Herpes ointment reviews

Herpes – a viral infection that leads to multiple rashes, burning and irritation on the skin. When the disease requires the selection of the most effective treatment.

An excellent tool can be a zinc ointment for herpes for external use, which can have an anti-inflammatory, wound-healing, antiviral effect.

Characteristics of the drug

Zinc ointment against herpes is a drug for external use with a pronounced anti-inflammatory, drying, bactericidal effect.

The drug is made in the form of a thick 10% milky ointment, without odor. The drug is dispensed from pharmacies in aluminum tubes of fifteen and thirty grams.

The main active component of the drug is zinc, as an additional substance is vaseline (in the ratio of one to ten). Some companies may add lanolin to the preparation to soften the skin, as well as essential oils, fish oil and vitamins. Is it possible to smear herpes with zinc ointment?

Operating principle

The pharmacological effect of the ointment is due to the substances in the composition of the drug, zinc ointment has on the skin surface:

Herpes ointment reviews

  1. Wound-healing effect – enhances the recovery of the epidermis.
  2. Astringent – when applied to the skin, forms an invisible film that prevents irritation and itching.
  3. The suction effect – lowers the secretion of pathological secretion of affected skin cells.
  4. Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect.
  5. Drying action
  6. Protective effect.
  7. Softening effect.

Herpes ointment reviews

Zinc ointment is recommended for people for symptomatic and complex treatment of diseases and problems with the epidermis in the following conditions:

  1. Acne (inflammation that forms in the hair follicles and sebaceous glands).
  2. Scratches (shallow skin damage with sharp objects).
  3. Inflammatory disease of skin folds and other contiguous skin surfaces.
  4. Diaper dermatitis (irritation of the skin at the points of contact with the diaper or diaper).
  5. Weeping eczema (dermatological disease that develops with a decrease in the protective functions of the body).
  6. Neurodermatitis in the acute stage (skin disease of the neurogenic and allergic type, which occurs with periods of remission and exacerbation).
  7. Irritation of the skin after prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  8. Skin irritation that develops due to increased sweating and slow evaporation of sweat.
  9. Treatment of pressure ulcers in seriously ill patients (soft tissue necrosis due to constant pressure, accompanied by local circulatory disorders and nervous trophism).
  10. Diathesis (predisposition of the human body to the appearance of certain pathologies or diseases, which manifest, as a rule, in children).
  11. Chickenpox (acute viral disease with airborne transmission).
  12. Psoriasis (chronic disease of non-infectious origin, which mainly affects the skin).
  13. Deprive (a group of skin etiology characterized by the appearance of loose, itchy elements).
  14. Acne (inflammatory skin disease caused by changes in pilosebation structures).
  15. Wrinkles (visible folds of the skin surface, which arise as a result of increased activity of the facial muscles, decrease in the elasticity of the epidermis).
  16. Uneven complexion.

What bans has a drug

Herpes zinc ointment on the lips is not recommended for use in patients with increased individual sensitivity to the drug substances.

How to apply ointment

The medicine is intended for external application. Usually, the ointment is applied in a dotted or thin layer on a previously cleaned skin area two to three times a day. The duration of drug treatment is determined by the medical specialist individually.

Can you smear zinc ointment herpes? Zinc prevents the further spread and development of a viral infection that adversely affects the structures of deoxyribonucleic acid.

The result can already be observed after two or three minutes after applying the medication. For surface treatment of the affected skin, zinc sulfate solution (4%) is considered to be the most effective.

Applying dressings must be done every hour and a half, which leads to the elimination of unpleasant symptoms in a matter of days. The drug accelerates healing, prevents further spread of rashes throughout the body and new outbreaks of herpes.

As a result, the rash of herpes will begin to dry up, forming a crust, and fall off. Only the doctor can choose the optimal treatment with this drug. Much depends on the stage of the disease, the symptoms and the area of ​​the lesion.

So when eliminating diaper rash in babies, the treatment of herpes on the body with zinc ointment should be done up to four times a day. Additionally, you can apply baby cream. If you suffer from diathesis on the face, then the drug is used up to six times a day.

Zinc ointment for herpes on the lips

Single dosing is equal to 0.5 centimeters strip of thick composition, extruded from the tube. In the first days it is necessary to apply the drug every hour, alternating with other medicines. After the elimination of the inflammatory focus, it is necessary to use the drug up to four times a day. Zinc ointment contributes to the elimination of herpes on the lips only in combination with the following drugs:

  • antiviral;
  • antibacterial;
  • immunostimulating.

To get a quick effect from the therapy, the drug is applied to the affected area of ​​the skin at the first symptoms of the disease. As soon as the lip reddened, itching appeared, you should start treatment of herpes with zinc ointment. Before its implementation it is necessary to treat the hands with antiseptic agents.

Can I use ointment during pregnancy

The drug, if necessary, can be used for treating the epidermis to pregnant women. Included in the structure of the drug active ingredients are practically not absorbed into the bloodstream and do not provoke problems in the development of the fetus.

If it is necessary to apply ointment during lactation, the expectant mother should avoid applying medication to the nipple and mammary glands in order to prevent the child from swallowing the medication.

Side effects

As a rule, zinc ointment is well tolerated by humans, but with long and uncontrolled use, side reactions may occur.

As with any medicine, zinc ointment should be prescribed on the advice of a medical professional. Indeed, even in rare situations, but allergies can occur. As a rule, zinc ointment helps against herpes.

If there is an allergic reaction in the form of itching, nettle rash, irritation – you must immediately stop using the medication. In the pharmacy you can buy a number of other medicines that have zinc oxide in a lower dosage.

Using zinc ointment can not cure a bacterial or fungal infection. The drug affects only certain viruses, diaper rash, and moist eczema.

Signs of an overdose of zinc ointment when it penetrates inside or on the mucous cavity will be the following manifestations:

  1. Excessive perspiration.
  2. Cough syndrome.
  3. Migraine (a neurological disease, the most frequent and characteristic symptom of which is episodic or regular severe pain).
  4. Myalgia (a disease that mainly occurs due to inflammation of muscle fibers).
  5. Joint pain
  6. Chills.
  7. Hard breath.

It must be remembered: no matter how harmless the drug is, you should consult with a medical specialist before using it and thoroughly familiarize yourself with the instructions for use.


Situations of drug overdose are not described. In case of accidental ingestion of zinc ointment, it is necessary to provoke vomiting, and also to flush the stomach and take the enterosorbent. The drug is intended for outdoor use.

Herpes ointment reviews


If necessary, with zinc ointment, people can prescribe antibacterial agents, hormonal preparations for oral and topical administration in the form of cream and ointment.

Do not use in conjunction with the ointment drugs, the structure of which includes zinc oxide, since this increases the likelihood of adverse reactions and severe dryness of the epidermis.

Special features

Immediately after using the medication on a disturbed area of ​​skin, a person may experience itching, which disappears on its own fifteen to twenty minutes later.

When applying zinc ointment to eliminate teenage acne and acne, the drug can be applied point to the rash (overnight) and left so until the morning.

Zinc ointment, if necessary, can be used to treat the skin and folds in infants who have diaper rash or diaper dermatitis.

The drug is widely used in cosmetology and dermatology, and if zinc ointment cannot eliminate the underlying disease, it will significantly reduce the harmful symptoms that are observed during skin ailments.

Analogues of Zinc Ointment

The following drugs have similar pharmacological effects with zinc ointment:

Before changing the prescribed medication to one of these substitutes, it is necessary to carefully read the instructions for use, because the drugs have different composition and contraindications.

Zinc ointment dispensed from pharmacy chains without a prescription. Keep a tube of the drug should be in a cool place difficult for children, avoiding exposure to sunlight on the packaging.

The shelf life of the drug is thirty-six months from the date of production. The cost of the drug varies from 30 to 50 rubles, depending on the pharmacy and the region.

Reviews of herpes zinc ointment

Today, many people prefer to use long-proven medical products, and zinc ointment is no exception.

Most of this remedy is praised by women during lactation and pregnancy, noting its safety and good efficacy in eliminating prickly heat, dermatitis, and for softening dry areas of the skin.

In addition, zinc ointment has gained positive feedback in dermatology after the treatment of pathological pigmentation, as well as melasma and vitiligo. It is confirmed that the drug well whitens the skin surface and eliminates blemishes, normalizes the complexion.

Negative reviews of zinc ointment are fixed after attempts to eliminate acne and blackheads. It helps in rare situations, especially with superficial formations with purulent exudate.

Regarding subcutaneous acne and comedones, ointment, unfortunately, does not help, as a rule, clogs the pores even more.

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