Hernia Conspiracy

Many are interested in how to speak a hernia in a baby on their own, and whether it is possible to conduct a similar rite at home without turning to fortune tellers and whisper-women. We hasten to reassure – there is such a way, and we will share it with you.

Features of the plot of a hernia in babies

A hernia plot can be very effective if certain rules are followed. They are as follows:

  1. You must sincerely and unconditionally believe in the magical power of the conspiracy. Their action is based not only on magical manipulations, but also on the well-known placebo effect.
  2. The plot must be read strictly on the decreasing moon. It was at this time that the lunar energy is concentrated on the removal, destruction of all unnecessary and unnecessary. Therefore, the effectiveness of the ceremony increases several times.
  3. To read the plot of the umbilical hernia should a close relative of the child. It is desirable that the rite was performed by a mother or grandmother. If the baby was born quite recently, you can hold a ritual together.
  4. The person who reads the plot should not have negative emotions. It is important to be in the right frame of mind – goodness. Calm and positive emotional state – the key to success
  5. You must keep secret your intention to perform the rite. Do not share plans with anyone. Especially it is not necessary to spread that the plot had acted, and the baby was healed.

These are the most basic rules. Follow them, and the desired result will be achieved.

How to read a simple plot from an umbilical hernia

This rite is the recitation of healing prayers several times in a row. Additional accessories and magical paraphernalia will not be required.

For the plot to work, the room must be clean, quiet, calm and comfortable. It is desirable that the baby was in a good mood – not crying and sulking. The best time is early morning. This distinguishes the healing plot from other magical rites performed late at night.

You need to find and expose the place on the body of the child, in which there is a hernial education. Use gentle gentle movements to circle the hernia with the little finger of your left hand and repeat the conspiracy words:

The text must be pronounced three times. After this, pereplyunite three times over the left shoulder. It is very easy to check whether the plot has acted – within a month the hernia should become smaller.

By the way! With the help of such a conspiracy, it is possible to cure not only a hernia in an infant, but also benign neoplasms in men, which appear in the groin area.

Hernia Conspiracy: Mother Reading

This variant of the plot is suitable if the mother wants to cure the baby. Maternal energy and love are a very powerful talisman in themselves and have healing powers. And with the help of the rite, the effect can be enhanced many times.

The ceremony is carried out as follows: first, the mother must slightly bite the resulting hernia. Then, without letting her out of her mouth, utter the words of the conspiracy:

After you utter the words of the conspiracy three times, pereplyunite over the left shoulder.

This conspiracy option is considered the strongest. But it is possible to carry out the ceremony only once – the others are allowed to repeat, if they did not work the first time.

The conspiracy will take effect within 24 hours, and gradually the hernia will disappear from the baby’s body.

Antique plot of umbilical hernia

This version of the plot is equally well suited to newborns, and small children, and even adults. But use it only in addition to the traditional methods of treatment prescribed by the doctor. The conspiracy does not act independently, but repeatedly enhances the effectiveness of drugs.

It takes three days in a row to wake up early in the morning, before dawn comes. And read over the patient the following magic words:

If the ceremony is conducted by the mother of the child, in the process of pronouncing the conspiracy, she should hold the baby with her hands in the place where the hernia formation is located. You can lightly touch – you should not give the child the pain.

Rite of passage with soap

This is an ancient way to get rid of a painful hernia. When bathing your baby, you need to start talking soap in the following words:

Then wash the baby with a conspiracy soap, repeat the plot text again and spit three times over the left shoulder.

After the rite of passage of the soap should get rid of. He must be buried in the ground far from home. Or drown in the river, lake. It is advisable to find the most deserted place.

Hernia Conspiracy

Treatment of hernia in babies folk remedies

To rely only on magic is definitely not worth it if it comes to the health of the child. Try also to heal the hernia with the help of folk remedies:

  1. Clay. It must be diluted with warm water to the consistency of thick cream. Blind clay from the cake and heat it so that it is warm enough, but not burned. Place the resulting cake on the navel of the child and leave to dry completely.
  2. Vinegar. Prepare a weak vinegar solution: 1 tablespoon of vinegar to 2 liters of water. Wash painful areas three times a day.
  3. In the warm season, you can pick a fern and cook a decoction. Cool it, remove the leaves and apply to the baby’s belly three times a day. Do not forget to warm the compress with a scarf or a piece of wool fabric

Also, experts in traditional medicine are advised to use a compress of gauze, soaked in fresh milk whey.

Hernia Conspiracy

Important: at the first signs of a hernia, be sure to consult a doctor and follow his recommendations. Get permission to use folk remedies. And conspire only use as an addition to the traditional treatment.

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