Herbs for cleaning vessels

For vessel cleansing from cholesterol plaques and for the prevention of atherosclerosis, in folk medicine for a long time and successfully, used infusions and tinctures of herbs.

Since the state of the vessels depends on the state of the liver, it is recommended to take charges of choleretic herbs for 5-7 days.

The simplest part of the collection used for this purpose consists of peppermint leaves and sandy immortelle flowers.

Mint leaves, immortelle – 3 each

Infusion: 1

Take in the form of heat for half an hour before meals.

Herbal tinctures to cleanse the blood vessels.

To remove the bad cholesterol from the body, berries of viburnum and mountain ash, hips, infusion and decoction of oats, infusion of dried boggy, roots and aerial parts of sunflower, roots and dandelion leaves are used.

Herbal tinctures and tinctures used to remove cholesterol from the body can be easily prepared at home. For successful treatment it is necessary to prepare herbal preparations daily, observing the dosage and duration of administration.

Healing fees for cleaning vessels composed of herbs that have a complex effect, complementing each other. You can make your own fees from plants that grow in your area or that you are well acquainted with.

Before using herbs, read the contraindications.

Tincture of the roots and leaves of dandelion is used not only for the treatment and prevention of atherosclerosis, but also to strengthen the body as a whole, cleanses the liver and kidneys.

Recipe: 4-5 dandelion roots, the same number of leaves, pour 0.5 liters of vodka.

Insist 7 days in a dark dish in a cool place. Shake occasionally. Then strain and store in the refrigerator.

Take 25 drops 30 minutes before meals, before lunch and dinner.

The course of treatment is long, 2-4 months, depending on the state of the vessels. It is advisable to prepare 1 liter of finished tincture from fresh raw materials.

After a month, take a break for 7 days, then repeat the course.

Tincture for cleaning vessels prepared from mature plants. Roots and aerial parts are used.

Recipe: 1 leaf, petals of one basket, pour a handful of peeled seeds with 0.5 liters of vodka.

Preparing tincture of sunflower and is taken in the same way as the previous one.

The course is 3-4 months.

Medical recipe from garlic and lemon.

Twist in a meat grinder or grind in a blender 2 lemons with skin, scalded with boiling water and peeled from the seeds. Also twist 2 heads of peeled garlic, add 50 grams of honey.

Mix all ingredients thoroughly. Take 1

This vitamin mixture has practically no contraindications, so you can take it not only for vessel cleansing, but also as an effective prophylactic in avitaminosis, in winter, when the weakened body needs to strengthen the immune system.

Infusions of herbs to cleanse the vessels.

Collection 1. To remove cholesterol from the body.

The leaves of coltsfoot, St. John’s wort, and the hips – 6 each

Preparation of this: 1

The course is 27 days. After 7 days you can repeat.

Collection 2. Infusion to cleanse the vessels.

St. John’s Wort, peppermint, horsetail – 6 each

Prepare and take healing infusion in the same way as the previous one.

Hypericum is not recommended for a long time to take with high blood pressure. You can reduce the amount of its assembly and replace the thousandth.

Motherwort causes drowsiness and reduces concentration.

It can be replaced by leaves of lemon balm, hops or oregano.

Cleaning vessels with clover.

Herbs for cleaning vessels

Meadow clover is used in folk medicine as an anti-inflammatory, diuretic, antiseptic and for atherosclerosis.

Clover infusion: 5-6 red clover flowers to steam a glass of boiling water. Insist hour, wrapped capacity with a warm cloth. Strain and take 0.3 cups 20-30 minutes before meals 3-4 times a day.

The course of treatment is a month. After a 7-10 day break, you can repeat.

Regular use of herbal infusions and tinctures will help clean the vessels and, as a prophylactic agent, reduce the risk of atherosclerosis. These methods of vessel cleansing are convenient because they can be used for a long time, at home.

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