Herbs for Knee Pain

The pain in the knees has long been treated with folk remedies. But do not rush to look for grandmother’s recipes or healer’s advice online, until you find the cause of this pain. In some cases, the nature of the disease allows external hot compresses, baths, rubbing, etc., and in others it rejects them, as these procedures stimulate blood circulation and exacerbate infectious processes that, God forbid, occur in the joint and require the urgent participation of professional doctors. Therefore, before using folk remedies for pain in the knee joints, please carry out their thorough diagnosis.

Sore knees: folk remedies treatment

Treatment of the knee with folk remedies should, like traditional therapy, eliminate the origins of the disease itself, and not act as a poultice or lotion that can temporarily soothe the patient, but does not lead to recovery.

Unfortunately, professional medicine often eliminates symptoms alone, since many bone pathologies are incurable systemic diseases. Therefore, it is probably not worthwhile to impose strict requirements on folk recipes and expect miraculous healing from them. But if they have a good effect, sometimes not worse than the usual pills and ointments, then why not try?

Causes of pain

All painful manifestations in the knees can be divided, depending on the cause, into four categories:

  1. Pain from degenerative-dystrophic processes and deformities: they are caused by arthrosis (gonarthrosis, deforming arthrosis of the knee, osteoarthritis of the knee are synonymous).
  2. Pain from inflammatory autoimmune, infectious and other pathologies, other than purulent-necrotic, occur due to arthritis (gonitis) and periarthritis (inflammation of soft-tissue articular structures).
  3. Traumatic pain (meniscus damage, sprain / ligament sprain, patellar dislocation, etc.).
  4. Pain caused by osteopathies and osteochondropathies (osteoporosis, osteomyelitis, osteonecrosis, osteochondromatosis, etc.).

When help folk remedies for pain in the knees

  • In the early stages of the disease, if they help to cope with its causes: for example, if the destruction of cartilage has just begun, and it is possible to stop it.
  • For chronic long-term pain: modern anesthetic NSAIDs and glucocorticosteroids cannot be used for too long due to their serious side effects.
  • For superficial minor injuries, muscle sprains, hypothermia.
  • In the final stages of incurable diseases, mainly for pain relief.

When not to treat the knee joint at home

  • In acute severe pain resulting from injury. First aid that can be provided here, and it is quite sufficient, is ordinary ice on the knee + immobilization of the joint with the help of a tight bandage or bandage.
  • Never put a hot compress on a sore swollen knee! There may be latent bleeding inside the joint, and you not only do not stop it, but increase it.
  • You can not apply compresses or ointments for all pains in the knees without a cause, accompanied by high fever and poor health: these are signs of increased infection, immune antibodies, allergens, etc.

It is impossible to cure knee joints with folk remedies in almost all types of arthritis, since this disease requires complicated treatment of the problem from the inside. And pathologies such as rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatism also cannot be cured with compresses and tinctures alone, since these diseases cause not just a cold or hypothermia (they can only be the trigger), and the underlying causes, including gene mutations, and features of the immune system. The effect here can only be in anesthesia of the knee and lengthening the remission intervals.

Knees treatment at home for osteoarthritis

Here you need to pay attention to the traditional natural analgesics and chondroprotectors of plant and animal origin: medicinal dandelion, marsh cinquefoil, comfrey, ginger root, starfish, burdock.

Herbs for Knee Pain

Effective remedy for dandelion gonarthrosis

In May, collect the dandelion flowers together with the roots and chop them finely, then mash them until the gruel. Pour the whole mass with one liter of vodka or medical alcohol, and soak the tincture for three to four weeks in a dark room. Rub this knee with this remedy two or three times a day. You can also moisten with tincture gauze or linen (cotton) fabric, put a compress on your knee, cover with a napkin on top and fix it all on your knee with a bandage.

Dandelion decoction: pour 1

Broth from leaves and roots of sabrelnik

We have already told more than once about the amazing multifaceted (restorative, pain-relieving, metabolic) properties of this plant.

Crumble leaves and roots thoroughly crush and pour one tablespoon of grass with a glass of boiled water. Put the glass in a container with hot water, bring it to a boil and keep on fire for 15 – 20 minutes (this is called a water bath). After that, you need to insist brewed grass for two to three hours. Drink during the day, divided into four portions.

Comfrey ointment

Comfrey is the most famous herbal medicine that restores bones. It consists of the main therapeutic compound – allantoin, as well as such elements: flavonoids, alkaloids, vitamin B12, tannins, starch, proteins, vegetable acids, etc.

Due to this composition, comfrey well heals wounds and fractures, restores bone structure. These invaluable properties of it have been noted since ancient times, and since then the comfrey has been held in high esteem by healers, healers and homeopaths.

Such an ointment of deep penetration from a comfrey enjoys popularity:

Shredded roots (about 100 g) mixed with animal fat (you can take the usual lard). Rub the knees with the ointment. For better effect, dimexide can be added to the ointment, a liquid often used for compresses for contractures.

Other means

  • Ginger – hearty, healing root. It is simply added to food in small quantities or insist tea, slicing ginger into slices and, if desired, adding a teaspoon of honey.
  • Starfish (synonym: woodlouse) is an excellent anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent. Some types of stars, for example, marsh, are poisonous, so when taking the grass inside, you need to be careful not to exceed the recommended dose. As an external remedy, the star-wheel is applied to the sore knee, having previously steamed it. For internal use, one tablespoon is poured into glasses of boiling water, insisted for four hours and consumed before meals four times a day for a quarter cup. It is better to use as an internal remedy a cereal or forest starchatka.
  • In the same way they prepare a decoction of burdock. Burdock leaves can be applied as a compress to the knee joint: to do this, rinse the sheet thoroughly and rinse with boiling water, then cover it with a waterproof cloth and fix it on the leg with a bandage or a long towel.
  • Another type of the same fast compress is the application of a cabbage leaf softened over the steam to the diseased knee.

Fig. 2 starfish

Gymnastics and diet for arthrosis

The second, equally important goal is to preserve the mobility of the knee joint. First of all – this is, of course, therapeutic gymnastics. At the late stage of deforming arthrosis, the joint loses half of its mobility. The knee is difficult to bend, squats are given with great difficulty, and sometimes impossible at all.

In no case can not throw exercise, but you need to perform them not through painful efforts, so as not to finish off the joint completely, but every day slowly increasing the load. In attacks of pain, only static exercises are performed, in which the joint itself is immobile or only performs passive movements.

How gymnastics is performed in case of knee arthrosis can be found here.

After doing the exercises, it is advisable to put a compress from comfrey and dimexide ointment on the knee. You can also use ordinary medical bile as a compress.

Diet – the third way to combat arthrosis, available to everyone.

  • Remove excess calories from food, due to getting rid of animal fats and yeast pastry.
  • Without fear, replace livestock products with seafood and fish: they have enough collagen, minerals and unsaturated Omega-fats, in order for the joints to receive normal nutrition.
  • Many nutritionists recommend leaving in the diet dishes based on animal gelatin (jellied meat, jelly, broth), but such products can be consumed only occasionally, but not constantly.

How to treat knees folk remedies for arthritis

For the treatment of arthritis herbs are selected that have not only anti-inflammatory, analgesic properties, but also anti-infective and antiseptic.

  • An excellent anti-inflammatory agent is the familiar bay leaf: 50 g of a laurel leaf boil in 200 – 300 g of water, then insist, cool and drink during the day.
  • A healing mixture of five herbs: two parts of chamomile, calendula, peppermint, and one part of hypericum and yarrow. One tablespoon of the mixture is poured

    Gout Treatment

Gout primarily needs to change nutrition:

  • it is necessary to exclude meat from the diet, especially fat;
  • do not abuse carbohydrates, that is, flour products;
  • refuse from semi-finished products, smoked meats, spicy dishes and alcohol.

Vegetables, greens, fruits of the yellow-orange spectrum, fresh juices are welcome, some red wine is allowed.

Want to learn more about the treatment of gout folk remedies at home? Read this article.

Folk remedies in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is an incurable disease that causes a lot of pain because of constant pain and swelling, causing ugly deformities in the joints. It is very difficult to treat, requires long-term use of drugs, in its own way inferior to chemotherapy. And here the popular treatment can provide invaluable assistance in the fight against pain and in the recovery during remission.

Learn more about how to treat rheumatoid arthritis at home, here.

In rheumatoid arthritis, life does not end, the patient should strive to maintain mobility in the joints for the duration of his life. And this is quite possible with the help of gymnastics.

Effective remedies for rheumatism

Rheumatism is one of the sworn, difficult diseases of mankind, and the damage from it is very great, especially for the heart, respiratory organs, brain vessels, etc. Rheumatic pain is one of the most exhausting. There are a lot of popular recipes on this topic, and here are selected the most incredible effective folk remedies for rheumatism.

It may not be possible to cure the knee joints by 100%, but it will probably help to relieve the condition.

Folk remedies for osteopathies and injuries

Knee pain due to osteopathy or injury should be treated only in a medical institution – treatment with folk remedies can only play the role of an additional or rehabilitative means.

Herbs for Knee Pain

Knee injury can cause severe injuries and destabilize.

Causes of osteopathy often lie in disorders of bone formation, endocrine disruptions, hereditary mutations.

  • It is impossible, for example, to cure osteoporosis by simply consuming cottage cheese or calcium with vitamin D, washing it down with a decoction of sabelnik or burdock. There will be zero point if calcium is not absorbed in the body.
  • Osteonecrosis cannot be cured, since it is incurable, and folk remedies here are part of palliative treatment: they can only serve for the temporary healing of wounds and fistulas.

Carry out the treatment of the knee folk remedies meaningful, use them for their intended purpose where they can really help.

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