Herpes ointment

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Herpes on the lips – this problem is often faced by a huge number of women and men. After hypothermia, prolonged use of antibiotics, a cold or a severe stressful situation when the body weakens – Simplex herpes does not sleep, he immediately gives about himself to remember. Almost the entire population is infected with various types of herpes infection, but they do not appear at all.

A strong immune system does not give chances for the reproduction of the virus, and if the body’s defenses weaken, then herpes can recur several times a year. What is especially unexpected and unpleasant is for women who always want to be beautiful, irresistible, and not with blisters, swollen mouth and ointment from herpes on the lips.

Herpes ointment

Medicine still does not have the ability to permanently remove any virus from the body, and special effective prevention of herpetic eruptions also does not exist. Only with the help of various gels, sprays, ointments for herpes on the lips, it is possible to forget about itching and burning for a while, since the treatment of herpes is mainly symptomatic.

Irrational food, stress, depressed mood, lack of vitamins, abundant chemical food, bad habits and unhealthy lifestyle, affect immunity, so the fight against herpes recurrence should begin with strengthening the general state of the body – vitamin therapy, healthy eating, sound sleep and frequent rest , hardening and strengthening of psychological health.

Among the remedies for herpes on the lips, there are several groups of drugs – antiherpetic oral agents – Acyclovir and its analogues, as well as Valacyclovir – Valtrex, Vayrova, Virdel, etc., Famciclovir – Famvir. These medicines should be prescribed only by a doctor in case of frequent relapses or very large areas of skin rash.

If your doctor prescribes treatment with these antiherpetic drugs, try to get remedies for herpes on the lips of European or Russian manufacturers, because when you use Indian drugs, there have been an increase in the incidence of various allergic reactions to them. In one of our articles you can read about How to quickly cure herpes on the lips. The main treatment of a small manifestation of herpes on the lips is made by local means, which we will discuss in more detail:

The best creams, herpes ointment on the lips

To the question – how to smear herpes on the lips for a speedy recovery? In the table we give a list of ointments, gels, the most effective in this disease.

Herpes ointment

Excellent effect has a cream Dawn as an adjuvant therapy. Do not be afraid that he is a veterinary, he has a powerful regenerating, anti-inflammatory properties, heals any cracks, wounds, eliminates dryness and peeling of the skin, it can be used for herpes and psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and other skin diseases.

Ointment from herpes on the lips with the active ingredient Acyclovir

For the treatment of herpes on the lips with ointments and other local means, the pharmaceutical industry cannot offer anything better than acyclovir even to the question of how to anoint the herpes, in any drugstore you will be answered with Acyclovir, which has plenty of analogues.

Herpes ointment

Preventing herpes on the lips is easier than treating it. I have been garlic for 13 years now preventing herpes on the eyes, smearing the eyelids of the eyes closed, and on the eyes of herpes more terrible than on the lips. Before eating for 20 minutes 3 p / day, you should lubricate the lips with a cut of garlic soaked in water every day. Garlic juice inhibits the activity of the virus and there will be no more exacerbations. And do not be afraid of the smell of garlic – during the meal you will eat the rest of the juice and there will be no smell. Pregnant and lactating is the safest and 100% prevention method. Yes, and for other people who are aware of the danger from the side effects of synthetic drugs, the same.

Igor Thank you very much .. I am suffering with herpes in the winter!

About 5 times a year I come across this problem – herpes on the lips, it happens even in large quantities! I tried a lot of tools: acyclovir ointment, tablets; acyclovir-acre; Zovirax, etc. … But I recently tried the Panavir, put it every 2 hours. The result is complete drying in 24 hours, and further disappearance. I really helped this ointment, like no other.

There is no better ointment here than Amiak 10% or Corvalol, or Indian onion) All these ointments here are written much slower than the inflammatory process on the body than the ones I listed tested on myself more than once))

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