Hernia Belt

Correctly selected anti-chest bandage Not only is it an excellent prophylactic, but it can also significantly facilitate the rehabilitation process in the postoperative period. In addition, he perfectly copes with pinching, which significantly improves the patient’s condition (especially if surgical removal of the hernia is contraindicated for any reason).

In case of prolapse or protrusion of the internal organs, that is, in the presence of a hernia, the use of a bandage structure is shown for several reasons at once. Insofar as hernia bandage:

– prevents the exit of internal organs beyond the limits of the muscular wall;

– does not allow hernia to increase in size;

– protects from pinching;

Hernia Belt

– creates comfortable conditions after the operation;

– It is an excellent prophylactic against the appearance of a hernia during pregnancy.

– reliably and carefully fixes the internal organs.

Modern hernia bandage thought out to the smallest detail: wearing it as comfortably as possible, it does not cause any inconvenience at all, unlike analogs of the past decades. Created on the basis of the latest medical developments and high-quality materials, the hernial bandage differs in environmental friendliness and safety.

Hernia Belt

The main types of hernia bandages:

– Hernia bandage , wearing which is usually prescribed by the surgeon after an appropriate examination. The main symptoms of a hernia are discomfort and pain, which are aggravated by tension, as well as uncharacteristic protrusions in the groin area. In addition, additional signs may include: an unpleasant feeling of heaviness or even abdominal pain, discomfort when walking, as well as swelling in the groin area, which disappear while lying down, nausea or vomiting, and blood in the feces. Most often men are at risk for a hernia in the groin area. However, people with overweight or weak abdominal muscles, pregnant women, patients suffering from constipation are also at risk. A strong long cough or sneezing (for example, in a smoker or due to an allergy) or lifting weights can also cause an inguinal hernia. In turn, proper nutrition, rejection of bad habits and wearing a quality bandage help not only to reduce the risks (with prophylaxis), but also greatly alleviate the patient’s condition after surgery or during the course of the disease (if the hernia is inoperable). At the same time, the most common is the model of a bandage in the form of an elastic belt with comfortable velcro closures and a special pad, which is in direct contact with the hernial area. In our online store there are also other bandage products for various medical reasons and any budget.

– Herniated umbilical bandage It is most often used for the treatment of pediatric hernia, since in adult patients, this type of hernia is quite rare. However, a special risk group is still women in the recovery period after childbirth, when the anterior abdominal wall is still significantly weakened and stretched. In this case, the bandage will be an imitation of a strong abdominal wall for a period until the muscles finally return to tone. In addition, such a bandage is an excellent option during the postoperative rehabilitation period (with appropriate medical indications).

As for children’s hernial bandages, their need is difficult to overestimate. Most often, the umbilical hernia is formed in cases of slow accretion of the umbilical ring, as well as with strong and frequent constipation of the child. A special risk group is children under 6 years old. At the same time, the use of the umbilical band not only prevents the protrusion of the navel, but also protects against the growth of the hernia and other unpleasant consequences associated with it. Before purchasing this hernia bandage Be sure to consult your doctor and our specialists!


– appropriate prohibition of the attending specialist;

– other medical contraindications.

However, almost always, doctors just especially recommend buy hernia bandage, since this device has long been proven effective. Moreover, if his wearing is already registered, it is not recommended to neglect these readings. And the sooner you choose and acquire a suitable model of bandage, the higher the probability of avoiding unpleasant complications.

Hernia Belt

In the online store MegaMedShop a wide range of bandage products from leading manufacturers. In stock and on order: male hernia bandages and female, jockstrap, umbilical products for children, adults and newborns, left-sided, right-sided and double-sided models of various sizes. Following the testimony of your doctor, in such a rich assortment, you can easily choose the best option for you. And if you have any questions regarding the choice or ordering a bandage, you can easily contact our specialists for help. We always readily provide professional advice.

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