do not accept organs given by nature and treat them with hostility, experiencing their own tragedy. Often, not accepted by society and unable to change anything, transgender people impose hands on themselves. It is quite difficult to be in the body of a man and at the same time feel like a woman, without being able to stop the process.

In addition, transgender people are often born with the presence of two sexual characteristics. That is, for example, a man has a male sexual organ and a female one. But the first one is well developed, and the second has an underdeveloped structure. The discomfort associated with this causes controversy over the psychological background.

Transgender Child Development

From a very young age, transgender children show their signs. Most often, the deviation is seen in boys who have all the girlish inclinations. Girls are less subject to criticism, and often their behavior, peculiar to boys, is attributed to self-indulgence. This difference gives an advantage to the female sex. Girls are less criticized and more easily tolerate recognition of transsexuality.

When the child does not quite understand his belonging and any manifestations do not bear harm, everything goes on as usual until puberty. This moment is considered the culmination of transgender life. Stress causes a struggle between soul and body. From this point on, transgender children begin to feel inferior, leading to a number of psychological trauma.

Social perception

Not understanding the child and attributing its manifestations to homosexuality, the parents in a panic begin to look for methods of ridding their offspring from their pernicious tendencies. Even if the child has hermaphroditism. From this, the child gets a psychological trauma. To the non-recognition of the house are added ridicule from outsiders. They find it difficult to explain who such a transgender is in simple language. Often, such people are subjected to mass beatings, violence and condemnation. Such behavior on the part of relatives and society turns into a disaster.

Full understanding and awareness of transgender people comes to twenty years. Some manage to find ways of public recognition and respect for themselves as a unique person.

Public opinion

Just recently, transgender people, like any other categories of people with unusual inclinations, were perceived by society as a deviation from the norm. Now there are more and more opinions that everything has the right to life. One group of people is inclined to empathize with this type of people, the second supports the decision to transform into a beginning that is more to the liking of the transgender. But, of course, there remain those who believe that such people are simply dismissed or have psychological deviations. Despite this, those famous transgender people who suffered the transition from one sex to the other lead a successful lifestyle. Many have taken places in the field of modeling business. Some are successful in sports, film, politics. At the same time, the success that came to these people is quite high.

How does a sex change operation occur?

Singers and gender-changing models

The actor who played transvestite Dzhorzhettu in the film The Last Turn on Brooklyn, soon after the release of the film, changed the floor and took the name Alexis. In the past, his name was Robert Arquette.

Yaron Cohen, known as Dana International, changed his gender in 1993 and received general public recognition after winning Eurovision in 1998.

Filipina and mannequin Gina Rocero was only able to admit transgenderism in 2014. The fact that she was up to 17 years old boy, Gina tried to hide for a long time. Also, Lea Ti, stepping on the catwalk in high-heeled shoes, was born Leonard with the soul of a woman.

Caroline Kosi changed her male gender at the age of seventeen. Kosi had a rare disease – Klinefelter syndrome, the essence of which is in the abnormal development of the sex chromosomes. Caroline is one of the first to pose for Playboy magazine.

People representing sport

German transgender athletes such as Balian Bushbaum and Heidi Krieger were people of the opposite sex in the past. Balian at the age of twenty-seven years decided to leave the sport because of the injury. In the same year, he will begin preparing hormone therapy for sex reassignment surgery. Soon, Yvonne Balian will appear before the general public. The change of gender of the German athlete Heidi Krieger has a scandalous past. In order to be able to gain international recognition in the field of non-female sports, she takes anabolic steroids and male hormones, and this happens under the supervision of a trainer. Heidi gets what she wanted in 1986: she becomes the champion in shot put. 1997 will be a memorable year for the girl; it is during this period that Heidi will change sex and become Andreas.

Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner wore a bra and pantyhose under men’s clothes until he finally decided to change sex. Nevertheless, this did not prevent him from entering into a marriage three times and having children before the operation.

Science research

What conclusions do scientists come to when studying the phenomenon of transgenderness? This question has been troubling scientific luminaries for over a decade. However, a consensus cannot be reached. Who is a simple transgender language? Some put forward a theory about the presence of changes in the structure of the human brain areas. Disruption of normal development provokes a distortion of the vision of oneself as a person born with certain signs of gender. Some attribute the appearance of transgenderness to certain changes in the overall physiological structure of the body. The only thing that representatives of medical institutes were unanimous in is helping people who need sex correction.

Surgical changes

In order to be able to live a full life, you can undergo a series of surgical procedures through which to get what you want. However, in pursuit of the goal, none of the transgender people who agreed to conduct operations, do not think seriously about the consequences.

The first problem is the survival of the transplanted organs: the probability of rejection is very high. Hormone preparations are added to this problem. Both not only have a high price, but can cause irreparable damage to the whole body. The immune system is rapidly weakening, leading to more terrible diseases.

Another important factor is the overall development of the physique, voice features. Gender-famous transgender people are not able to bear and give birth to a child. However, those who have the opportunity to undergo a series of operations are taking a risk.

Famous transgender people

Well-known singer Cher had a daughter, who from an early age experienced an incomprehensible attraction to the female sex. Having matured, the girl made the decision on sex change, about which she informed the parents. Now the former Chestiti has turned into Chaz. His story, already a man, Chaz told in the film, published in 2011. They try to explain in her who a transgender person is in simple language (photos of people who decided to change their sex are given in this article).

Laverne Cox is an African American who has undergone a sex change operation. At eleven, Roderick Cox realized that he was attracted to the male sex. Manifestations of other accessories almost deprived the child of life. However, after a while, the boy managed to do a sex change operation and became Laverna. The girl has managed to win worldwide fame thanks to the Orange Orange – hit of the season serial tape. After that, Laverna’s face adorned the cover of Time magazine.

We tried to explain in the article who such a transgender is in simple language. Despite many negative factors, transgender people are trying to find their place in society, and many succeed. Today’s time dictates its own terms. You should not humiliate the person because of its unusual manifestations and features, but on the contrary, you should try to understand the essence of the unique beginning.

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