Home remedies for toenail fungus

Hard toenails appear predominantly in the elderly. But young people can touch it. And to cut such nails is problematic, if you do not soften them beforehand. Sometimes water alone is not enough. What means for softening the toenails are, which ones are the most effective?

What causes the coarsening of nails?

Thick and rough nail plate on the nails not only looks unaesthetic, but also causes problems when it is cut. Here, without additional funds can not do. But, before proceeding to the consideration of various methods of softening, it is worth considering all the possible causes leading to such trouble on the feet.

  1. Fungus is the most common problem that can affect everyone. Fungal disease is easily transmitted from a sick person to a healthy person; all you need to do is to take contact actions: wearing infected shoes, walking barefoot in public places and

If you start the problem and do not take timely measures to eliminate it, there is a great risk that the affected nail will simply fall off. Or infect other toenails.

Home remedies for toenail fungus

Baths to soften the toenails

Traditional medicine turns out to be very helpful in solving the problem of cutting a thick nail. And one of her methods is a foot bath. In general, foot baths are one of cosmetology, medical and hygienic procedures, which should be carried out regularly at home or in the salon.

Steaming the feet in the bath is guaranteed to solve the problem of softening the nail plate. And there are a considerable number of types of baths.

Chamomile bath

Chamomile is a cheap and effective remedy that has practically no contraindications. Making a bath for the feet and using chamomile, you can not only steam out the coarsened nail plates, but also disinfect the toes and feet as a whole.

Foot bath for pedicure with the participation of chamomile is prepared as follows:

  1. Boil 1 liter of water.
  2. 6 tablespoons of chamomile collection are poured into the prepared water.
  3. All insist for two hours, and then filtered.
  4. Then they boil again.
  5. Finally, the broth is cooled to an acceptable temperature and used for its intended purpose.

Feet immersed in the bath, hold for 20 minutes. Pouring boiling water, you can extend the steaming session. Tight toenails will become soft and pliable for cutting.

Salt bath

Salt foot bath is an effective and budget means for softening toenails. In addition to softening, salt has firming properties for the nail plate.

To prepare a salt bath for the feet, you will need:

  • liter of boiling water;
  • a couple tablespoons of stone or iodized salt;
  • tablespoon of grated laundry soap.

Mix everything until soap and salt dissolve completely. Just at this time, the water will cool to the desired temperature, which will allow you to lower and keep your feet there.

This bath is used to soften the toenails no more than twice a day, mainly before cutting the nails and applying a foot cream.

Herbal decoction

A herbal foot bath is prepared on the basis of a medicinal plant collection consisting of chamomile, St. John’s wort, sage, coltsfoot and

To prepare take:

  • a tablespoon of each type of herb or mixture of herbs;
  • 2 liters of boiling water.

How to soften the toenails for cutting with the help of a bath: dried flowers are poured with boiling water and infused for half an hour. If during this time the water becomes cool, then boiling water is added to it. Dip into the basin with decoction of the leg and otparivayut for 15 minutes. The procedure is repeated daily.

After the session, the hardened nail is easily cut off along with dead skin. Treated nails and toes grease with a disinfectant or emollient.

Soap bath

How to soften the toenails to cut? Affordable and easy to prepare – soap bath. The soap softens well the hardened nail plate, which allows it to be cut off without injury to the skin.

Preparing a bath as follows:

  1. Heat to boiling water in a volume of 2 liters. Pour water into the basin.
  2. In a basin rubbed on a grater or simply washed away a small piece of a laundry soap, stirred to its full dissolution.
  3. Then pour 5 drops of liquid cream soap into a basin or rub a small amount of tar.
  4. Pour 5 drops of eucalyptus oil, all mixed.

Take this bath is possible when the soap is completely dissolved. If the water has cooled by that time, it will be necessary to add more boiling water so that the temperature of the water in the basin is at least 50 degrees. Such a tool to soften the toenails is applied before each application of a healing emollient cream.

Acetic bath

A vinegar foot bath allows you to safely soften not only the skin of the feet, but also a hard nail plate. Preparing a tool from water with a temperature of 50-60 degrees, 50 ml of vinegar and two tablespoons of shampoo.

Home remedies for toenail fungus

Everything is mixed in the pelvis until smooth, the legs hover for 15 minutes before each nail clipping.

Peroxide bath

The bath with the addition of hydrogen peroxide will contribute not only to the softening of the nails, but also their disinfection. For the preparation of this tool will need to boil 1 liter of water, cool it to a temperature of 50-60 degrees. Then 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide and 1 tablespoon of baking soda are added to the liquid.

All components are dissolved in water, and then used for the purpose. The procedure lasts 20 minutes, and after it hardened nails are easily cut off.

What else is suitable for foot bath?

Foot baths for pedicure can be prepared on the basis of various ingredients. Their main goal is softening and disinfection. In addition to the options presented baths, you can still prepare them in the following options:

  1. With the addition of onions and garlic. The only drawback of this bath is the smell.
  2. With the addition of iodine and vodka.
  3. On the basis of natural ground coffee. The tool not only softens, but also acts as a scrub.
  4. With kiwi pulp. The juice of this fruit has high acidity, which contributes to a better softening of the skin, and disinfection.

Homemade Ointments and Creams

How and with what to soften a nail on a leg to cut off? Components can be found in the home arsenal of available tools. Of these funds can be prepared ointments that are effective in softening the hardened nail plate.

Most often, ointments for softening are prepared from such ingredients as:

  • chicken eggs;
  • vegetable or butter;
  • onion and garlic;
  • glycerol;
  • vinegar and iodine.

Moreover, as you can see, on the basis of some components it is possible to prepare not only ointments, but also foot baths. The effect of homemade ointments can be manifested both independently and in combination with other pharmaceutical preparations.

One of the recommended ointments is a preparation made from 1 egg, 5 ml of vegetable oil (any), 5 ml of dimethyl phthalate. Prepare an ointment and apply on a hardened nail. Wrap with polyethylene and put a sock on top. It is advisable to do the procedure for the night. After that, the nail will soften, and cut it will be much easier.

Another good tool is a homemade ointment from a tablespoon of vinegar, a couple of drops of iodine and a small amount of glycerin. The prepared tool is applied to the nails, wrap and leave overnight. After that, you can perform a pedicure without the use of foot baths.

What to buy at the pharmacy?

Pharmaceutical products to soften the toenails, thanks to its enhanced composition, will help in a short time to soften the nail plate on the feet. What can I choose from?

  1. Nogtivit – a drug whose composition is based on stearic acid and tea tree oil. The substance gently disinfects and well softens the nail plate. For the best effect, it is recommended to do a foot bath before applying the ointment. The analogue of Nogtivita is the drug Nogtimizin.
  2. Exoderil with long-acting naftifine. Accumulating in the tissues of the toes, the drug not only softens the nails, but also acts as a remedy against the fungus.
  3. Uroderm based on urea. The ointment is used twice a day, then the effect will be visible after the first application. The drug well softens even very hardened nails.
  4. Dimexide – an ointment for softening nails and getting rid of the initial stages of mycosis.
  5. Bifonazol – a urea-based ointment. Before applying it, it is recommended to hold a steaming bath for the feet, and then spread the product in a thin layer on the nail plate. This method will allow for 1 month to completely cut off the hardened nails, in place of which will grow completely healthy.

Liquid blade for pedicure

Another way to get rid of hardened nails is a pharmacy tool – a biogel based on fruit acids. Such a tool is called a liquid blade for a pedicure. Such a gel will be an excellent substitute for a steaming bath, rough pedicure tools, with the help of which they cut and cut coarse elements: skin and burrs. And the fruit acids which are a part gently soften a rigid nail plate, and it is easy to cut off it.

Such a tool to soften the toenails not only softens the rough skin of the feet and nails, but also serves as a good disinfectant that can cure the fungal disease and relieve inflammation from the ingrown nail.

The advantages of a liquid blade are its effectiveness and affordability. The drug is much cheaper than a single pedicure procedure in the salon.

The most popular liquid blades are as follows:

  1. Domix, which costs 600 rubles for 200 ml. In the composition there is a large amount of fruit acids and lemon extract. The drug softens the nails well and relieves the natoptyshey on the feet.
  2. Callus Remover is a glycolic acid based drug. It has a softening effect, disinfecting and anti-inflammatory. Express action of the liquid blade will eliminate the rough nail on the leg in one pedicure session.
  3. Balbcare – gel based on natural ingredients. Glycerin in the composition reliably softens the nails, and also softens the coarsened skin of the feet.

How to soften the nails of an elderly person?

The problem of hardened nail is very relevant for the elderly. The nails not only thicken, but also turn yellow, bend, and the surface of the plate becomes uneven, ribbed. And cut off such nails is very difficult. How to soften the thick toenails in the elderly?

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