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Hemorrhoid treatment is not just a treatment for pain, itching and bleeding. This treatment of the disease causes tremendous psychological discomfort. No wonder this disease is called inconvenient: There is no one to see, no one else to show.

Hemorrhoid treatment is not just a treatment for pain, itching and bleeding. This is a treatment of a disease that delivers the strongest psychological discomfort. No wonder this disease is called uncomfortable: Neither see for yourself, nor show others.

Unfortunately, the psychological factor often becomes the reason that the patient seeks the advice of the proctologist only when conservative methods are no longer useful and only an operative treatment of hemorrhoids is possible.

Hemorrhoid problems Today

But proctology, like medicine in general, does not stand still. Modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of hemorrhoids can get rid of this unpleasant disease without a bolt with minimal physical and psychological discomfort.

– bleeding after stool

– pain in the anus area is associated with defecation

– loss of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are diagnosed on the basis of information obtained during the collection of anamnesis, data of external examination of the patient and rectal digital examination. A more complete examination to determine the cause and exclude other diseases of the rectum, includes anoscopy, as well as rectoscopy. Instrumental examination is performed using local anesthesia, therefore it causes minimal discomfort even in the presence of acute pain syndrome.

Despite the fact that examination methods can bring some discomfort, it should be borne in mind that only a complete diagnosis can reveal more serious diseases, the manifestations of which can be oiled by the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids – treatment in Kiev

Drug treatment of hemorrhoids. Modern pharmacology offers a wide selection for the conservative treatment of hemorrhoids. Indeed, in the initial stages of the disease, these drugs help to reduce the intensity of the manifestations of the disease: eliminate itching and pain, increase vascular tone, reduce the intensity of bleeding.


It should be borne in mind that all drugs for the treatment of hemorrhoids have their own nuances, which can only be taken into account by an experienced proctologist. Self-medication can lead to the development of serious complications, which are indications for emergency medical intervention.

In addition, drug treatment is aimed only at eliminating the symptoms of hemorrhoids. Such treatment of hemorrhoids can help to avoid surgery, but only if the patient is ready to unconditionally follow the recommendations of the proctologist and eliminate the risk factors that caused the hemorrhoids.

Unfortunately, few people are ready to radically change their lifestyle, therefore, sooner or later, the need for surgical treatment of hemorrhoids is brewing.

Gentle surgical treatment of hemorrhoids. In the early stages of hemorrhoids, so-called gentle treatment methods demonstrate high efficacy:

Sclerotherapy: adhesion of the walls of the affected cavernous vessel through the introduction of sclerosing drugs. The operation is practically painless and is performed on an outpatient basis. Minus – the possibility of using only the first stage of hemorrhoids.

  • Cryodestruction and coagulation: the effect on the affected vessels with ultra low or high temperature, which leads to the death and subsequent replacement of the affected vessels with connective tissue. The disadvantages include a high probability of relapse, as well as the need for multi-stage treatment.
  • Ligation: hauling the base of the hemorrhoid using a special latex ring. This leads to the death of the site, followed by rejection.

Hemorrhoids after surgery photos

The advantage of a sparing surgical treatment of hemorrhoids is relative painlessness, low trauma and a short period of postoperative rehabilitation.

A common disadvantage of these methods of treatment of hemorrhoids can be considered the fact that they do not eliminate the root cause of the disease – a malfunction of the venous system, in which there is an overflow of cavities. Therefore, even after treatment, in 3-5 years, 15-45% of patients may relapse.

Hemorrhoids after surgery photos

Surgical treatment of hemorrhoids

A radical way to get rid of hemorrhoids, allowing once and for all to solve the problem of discomfort in the anus, is hemorrhoidectomy, that is, the excision of the affected hemorrhoids.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia and allows you to simultaneously remove a large number of hemorrhoids, which is especially important in advanced cases. Preparation for surgery involves a full preliminary examination, which allows to reduce the possible risks to a minimum.

In addition to the traditional scalpel, proctologists widely use laser and electrocoagulation, which allows to reduce blood loss and invasiveness of the operation. The prognosis of the operation is very good – relapses of the disease are extremely rare.

It is no secret that hemorrhoids affect all areas of our life. Pain and itching reduce our performance, discomfort and cosmetic defects affect the quality of intimate life.

A timely appeal to the proctologist and adequate treatment of hemorrhoids significantly improves the quality of life, and also relieves psychological discomfort.

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