Hong Kong flu symptoms treatment

In these winter months, residents of our country will meet with a special strain of the influenza A / Hong Kong / 4801/2014 (H3N2) virus. This virus has already begun to spread. The peculiarity of the H3N2 virus is that it can cause not just an epidemic, but a whole pandemic,

The Hong Kong flu virus was already strolling around the world back in 1968 and claimed a considerable number of lives. In particular, this infection is dangerous for children under 5 years and the elderly, as it causes serious complications of the cardiovascular system, nervous system, kidneys and joints. For example, in America in 1968-1969, about 40 thousand people, elderly and children, died from the effects of the Hong Kong flu.

Hong Kong flu. Symptoms

The characteristics of the symptoms of Hong Kong flu is its rapid development. Symptoms begin to appear either immediately or 1-2 days after the virus enters the body. The high temperature (above 39 degrees), which is difficult to bring down, is growing sharply, the throat and chest are laid, and a dry cough appears. Antipyretics help for a very short time. The remaining symptoms are similar to the usual flu virus: a headache, there is always an ache throughout the body. Sometimes vomiting and other digestive disorders are associated with everything listed.

Hong Kong flu symptoms treatment

Severe with Hong Kong flu persists for about 4-5 days. If the condition does not improve, the antipyretic act is very short, then there may be complications.

Complications of Hong Kong Flu

According to the experience of 1968, as well as those who had already suffered from the Hong Kong flu, the complications are as follows:

  • heart complications – myocarditis,
  • to the lungs – pneumonia,
  • on the brain – encephalitis and meningitis,
  • shock conditions
  • severe exacerbations of chronic diseases (heart defects, asthma, diabetes, etc.)

Hong Kong flu symptoms treatment

Hong Kong flu is terrible because its complications can lead to death or disability of the patient.

Prevention and treatment of Hong Kong influenza

Doctors say that the main prevention of infection with Hong Kong flu is vaccination, as well as avoidance of crowded places. Most likely, the way it is. Experience will show how effective the flu vaccine is in the case of the Hong Kong strain. Effective and hygienic procedures: washing hands, washing the nose and eyes with saline solutions, disinfection of mobile phones, handles (door and writing).

The treatment of Hong Kong influenza is the same as usual. Disease of the legs without a doubt will lead to complications. It is better to lie down at home for a week than for the rest of your life, for example, to heal the heart.

The main thing to pay attention to when treating the Hong Kong flu is drinking plenty of fluids and detoxifying drugs. Cranberry juice, water with lemon, sorbents (activated carbon, polysorb, etc.) can help. Due to the rapidly developing complications of the Hong Kong flu, antiviral drugs should not be avoided. However, not all antivirals are able to affect this strain of influenza virus. Perhaps the most effective drugs here will be interferon and agents that stimulate its production (cycloferon).

If the temperature of about 40 degrees did not fall for 4-5 days, and the condition does not improve, do not be afraid of antibiotics, which the doctor prescribes without fail. Antibiotics will prevent the development of a bacterial infection,

Symptomatic therapy is carried out as with any other viral infection (drops in the nose, remedies for sore throat, cough).

Epidemiologists categorically do not recommend to reduce the temperature in Hong Kong flu with aspirin. This can lead to very serious complications in both adults and children. Ibuprofen or paracetamol are suitable for this case, and every 20 minutes of wiping with a damp warm towel, bypassing the groin area.

The man has been familiar with the Hong Kong flu virus since the 19th century. Any flu can lead to complications, but according to experts, Hong Kong flu is especially terrible, since many deaths are known. But do not panic. Proper and timely treatment will help prevent the development of serious complications. Therefore, we arm ourselves with the necessary medicines, obedience to the attending physician and optimism. It is probably worth recalling about spiritual means – prayer, holy water and more. There will be no place for Hong Kong flu in such conditions.

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