Herpes ointment

Ointment from genital herpes, and most often it is a widespread Acyclovir – should not be prescribed to themselves patients themselves. Uncontrolled treatment does not bring a positive result, and the disease will constantly recur. The ointment should be assigned according to the clinical picture of the disease, and only in this case, its use will give the expected effect.

Why antiherpetic ointment should be prescribed by a specialist

Genital herpetic infection may be primary, with a more severe and prolonged course, and recurrent. The second form is characterized as mild, with symptoms of moderate severity, and severe, in which the signs of the disease are clear and unambiguous. Each of these conditions requires an individual approach to treatment.

In some patients, treatment of genital herpes requires an integrated approach, it must include antiviral means of systemic and localized exposure, immunostimulants prescribed based on immunograms, herbal energy that can stimulate the production of antibodies to the virus, and antioxidants that suppress the formation of free radical compounds.

Ointment does not help with genital herpes, if the recurrent form of the disease is complicated by severe concomitant diseases. In this case, the patient throughout life should regularly take small doses of antiviral medications, orally. This is the principle of suppressive therapy, which is used to treat recurrent genital herpes. Acyclovir, even in large doses, can not prevent the development of complications and guarantee complete safety of human sexual partners.

That is why self-treatment with the help of even the most effective ointments will not bring any significant result.

Ointment Acyclovir as a means of treatment of genital herpes

Acyclovir is the drug of first choice in the treatment of viral diseases characterized by skin rashes on the genitals. The modern formula of the medicine was developed and tested in the middle of the XX century. Acyclovir, an analogue of the natural purine nucleoside of deoxyguanidine, is the main active ingredient of many ointments and creams. It is included in the well-known antiviral cream Zovirax.

After application to the herpes rash, which has affected the skin and mucous organs, acyclovir will fall into the surface epithelium in which the herpes simplex pathogen is located, attacks its DNA and inhibits the replication function.

Ointment or cream should be applied with a thin layer, both on the rash itself and on the skin around the vesicles, at least five times a day. The standard course duration of treatment is from 4 to 10 days. Before applying, the patient should wipe the genitals and hands with an antiseptic composition, but it is better to treat the skin with a sterile cotton swab. This will help prevent additional infection of the affected organs.

Acyclovir and Zovirax have a number of contraindications:

  • Increased individual sensitivity;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Lactation period.

As an adverse event may be an allergy, manifested in severe skin itching. But it occurs quite rarely.

It can be used as an independent drug, or it can be combined with treatment with other medicines, if they were prescribed by a dermatologist or venereologist.

Gel for the treatment of genital viral infections Viru-Mertz Serol

1% ointment is also a permanent component of the treatment of genital herpes infection. The active substance in this preparation is tromantadine, which inhibits DNA synthesis in the cells of the pathogen. But acyclovir and thromantadine have a different mechanism of action. In addition to cell synthesis, this tool prevents the virus from entering the interior of epithelial cells. In addition, thromantadine resistance will never develop in a pathogen.

An initial stage gel is used, when the first vesicles begin to appear on the surface of the mucous membranes or skin. Apply a thin layer, after which the drug relieves such characteristic genital rash symptoms such as burning sensation and itching. It can also prevent relapses and increase the duration of remission.

It is necessary to apply three to five times a day and lightly rub, only on the damaged areas. If the disease has not yet entered the acute stage, then usually two days are enough for complete healing. If there is no visible improvement after these procedures, you should visit the doctor and adjust the course of treatment.

Herpes ointment

It is categorically impossible to use the drug for abundant herpes rash and numerous weeping ulcers. As contraindications, we can talk about increased individual sensitivity. Side effects – an allergic reaction that occurs when the instructions are not followed.

Ointments are necessary for the treatment of herpes infections, but they must be prescribed by a doctor.

Purpose of antiviral drugs

Acyclovir, valacyclovir and famciclovir are the most basic drugs against genital herpes. The ointment will not always be effective, so medicines are often prescribed orally, as it is better absorbed from the stomach and intestines than with percutaneous penetration. With the complication of the disease, the patient may also be assigned injection forms.

The work of all these substances is based on preventing the division of the viral cell. Antiviral drugs are prescribed:

  • With a primary outbreak of genital herpes;
  • With frequent repeated outbreaks, if the disease manifests itself more than five times a year;
  • If necessary, impact on the severity and duration of a re-flash;
  • People who want to prevent the possibility of unintentional infection of their sexual partners. The pathogen is most active during the first year of carriage, even if the patient himself has no obvious symptoms of the disease;
  • Women in a position that was diagnosed with a primary outbreak during gestation;
  • Patients with weak immunity and a recurrent form of the disease.

During the initial outbreak, antiviral drugs used in any of the available pharmaceutical forms help to shorten the time until cure. They are necessary to reduce the intensity of the painful manifestations and prevent the further spread of the pathogen from person to person.

As soon as the patient marks in himself the first prodromal signs, which are expressed in itching and pain, one should immediately contact the clinic. If the treatment was started in a timely manner, then within a week the symptoms will disappear.

The use of barrier contraception can not completely exclude the possibility of infection in genital herpes. After suspicious sexual contact, it is necessary to turn to means of emergency prophylaxis. Such a preparation is the ointment Gerpefron, which must be applied no later than two hours after sexual intercourse.

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