Home remedy for bruises

Injuries resulting from sports or, for example, in icy conditions are fraught with various serious consequences, from open bone fractures to concussions. However, even if it all ends in light bruises, the fall gives a rather unpleasant feeling. Quickly relieve pain, to avoid the appearance of bumps help home remedies for bruises and bruises.

Home remedy for bruises

• For such purposes, it is good to have a bodyguard on hand. This freshwater sponge can be purchased in advance at the pharmacy. It will help protect against hematoma and bruising. The bodyagi powder is mixed with water so that a pasty mixture is obtained by adding at least 2 spoons of powder to a spoonful of water. Then put this dough on the places of bruises and bruises, or applied to the fabric and it is applied to the sore spot. After the applied powder dries and begins to crumble, it is necessary to prepare a fresh mixture.

• For the resorption of bruises and bruises, home remedies such as lead-water compresses sold in pharmacies under the name “lead lotions” have long been used.

• Immediately after the injury, a copper coin or a copper plate may be attached to the tumor or to the bruise. Moreover, it will be more useful if they are cleaned of oxides and sanitized before use.

• The day after the injury, if a bruise resulted, it can be heavily smeared with 5% tincture of iodine.

• In addition, the following recipe helps to get rid of bruises and bruises: mix 1 cup of vinegar and 1 cup of vodka, add 1

• A good remedy for abrasions and even small wounds is calendula tincture. And the pharmacy option can replace home remedies. To do this, take 20 g of inflorescences of calendula, pour 100 ml of 70-degree alcohol and leave for 2 weeks. Then filter and use for compresses and lotions.

Home remedy for bruises

• When bruising, you can apply a slurry made from soy flour.

• If swelling or swelling of the joints appears after bruises, an infusion of clover grass is used. Prepare it as follows: 2

• For knee injuries, you can make a compress from onion gruel or fresh onion juice and sugar.

• Homemade remedies such as fresh cabbage leaves and potato slices are suitable for long-hurt places.

• There is also a recipe: boil the white beans, mash carefully and attach to the place that was hurt a long time ago. A cotton cloth bandage can be applied on top. Such a compress is good to leave for the night.

• If a tumor has formed at the site of injury, gruel prepared from grated beets can be applied to it. If the tumor is hard, it will help lotions from a strong broth of black tea.

• To prepare the mixture for rubbing bruises, you can take 2 heads of garlic, finely chop, pour 500 ml of 6-percent vinegar and infuse for 24 hours.

• In order for a solid tumor to dissolve faster, you can grind flax seeds, put them in 2 linen bags, which should be lowered into boiling water in turn and, after cooling a little, applied to the hurt place.

• In addition, a crumb can be used as a means of sucking bruises. Pre-need it to soak in hot milk.

• A 3% aqueous solution of mummy is also used against tumors and pain in the joints.

• It is good to immediately start rubbed places with ice or something frozen from the freezer compartment. This should be done within 30 minutes without stopping. If there is no ice at hand, you can use very cold water for grinding, making compresses.

• It is worth noting that cold itself is an excellent painkiller. Today, every home has refrigerators with freezers, and it is difficult to find a more effective home remedy for pain than ice. It can be used to treat not only bruises and sprains, but also rheumatic pains. By the way, there is a popular belief that ice packs applied to the temples or to the forehead can lead to serious consequences, even meningitis. However, in medical science and practice there is such a method of treatment as cryotherapy, that is, treatment with cold.

• Cold compresses can achieve not only the analgesic effect. Just a few minutes of their use can reduce the flow of blood and lymph by half. Therefore, if a cold is applied to the hurt place immediately, edema does not occur, there will be no bruise. However, the process must be interrupted every 3-5 minutes, especially if a person has pain. Otherwise, hypothermia can cause frostbite of the skin.

• Cold therapy is useful in many ways. To make a cold compress on your back, you can take a towel, dip it in cold water and squeeze it well, then put it in the freezer for several hours. Such a compress is applied to the back, the pain passes quite quickly.

• For the preparation of compresses, it is convenient to use plastic ice bags with a concentrated salt solution. If necessary, they can be cooled or, conversely, heated. It is easy to apply compresses in the form of dressings on the knee joints or the areas around the nose, if it is necessary to stop the bleeding.

• Ice rollers are a good remedy for pain. For their preparation, you can take cups of yogurt, fill them with water and put them in the freezer. Then in each glass you need to put a wooden spatula, for example, from ice cream. It helps to easily remove the ice roller from the cup. It can be used to grind bruised areas of the body.

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