Herpes on the body photo

The herpes virus is manifested in many areas of the skin and is the most common ailment in the world. Manifestation of herpes is caused by causing a lot of small bubbles that accumulate on the skin, lips, genitals.

A herpes virus is a virus that invades a cell and changes it at the genetic level; the process also affects neighboring cells.

Nevertheless, despite such a high prevalence of herpes, and 90% of the population of the Earth suffer from it (in detail about ways of contracting herpes), not every patient has any clinical symptoms, that is, herpes may not appear latent for years. This happens for one reason only – a strong, strong immune system does not allow the virus to wake up.

External manifestations of herpes on the body

Any manifestations of the therapeutic nature of herpes on the body are directly dependent on the type of virus:

  • The first type. Herpes is manifested by rashes in the mouth and lips. If the affected area is large enough, then the patient can be diagnosed with fever, slight indisposition, muscle pain and weakness;
  • Second type Genital herpes. The main manifestations are always in the genital area. This is usually the head of the penis or labia. In addition to eruptions, patients experience itching in the affected area, pain in the back and lower abdomen;
  • Third type Herpes zoster on the body, in children – chickenpox. It is caused by the varicella-zoster virus and is better known as lichen shingles.

Herpes on the body photo

Herpes: causes

We are interested in herpes on the body, in our case it is shingles, which is a consequence of recurrent chicken pox. Despite the fact that chickenpox is cured in childhood, herpes continues to live in brain tissues, and with a decrease in immunity, it is activated.

Herpes on the body photo

Accordingly, herpes zoster is most often diagnosed in elderly people or in immunocompromised patients.

Another cause of herpes is stress, excessive emotional stress.

In addition, any chronic disease that weakens the personal system can provoke herpes on the body, first of all it is:

  • Tuberculosis;
  • Diabetes;
  • Liver disease;
  • Oncological diseases.

Injuries of varying degrees of severity can also provoke varicella activity. You can learn more about the causes of herpes from this article.

Symptoms of Herpes

The first symptoms of activation of herpes can be considered a digestive upset. It is followed by a slight increase in temperature, pain in different parts of the skin, and most strongly in places of future rash. This period lasts no more than a week, after which external manifestations begin.

Together with a rash, herpes affects several nerve trunks, often intercostal. The rashes resemble vesicles, a gray liquid collects in the bubbles, and there is a constant burning and itching in places of congestion. Attacks of pain of different intensity, worse by night.

The severity of the symptom and the subsequent course are directly dependent on the state of immunity. The most intense pain causes a serious drop in immunity, and damage to the nerve trunks in the area of ​​the face and cornea. Read more about this here.

Treatment of herpes on the body

The main points that the treatment depends on are: the patient’s age, the severity of the symptoms, the communality of herpes lesions. It is very important not to start self-diagnosis and treatment, but to conduct tests and conduct treatment under the supervision of a physician.

Based on the etymology of the disease, antiherpetic drugs are prescribed orally. Injections of Acyclovir, Zovirax, Virolex are also prescribed against herpes.

Similar preparations in the form of ointments and creams are prescribed for the treatment of damaged skin. You can pay attention to the gels Bonafton, Depantenol, Panavir.

It is important not to succumb to hormone therapy, even in ointments and creams should not be hormones. Read more about the treatment of genital herpes here.

In case of a strong pain, standard pain relievers are used. If the temperature rises, it can be controlled with paracetamol.

In the treatment of herpes, in addition to antiherpetic drugs, means for strengthening and raising the immune system are of paramount importance. These are immunomodulators, for example, Cycloferon, which is taken only strictly as prescribed by a doctor. Reception of vitamins A, B, C, E is obligatory.

Timely, and most importantly complex treatment of shingles, is the main point in the successful outcome of treatment.

The main thing, when you go through the treatment, is to remember that residual symptoms in the form of pain may still appear for some time, on average, about a month. Such manifestations are characteristic in old age, when the immune system is restored especially hard.

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