How do vitamins work?

As soon as autumn begins, many of our compatriots immediately begin to suffer from prostration, a runny nose.

If the weather is wet, the viruses are activated, causing the development of acute respiratory diseases and flu.

In order not to get sick, you should systematically maintain your immune system with vitamins. Even if a person is already sick, taking vitamin complexes will significantly speed up the healing process.

How do vitamins work?

Due to the use of higher dosages of vitamin C at the very beginning of the disease, it is possible to reduce the risk of its further aggravation and the development of complications. Ascorbic acid stimulates the ability of the human body to secrete white blood cells and interferons.

It is possible to create an acidic environment, adversely affecting the activity of viruses, to prevent the penetration of their particles into the cells.

Vitamin C is often included in the composition of the popular combined antiviral drugs. You can nourish the body with ascorbic, if you eat vegetables, berries and fruits, unusually rich in this vitamin:

  1. sweet bell pepper;
  2. citrus;
  3. kiwi;
  4. black currant;
  5. cranberries;
  6. infusions, dogrose decoctions.

Vitamin A will help to cope with a cold, several times enhancing the protective function of the mucous membranes. It does not allow viruses to invade cells, increases the activity of interferon. You can get vitamin A from fatty fish, butter and animal liver.

Scientific studies have shown that subject to the prophylactic use of vitamin D, it is possible to reduce the body’s susceptibility to respiratory ailments, and to reduce diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Another important feature is the prevention of antibiotic resistance.

Important for flu, cold and minerals, such as zinc. It is characterized by antioxidant properties, blocks the destruction of cell membranes, the ability of rhinoviruses to multiply. Thanks to zinc, the activity of the protein of the immune system is activated, the symptoms of the disease are alleviated. Substance present in nuts, seeds, beans.

Take vitamins should be in higher dosages, because they are quickly washed out with a heavy drink.

Vitamin complexes

Modern pharmacology offers just a huge selection of vitamin preparations. Vitamins for colds should choose these:

  • Will direct. This special complex contains vitamin A, ascorbic acid, zinc, and natural plant extracts. It increases resistance to viruses during the exacerbation of seasonal diseases, will accelerate the process of recovery from the flu. It is recommended to take 1-3 tablets per day;
  • vitamin C (effervescent). Easy to use, produced in a dose of 1000 mg. You can drink it once a day;
  • Theraflu Immuno. Consists of ascorbic acid, zinc, echinacea extract. It is produced in the form of a powder that does not involve preliminary dissolution (it should be poured immediately into the mouth). It effectively prevents colds and can be prescribed to relieve it;
  • Multi-Tabs Immuno Plus. The complex helps to strengthen the body and will be an excellent prevention of viral ailments. It contains lactic acid bacteria responsible for stimulating the production of immunoglobulins. Can be taken once a day for a month;
  • Sambucol Immuno Forte. This biological additive is made of zinc, vitamin C, extracts of black elderberry. The latter component boosts immunity, protects cells from viruses, is characterized by anti-inflammatory action. It is produced in the form of a solution, which is useful to add to teas for obtaining a therapeutic drink. It also provides for mixing it with mineral water for a refreshing drink. Allowed to give to children who are older than 6 years.

What will help people’s ways?

Organically complement the treatment and alternative medicine. Folk remedies do an excellent job with colds, they are effective in case of flu, but with the right approach, and in parallel, it is necessary to clarify which antibiotics to take in case of flu and flu.

How do vitamins work?

So, it is very helpful to drink plenty of fluids during an illness. It can be not just water, but also fruit-rich juices from fruit, fruit drinks, black currant fruit drinks, cranberries, lingonberries, herbal teas. Drinks quench the constant thirst caused by high body temperature, saturate the patient’s body with necessary substances.

A vitamin composition made from natural butter and boiled milk will help against colds. The resulting mixture is drunk 6 times a day.

Perhaps the economical treatment option would be eating lemons. They should be minced with a meat grinder, season with 150 g of sugar or 100 g of bee honey. Eat this home remedy should be 5-6 times a day, 1 tablespoon.

If you include in your food effective vitamin products, then with the flu and during a cold, they will be the key to a quick recovery. Should pay attention to:

  1. garlic. Phytoncides kill germs, viruses, not allowing them to multiply. Garlic can be used for inhalation;
  2. sea ​​buckthorn. Contains almost all known vitamins, actively fights against viruses. Treat cold with sea buckthorn warmth;
  3. black currant. Berry can be safely called the leader in the content of ascorbic acid. Differs anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties. Currant relieves fatigue, tones, strengthens the heart muscle, restores fat metabolism. Dry leaves of the shrub are brewed as tea, and the berry itself is twisted in a meat grinder and covered with sugar in a 1 to 1 ratio;
  4. raspberries. Known source of vitamins, minerals. Natural antioxidant and antibiotic during cold relieves inflammation, kills viruses, bacteria. You can eat raspberries in any form;
  5. cranberry. Contains vitamins E, A, K, C, minerals, trace elements. It is recommended to use fresh.

In order not to get sick, one should saturate the body with vitamins not only during the period of seasonal diseases, but throughout the whole year, which the expert will tell authoritatively in the video in this article.

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