How are thrush treated

A smear taken by a gynecologist during the examination can help not only to identify the existing abnormalities in the reproductive system.

Such a survey able to prevent development of infertility and endometritis, but only under the condition of the rapid and accurate detection of pathogenic small rods, including polymorphic.

Polymorphic wand: what is it?

This wand refers pathogenic class. It is a small organism that causes serious painful changes in the vaginal microflora, cervical canal and on the cervix.

In a healthy body, there must be a large amount in the vagina. Derdelyn sticks. They create a favorable environment for the colonization of beneficial lactobacilli that prevent pathogenic and harmful viruses from multiplying. prevent the mucous from drying out.

As soon as the number of Derdelyn sticks decreases, the number of polymorphic organisms in the smear begins to increase. Simultaneously with this happens a sharp jump in the number of leukocytes, which also indicates the beginning of the pathological process in the female reproductive system.

Microflora during pregnancy

In any period of childbearing a woman should listen to her body and monitor secretions. They can tell exactly if you have problems with flora and whether you need to re-smear.

Most often during pregnancy, polymorphic sticks are found due to developing thrush on the background of hormonal changes and reduced immunity. Especially often this happens in the first trimester.

In second place are diseases that provoke the growth of polymorphic sticks, is vaginal dysbacteriosis. Its development is associated with other problems in the body, most often they include violations in the gastrointestinal tract and nutritional problems.

In addition, thrush provokes strong tears during childbirth, as the tissues are severely depleted and lose their elasticity.

Passing a child through the birth canal also increases the risk of infection with his polymorphic sticks, which can cause the development of thrush in the oral cavity, as well as a number of other infectious diseases, including synechiae.

Symptoms of a large number of polymorphic sticks

It is only possible to confirm the pathogenic bacterial flora of a woman by smear and bacteriological seeding. But with careful monitoring of the state of their health, patients can independently notice changes in the microflora of the vagina and cervix:

  • large amount of discharge light or gray;
  • discharge has a sour smell, approaching the nature of fish or sour milk;
  • the presence of persistent itching and discomfort in the crotch area and inside the genitals;
  • the presence of pain during intercourse;
  • pain or discomfort when urinating;
  • green or purulent discharge from the vagina;
  • feeling lower abdominal pain and in the crotch area.

It is important to understand that these symptoms women often take for thrush and treat it yourself. But under such symptoms can hide vaginosis, dysbacteriosis, colpitis, sexually transmitted infections.

What treatment is required?

Immediately after receiving the smear results, which clearly shows a serious decrease in lactic acid bacteria and an increased number of polymorphic sticks, the woman needs pass a series of surveys. They are assigned a colposcopy that can exclude or confirm colpitis, vaginosis, and a number of other inflammatory-infectious diseases.

Additionally, the material is taken from cervical canal and cervix for bacteriological culture and for immunological studies. In the presence of pain and discomfort, it will not be superfluous to undergo an ultrasound examination, which can also give an answer about the presence of cervical dysplasia and the presence of cystic neoplasms.

After that, adequate treatment is prescribed, which may initially preclude the use of antibiotics. Quite often, the gynecologist prescribes patients Pimofucin in the form of candles. If necessary, this partner may also be treated with this ointment. Candles are used vaginally once a day before bedtime. within 10-14 days. If necessary, the course of therapy may be increased.

Be sure to use candles or a wide-spectrum vaginal tablets, fit Terzhinan. They can also be used in the treatment of thrush, as it quickly relieves itching and inflammation.

If during treatment with the above preparations it was not possible to relieve inflammation and return the normal flora to the vagina and cervix, it is mandatory accept antibiotics. Ceftriaxone and Cefixin will quickly relieve irritation and suppress the metabolism of pathogenic bacteria. Additionally, in the presence of fungal infections, it is worth using drugs to suppress them. In this case, well-proven Fluconazole and Clindamycin.

In any case, try do not skip recommended tricks at the gynecologist, as it will allow to notice the beginning changes in the vaginal flora, cervical canal and cervix. Rapid response to the problems encountered is a guarantee of quick recovery without obvious and serious consequences.

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