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For the treatment of herpes on the lips, antiviral drugs (pills, injections, creams), immunostimulants (injections, suppositories, ointments) and wound healing agents are used.

Consider which drugs the pharmacy industry offers for treating herpes, which cold remedies on the lip are the most effective, and how to prevent herpes on the lip.

Herpes on the lip: causes

The cause of herpetic eruptions in any part of the body is the herpes simplex virus. They are infected with 95% of the population of our planet, but visible manifestations of infection are observed in significantly fewer people (20-30% of those infected). Why does herpes appear on the lip or other parts of the body?

Symptoms of herpes appear when immunity decreases (when a person has a cold, got sick, freaked out or got poisoned). Therefore, the causes of herpes on the lips are different:

  • colds;
  • infection
  • inflammation;
  • exacerbation of chronic disease;
  • diabetes;
  • tumors;
  • stress;
  • poisoning (food, alcohol, industrial);
  • malnutrition;
  • physical exhaustion.

These factors contribute to the manifestation of painful symptoms. But the main reason for the formation of external signs of the disease is the presence of the herpes virus in the body.

It penetrates the nerve endings inside the skull and is stored there for an unlimited amount of time. However, you can avoid relapses and quickly cure redness and rash if they occur, using modern antiviral drugs.

Herpes on the lip – what causes complications?

Herpes on the lip can manifest itself in a variety of ways. There may be a small local rash (several bubbles) or extensive rashes on the lips, cheeks, nose wings and chin. An extensive rash on the lip can spread to the oral mucosa and form stomatitis on the inside of the lip. Infection can get into the eyes and cause ophthalmic herpes or herpes conjunctivitis.

If the hygiene rules are not followed, a bacterial infection joins the herpetic rash, and a purulent wound on the lip is formed. Bacterial infection can form an abscess on the lip inside the mouth.

Such diseases are complications of herpes on the lips. They not only spoil the best lips, but also very painful, unpleasant.

If a cold popped up on the lip, what to do to prevent complications?

  1. Follow strict rules of hygiene, when herpes appeared on the lip. What to do and what not to do? Do not touch the rash with your fingers so as not to spread the infection to other areas of the face. Use separate dishes. Do not kiss relatives and friends. To apply the cream, you must use special sticks, not fingertips.
  2. Constantly maintain immunity: comply with the regime of work and rest, eat well, do not eat fast foods, restrict alcohol and smoking.
  3. Timely start the treatment of herpes: As soon as a burning sensation or itching appears on the lip, use an antiviral drug (Famvir, Valacyclovir, Panavir) inside and apply antiviral cream (Acic, Zovirax, Abreva, Panavir-gel) on the surface of the lip.

The listed rules will help to quickly remove the painful symptoms, if the rash that appears is caused by the herpes virus. How to determine if a rash is caused by a virus? How to distinguish herpes from other rashes (for example, streptoderma, depriving or purulent furuncles)?

Herpes on the lip: symptoms

Herpes has prominent features: first itching, burning, redness appears, then bubbles are poured (they are arranged in groups), then the bubbles burst and merge into the wound. Lips with the disease become vulnerable and create discomfort, pain.

It is important to know that after bubbles and wounds appear on the lip, a person becomes a source of infection and can infect others through direct contact or common household items.

These symptoms can distinguish herpes from other infections. For comparison: purulent boils do not consist of individual bubbles. Deprive on the lip is formed as a flaky spot. An allergy on the lip may have the appearance of bubbles, but they do not burst and do not merge into a wound. And streptoderma does not itch before the rash appears.

Streptodermic colds on the lip, the causes of which also consist in a decrease in immunity, are very similar to herpes. But the causative agent of streptoderma is not a virus, it is a streptococcal bacterium, so the treatment of this rash uses other groups of drugs (antiseptics and, if necessary, antibiotics).

Streptodermic colds on the lip, symptoms and external signs of streptoderma are often confused with herpes sores. Definitely distinguish them helps laboratory analysis. If it is not possible to do a medical examination, a complex treatment is used: diseased lips are treated with Fucorcin (red Castellani paint) and then an antiviral cream is applied on them. They also use general immunostimulants, which increase the body’s resistance to both viral and bacterial infections (for example, Viferon, Groprinosin or Cycloferon). This treatment regimen provides resistance to possible streptococcus and the virus.

With herpes, reddening of the lip often occurs in the same place. Therefore, if discomfort or soreness appears in the area of ​​the former rash, you can swallow Famvir’s pill or inject Panavir, and thus prevent the appearance of a rash.

Types of herpes on the lips: photos show various sites of rash spread.

Is herpes contaminated on the lip?

If someone from the family has herpes on the lip: what to do to avoid infection? Herpes on the lip is transmitted by contact: through the mucous membranes or skin contact

Ways of transmitting herpes on the lips:

  • Through mucous membranes: contact of mucous membranes on the lips or genitals.
  • Through damage to the skin (if there are burst bubbles in one of the family members). Such an infection requires bodily contact or contact through everyday objects: kitchen utensils, clothing, bedding, towels.

An infection does not necessarily cause a blistering rash. With strong immunity, the body produces protective antibodies and stops the reproduction of herpes inside. So in healthy people, herpes on the lips can pass unnoticed and remain in the nervous ganglia in a dormant state.

If the immunity is medium, the rash appears, but does not spread extensively. With a weak immunity cold on the lip does not pass for a long time. In this case, the best ointment for herpes on the lips is weak and ineffective.

For healthy people, herpes does not represent a great danger, does not cause terrible complications. The exception is women in the period of carrying a child. If the herpes virus infection occurred for the first time during pregnancy, then in 75% of cases, the child develops abnormalities of internal organs that are incompatible with life. If the infection occurred before pregnancy, the appearance of a relapse during gestation does not entail terrible consequences. Consider in more detail when herpes during pregnancy is dangerous.

Pregnancy and herpes on the lip

Herpes on the lip in pregnant women in 95% of cases is a result of reduced immunity. During pregnancy, a woman’s immunity deteriorates for physiological reasons. Therefore, herpes sores become possible (if the woman’s body was previously infected with herpes virus). Due to lack of immunity, pregnant women often have herpes on the lip does not go away within three to four weeks.

This condition is called a recurrent virus, it does not pose a danger to the baby in the womb, and even gives some advantages. After birth for six months or more, specific antibodies will run in the baby’s blood. They penetrate mother’s blood through the placenta and protect the baby from herpes during the first 6-18 months. At the same time, the risk of virus infection in the neonatal period (up to 1 month) and early infancy (up to 6 months) is minimized.

Primary infection with herpes of any type during pregnancy is dangerous. However, given the fact that the number of carriers of herpes virus on the planet is 95% of the population, most women carry herpes and have specific antibodies in their blood for this disease.

That is why, if the herpes jumped on the lip during pregnancy, do not panic. Treatment of fever on the lip in pregnant women uses antiviral creams and natural remedies to support immunity (freshly squeezed vegetable juices, dairy products purged with bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, vitamin herbs).

Herpes on the lip when breastfeeding does not require abandonment of breast milk. The exception to the rule are cases where a herpetic rash has spread to the chest and has formed wounds on the nipples of a nursing woman. In this case, breastfeeding is stopped until the wounds heal.

Cold on the lip during pregnancy: how to treat

If herpes appeared on the lip during pregnancy, treatment can stop its spread. What to do with herpes on the lip while carrying a baby?

If the rash is not extensive, external creams with antiviral components and drying ointments are used: traditional Zovirax, Acyclovir-Akri, Interferon ointment. If recurrences of herpes recur, internal treatment with acyclovir-based drugs is applied.

Cold on the lip of a child

Signs of herpes on the lips in children are more common than in adults. This is due to unformed hygienic habits (herpes in the children’s team is transmitted much faster than between adults). In addition, it is in the preschool period that 80% of the population is infected with the herpes virus first.

In the treatment of children, only those drugs that have been tested for a long time are used. Therefore, some immunostimulating agents are not recommended for use in pediatrics (not because they are toxic or have side effects, but because of insufficiently complete information about the active substance).

What helps from herpes on the lips of children?

  • Antiviral drugs of the acyclovir group and its analogues (injections, tablets, cream).
  • Of the plant-based drugs – Panavir (suppositories, injections, gel).
  • Common Immunostimulants: Aflubin, Vibrucol, Otsillococcinum (from 6 months), Ergoferon – from 6 months, Groprinozin (after 2 years), Cycloferon (after 4 years).

Herpes Support Group

Treatment: General Principles

Many people do not consider the rash on the lip a disease, they call it a simple fever or a cold. For some, it passes by itself. within 7-10 days, for others, it lingers for a longer time (up to 2-3 weeks). Proper use of medications helps speed recovery and reduce the extent of the rash.

Antibiotics for herpes on the lips are powerless. Therefore, if a cold popped up on the lip, it is not necessary to use antibacterial drugs. They will aggravate the course of the disease by disturbing the microflora of the internal organs, further reducing immunity and increasing the area of ​​the rash.

In order to treat herpes on the lip and other parts of the body, use the following groups of drugs:

  • antiviral agents (external and internal);
  • immunomodulators and immunostimulants;
  • antiseptics for treating wounds in the aftermath of a bubble eruption.

Acceptance of antiviral drugs in the first five days of the disease. In this case, immunostimulants enhance its impact. And antiseptics prevent bacterial complications.

It is important to know that starting an antiviral drug after 4 days of the disease is late and ineffective. If time is missed, treatment uses general-purpose immunomodulators.

Herpes medicine: what to choose?

The best cold medicine on the lip is the one that fights the virus most effectively: Modern pharmacies offer various names for herpes medicines. It is difficult for an inexperienced average person to make the right choice and evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed means. Therefore, the choice of the drug is often determined by its cost. Let’s see what the difference between the proposed drugs. What drug can I choose and what to do if I get a cold on my lip?

Acyclovir: the discoverer of the treatment of herpes

The most affordable antiviral drugs for the treatment of herpes on the lips with the active substance acyclovir. The synthesis of this substance in the 1980s revolutionized the treatment of herpes infection. On its basis, two dozen trade names of antiviral drugs were developed.

The action of acyclovir is manifested in stopping the spread of herpes inside the body. Acyclovir preparations are characterized by low toxicity, rarely cause adverse reactions and are allowed to be treated during pregnancy and are widely used in pediatrics.

The number of drugs that contain acyclovir is more than two dozen items. Here are some of the most famous: Zovirax, Atsik, Gerpevir, Virolex, Tsiklovir, Acyclovir-Akri, Geviran, Herpes, Medovir, Valmax. They all contain the same active ingredient, and therefore are characterized by the same efficiency.

Various acyclovir herpes ointments on the lips have the same therapeutic effect, therefore, for colds on the lip, you can choose the most affordable ointment among them.

Due to the mutation of the virus, today acyclovir has lost 100% effectiveness against all types of herpes viruses. The best results of treatment are obtained by the first use of the drug with acyclovir. In the future, with possible relapses, the effectiveness of treatment is reduced.

Acyclovir – is often the No. 1 choice in the question “when there is a cold on the lip, what to do?”. This is the most affordable and most common antiviral treatment.

Acyclovir generic drugs: valaciclovir, penciclovir, famvir

Acyclovir generics provide a more effective effect on the virus and are also used in a number of commercial products. In the human body, generics are processed into acyclovir or similar substances (penciclovir) and provide a constant concentration of the drug component in the blood.

Remedies for herpes on the lip on the basis of acyclovir generics:

  • Valacyclovir and Valtrex (synthesized into acyclovir);
  • Penciclovir and Famvir (synthesized in penciclovir).

Famvir is a tableted cure for herpes on the lip. It is not available in the form of ointments or injections. This highly effective means is used inside. The drug is taken during the first days of the disease in two or three doses. The total amount of medication for an adult is 1500 mg per day. For children, the tool is not used due to the lack of long-term studies of the drug and its possible toxicity.

Panavir is an antiviral drug of plant origin. It is made on the basis of an extract of solanaceous plants (potatoes). Solving the question of how to quickly cure herpes on the lip, you can stay on this drug.

Panavir not only stops the vital activity of the virus, but also stimulates a person’s own immunity. It is characterized by high efficacy, low toxicity, a broad antiviral effect (not only against herpes, but also against arthritis, encephalitis, cytomegalovirus, papilloma, as well as influenza and ARVI).

Panavir is available in various forms:

  • injection;
  • rectal suppositories (rapidly absorbed into the blood and do not irritate the gastric mucosa);
  • vaginal suppositories;
  • spray;
  • gel.

Not used in the treatment of children and pregnant women.

What better helps with herpes on the lips – pills, injections, suppositories or ointments – depends on the individual patient. With a small rash, you can do with local treatment (gel or spray). With large wounds and general intoxication, the temperature requires the ingestion of drugs inside (tablets, injections, rectal suppositories).

Immunostimulants against herpes

Immunostimulants do not act directly on the herpes virus. They increase the resistance of the body’s cells to viral exposure and thus prevent the spread of the awakened virus and the appearance of external symptoms.

Immunoglobulin – used in severe forms of herpes infection (in newborns and in pregnant women with primary herpes during pregnancy). A variety of the drug – Sandoglobulin – contains an increased amount of antiherpetic antibodies.

Interferon – prevents viral infection of cells. Interferon-based drugs are used in the treatment of children and adults. They provide a broad antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

Interferon preparations are available in various forms:

  • rectal suppositories (Viferon, Genferon, Kipferon);
  • tablets (Amiksin, Arbidol, Apizarin, Flokazid);
  • ointment (Viferon-ointment, Infagel);
  • powders or solutions for injection (Interferon, Alferon, Altevir, Interal, Intron, Roferon, PegItron, Realdiron).

The course of treatment with interferon is 5 days, to prevent recurrence, repeated courses are recommended after 2-3 weeks.

Cycloferon – antiviral agent of a wide spectrum, acts against a number of viruses (herpes, hepatitis, strains of influenza pathogens). The drug reduces the viability of viral offspring and increases the body’s resistance to viral and bacterial infections.

Herpes Support Group

The drug is available in the form of tablets and ointments. The dose of medication is determined by age. The required number of tablets is taken once a day, the course of treatment is 20-30 days.

Groprinosin – means of double action, strengthens the immune system and suppresses the virus.

Herpes ointment on the lip

Herpes ointments can be divided into two groups: antiviral action and ointment with immunostimulants. The first group of drugs include the following:

  • Ointment for the treatment of herpes on the lips on the basis of acyclovir: Acyclovir-ointment, Zovirax, Fenistil, Vivorax-gel – they are applied up to 5 times a day (every 4 hours) for 7 days.
  • Doconazole based ointment: Abreva, Erazaban. They are applied 5 times a day until the rash disappears.
  • Cold lip ointment based on herbal extract: Panavir. It is also applied 5 times a day for 5-7 days.
  • Ointments to speed healing: Troxevasin, zinc ointment, is used after the eruption of a bubble rash.

The second group of external drugs include creams and ointments containing interferon. In addition to the antiviral effect, they stop inflammation and heal wounds.

  • Interferon ointment – Apply several times a day (two or three) for 5-7 days.
  • Liniment Cycloferon – also applied two or three times a day for at least 5 days.

The most affordable herpes ointment on the lips (price varies from 40 rubles. for a tube) contains acyclovir.

Is it possible to cure herpes only by external means – ointments and creams? External remedies accelerate wound healing and reduce pain. If herpes appeared on the lip, the ointment will protect the wound from bactericidal infection and reduce the pain of the rash. But to prevent recurrence, medication is required inside.

Internal treatment is performed with pills, rectal suppositories and injections (injections).

Herpes injections on the lips

Strong herpes on the lip are treated with injections of drugs. In this case, medicinal substances enter the blood immediately, without prior assimilation in the alimentary tract. Injections provide high doses of the active substance in the blood, so the injection forms are used in the treatment of severe and complex forms of herpes.

We list antiviral and immunostimulating agents that are available in the form of solutions or powders for injection:

  • Acyclovir, Zovirax, Virolex (these are powders for the preparation of injections, contain acyclovir);
  • Panavir (ready solution for intravenous injection);
  • Laferon, Allokin-alpha, Cycloferon, Polyoxidonium (powders, contain interferon or stimulate its production).

Homeopathy for herpes on the lips

In choosing a remedy for herpes on the lips, reviews help determine which drugs work most effectively. Many patients note that Against the background of a homeopathic treatment, recurrences of herpes have reduced the frequency and extent of lesions. What homeopathic medicines are used to treat herpes on the lips? And is it possible to quickly treat herpes on the lip with homeopathy?

  • Anaferon, Aflubin – homeopathy broad antiviral action.
  • Oscillococcinum – European analogue of the Russian anaferon.
  • Ergoferon – homeopathic antiviral drug with an additional antihistamine (antiallergic) effect.

Fast homeopathy treatment is not possible.. These agents are highly effective with long-term use, and therefore are reliable prevention of frequent relapses.

Each group of drugs has its own characteristics. If necessary, rapid and potent treatment using synthetic drugs with acyclovir and its analogues. For the prevention of frequent relapses and for raising immunity, herbs or homeopathy are necessary.

How much herpes goes on the lip depends on the state of human immunity. Therefore, properly chosen treatment with folk remedies or homeopathic preparations allows you to forget for a long time about the seasonal appearance of a rash, about a fever on the lips during a cold or after passing exams.

Herpes on the lip: how to treat quickly

Frequently asked questionfor how many herpes goes on the lip- does not have a clear answer. A febrile rash can last for several days or several weeks, depending on the person’s immunity.

What to do if before the responsible event there was a cold on the lip. How to quickly cure a rash?

  • We must understand that if the rash has already appeared, then it is impossible to cure it in one day. Wound healing is swept away for at least several days.
  • The treatment will be the more effective, the earlier the administration of drugs was started.
  • In general, the extensiveness of symptoms and rapid treatment of herpes on the lip is determined by the state of immunity.

How to quickly cure colds on the lip? We list the drugs that exhibit the most rapid effects:

  • Famvir – rapid treatment is possible if you consume 1500 mg of the drug during the first days of the disease (3 times 500 mg or 2 times 750 mg).
  • Valtrex (Valaciclovir) – The loading dose for rapid treatment is 2000 mg on the first and second day of the disease.
  • Panavir – treats quickly when administered intravenously – two injections with a break of 24 or 48 hours.

Herpes and appearance

What to do if there is a cold on your lip, and you have a responsible event ahead, you need a respectable appearance and a radiant smile? How to hide herpes on the lip?

A slight irritation on the lip can be disguised with a baby cream, foundation and powder, as well as a dull lipstick.

In any disguise, a layer of medicinal antiviral cream or ointment is applied under the cosmetic cream.

Herpes on the lip: treatment of folk remedies

Folk remedy for herpes on the lip – these are natural products (herbs, vegetable juices, bee products) that have an antibacterial and wound-healing effect. Treatment of herpes on the lip of folk remedies is popular due to its availability. It can also be internal and external.

For internal treatment using herbs in the form of powdered powders or their infusions. For example, leaves of wormwood or clove seeds.

Folk remedies for herpes on the lips for external treatment:

  • propolis tinctures (water and alcohol);
  • garlic and onion juice;
  • aloe;
  • infusions of antiseptic herbs (chamomile, calendula);
  • salt solutions.

Another folk remedy for colds on the lip – corvalol heart drops. No doctor will prescribe Corvalol for herpes on the lips, although the solution has a therapeutic effect on the herpetic eruptions. Effectiveness is determined by the composition of the drug: alcohol, peppermint oil, caustic soda. Apply Corvalol topically: put cotton wool dipped in Corvalol, to the place of redness or rash for 5-7 minutes.

If herpes appeared on the lip, folk remedies will help accelerate recovery without large cash costs.

Essential oils from herpes on the lips

Essential oils are used primarily for the external treatment of herpes. One of the most effective is tea tree oil. It relieves itching, dries and reduces inflammation.

In addition, oils of coniferous trees are used: cedar, fir, juniper, pine. The effectiveness of the use of essential oils depends on their quality. Therefore, oil treatment is not always effective.


How to prevent the appearance of herpes on the lips? For this you need:

  • observe the rules of hygiene and maintain immunity at a high level;
  • if a family member has a herpetic rash, it is necessary to provide him with a separate cup, plate, spoon, towel and limit body contact;
  • and most importantly – do not worry and do not be nervous.

Herpes virus infected 95% of the population of the planet. And for the expectant mother is better to meet with the virus in childhood than during pregnancy.

All information is provided for informational purposes only. And is not an instruction for self-treatment. If you feel unwell, contact your doctor.

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