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What is erysipelas disease (erysipelas)? Erysipelas or erysipelas is an infectious disease, the outward manifestations of which are progressive lesions (inflammation) of the skin. Erysipelas usually appears on the legs and arms, less often on the face, even less often on the body, in the perineum and on the genitals.

Causes of Illness The cause of erysipelas (erysipelas) is the penetration of streptococcus through the skin damaged by scratches, abrasions, scuffs, diaper rash. About 15% of people are carriers of streptococci, but they do not have erysipelas, because the following provoking factors are necessary for the occurrence of the disease: – violations of the integrity of the skin as a result of bruises, injuries, burns, scuffs; – sharp change of temperature; – stress; – reduced immunity. The following diseases contribute to erysipelas: diabetes mellitus, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis. The appearance of the disease faces on the face can contribute to the nearby foci of chronic streptococcal infection: tonsillitis, otitis, sinusitis, caries. Roger is often preceded by such acute streptococcal infections, such as angina.

Symptoms of erysipelas of the skin. The erysipelas begins with fever, weakness, headache, sometimes nausea and vomiting. After a few hours, local symptoms of erysipelas – pain, redness, swelling, and burning of the affected skin area – join. Most often there is erysipelas on the leg (in this case it is said that it is erysipelas of the leg), or on the face (erysipelas of the face). The affected area of ​​the skin has clear boundaries, bright color, slightly rises above the rest of the skin surface and can gradually expand by 2-10 cm per day. Sometimes, 1-2 days after the onset of the disease, a detachment of the upper layer occurs in the affected area of ​​the skin, under it bubbles form, filled with transparent or bloody contents. In the future, the bubbles burst, in their place there are dark crusts. Sometimes on the site of bubbles appear erosion, able to transform into trophic ulcers. In the most severe cases The erysipelas disease can have the following symptoms: the temperature is high for up to 40 degrees for about five days, large areas of skin are affected, there is a strong intoxication of the body against which delusions, hallucinations, and toxic shock are possible. As a result of the disease, erysipelas can develop sepsis, pneumonia. In the diagnosis of the disease face should be distinguished from other diseases with similar symptoms: venous thrombosis, cellulitis and abscesses, acute dermatitis, etc.

What is dangerous erysipelas – the consequences of the disease. If untreated, the patient is threatened with complications from the kidneys and the cardiovascular system (rheumatism, nephritis, myocarditis) – as a result of the transfer of infection to these organs. Local complications of the disease: ulcers and skin necrosis, abscesses and cellulitis, impaired lymph circulation in the legs, leading to elephantiasis.

Especially dangerous is the occurrence of the disease of erysipelas in newborns and children of the first year of life. In newborns, erysipelas is more often localized in the navel. The process quickly spreads to the lower limbs, buttocks, back and the entire body. Rapidly intoxication, fever, may be convulsions, blood poisoning. The mortality rate of erysipelas in infants is extremely high.

Erysipelas – a dangerous disease. If you have faces, you should consult a doctor. In the official treatment of the disease, antibiotics are used, if they are chosen correctly, then within 24-72 hours the symptoms of erysipelas subside: the temperature decreases, the area of ​​skin lesion decreases, the affected area turns pale, its borders become fuzzy, the edema subsides. Local manifestations disappear by the 10-14 day of illness. But sometimes doctors are powerless, and they themselves send the patient to the healers. Sometimes folk remedies treatment of erysipelas are more effective.

Treatment of erysipelas folk remedies.

If the disease is mild, then popular treatment can be applied. Folk remedies for erysipelas can quickly remove swelling, burning, pain from the affected surface of the skin. Popular treatment of erysipelas on the foot can be used in conjunction with medical treatment to accelerate recovery.

Heel spur folk remedies

Burnet drug – an effective folk remedy. Root burnet can be purchased at the pharmacy. Prepare the tincture of the root burnet drug according to the following recipe: dilute 1 tbsp. l tinctures in 100 grams of water, make lotions on the inflamed areas of the skin. This folk remedy for the treatment of erysipelas quickly relieves burning sensation, reduces inflammation, greatly alleviates the condition of the patient. In the folk treatment of erysipelas, tincture of the root burnet can be replaced with a decoction.

Folk treatment of erysipelas on the leg with cottage cheese is an affordable folk method. With erysipelas, cottage cheese helps well. It is necessary to impose a thick layer on the inflamed place cottage cheese, preventing drying. This folk remedy removes pain symptoms from the affected area, restores the skin.

How to treat erysipelas with a black root. This plant is also sold in pharmacies. Skip through the grinder root root medicinal (root), wrap the gruel in a gauze napkin and fasten a compress on the damaged skin. This folk treatment for erysipelas on the leg quickly relieves fever and pain, removes the swelling.

Yarrow and chamomile – an effective folk treatment method. Squeeze the juice from yarrow and chamomile, 1 tbsp. l juice mixed with 4 tbsp. l butter. The resulting ointment quickly relieves inflammation from the affected area of ​​the skin, reduces pain symptoms. In the folk treatment of erysipelas, you can also use the juice of only one of these plants as part of a healing ointment.

Celery in folk erysipelas recipes. The face on the leg can be treated with celery. Mince the celery leaves, wrap the gruel in a gauze napkin and fasten the compress on the damaged skin. Keep at least 30 minutes. Instead of celery, you can use cabbage.

How to treat erysipelas on the leg with beans. Bean pod powder is used as a powder for erysipelas of the skin.

Popular treatment of erysipelas on the foot with chalk. Chalk is widely used in the treatment of erysipelas at home. This folk remedy for erysipelas is mentioned in all medical books. Despite all its simplicity and absurdity, chalk is very effective. Even doctors recognize the inexplicable effect of red on suppressing erysipelas. How to treat a face with chalk and red cloth: Mel the powder into a powder, sprinkle it abundantly on the inflamed area and wrap it with a red rag. Then wrap the affected skin with a towel. Compress needs to be done at night. After such a procedure with chalk and a red rag in the morning, the temperature will pass, the red color and a strong tumor will disappear. After 3-4 days, the mug will completely disappear. The effectiveness of this popular treatment of erysipelas will greatly increase if dry, crushed chamomile flowers, sage leaves are added in equal proportions to powder from chalk.

How to treat a face at home with an elderberry. Fill the saucepan with small branches and leaves of black elderberry, pour hot water over it, so that the water level is 2 cm higher. Boil for 15 minutes, insist 1 hour. To heat unwashed millet in the oven or in a pan, grind into a coffee grinder into a powder and mix into a homogeneous mass. To put this mass on a sore point, put a napkin on top, moistened with elderberry broth. Leave a compress for the night. In the morning, remove the compress and wash the place affected with mug with broth of elderberry. After three such compresses erysipelas passes.

How to get rid of faces with the help of coltsfoot. Apply the leaves of the mother-and-stepmother to the affected places on the body 2-3 times a day, however it is more effective to powder the inflammation with these leaves and take 1 tsp. 3 times a day broth prepared at the rate of 10 grams of grass per 1 cup of water.

Erysipelas on the leg – folk treatment with burdock. For the treatment of erysipelas, apply fresh burdock leaves, smeared with sour cream, to inflamed areas 2-3 times a day.

Treatment of erysipelas at home.

Consider the most effective folk remedies for the treatment of erysipelas, which helped to remove the disease at home and the comments of those who recovered from the newspaper “Vestnik ZOZH.

Erysipelas of the skin – oil treatment. Boil sunflower oil for 5 hours in a water bath. Lubricate the inflammation on the skin, after 10 minutes, sprinkle it with finely milled streptocide. Treatment takes time, but will help get rid of the mug for a long time. (Recipe from the newspaper Vestnik of the HLS 2000, No. 19, p. 19).

People’s treatment of erysipelas. Erysipelas of the leg can be quickly cured with coltsfoot. Lubricate the bottom sheet of the plant with sour cream, put on a sore leg, fasten, leave a compress for the night. In the morning, the condition will improve much. (Recipe from the newspaper Vestnik HLS 2001, No. 21, p. 19). The dressing can be left on the day, changing the leaves for fresh three times a day. In the case of erysipelas, coltsfoot leaves can be replaced with burdock leaves. Even greater effect can be achieved if you sprinkle a sore spot on your leg with powder from the dried leaves of these plants and use the broth of a coltsfoot inside 1 tsp. three times a day. The broth is prepared at the rate of 10 grams of leaves per 1 cup of water (The People’s Method from the newspaper “Vestnik HLS” 2006, No. 2, p. 13).

Elderberry in the folk treatment of erysipelas. Erysipelas of the skin helps cure an elderberry, black or red. Fill the saucepan with small branches and elderberry leaves, pour hot water over it so that the water level is 2 cm higher. Boil for 15 minutes, insist two hours. Unwashed millet 1/2 cup and egg white crush tolkushkoy until smooth. To put this mass on the inflamed leg, put a napkin on top, dipped in elder broth. Leave a compress for the night. In the morning, remove the compress and wash the leg with elder’s broth, then sprinkle with chalk. After three such compresses, the condition has improved significantly (Recipe from the newspaper Vestnik of the Healthy Living 2003, No. 6, p. 18).

Erysipelas of the skin – popular treatment of red cloth. In the folk treatment of erysipelas, red fabric is very widely used. The most popular method is to wrap the leg with a red cloth, spread the pieces of tow on the fabric and set fire to it. A safer and more modern modification of this product is to wrap the affected skin with a red cloth and drive it with a heated soldering iron or a hot hair dryer for 1-3 minutes. At night, make a salt compress on the affected skin. (Folk method from the newspaper Vestnik HLS 2004, № 4, p. 8).

How to remove face on foot – chalk and red cloth. Take a red cotton fabric, pour white chalk on it, apply a red fabric with chalk to the foot. Tightly pinned. Change bandage morning and evening. (Recipe from the newspaper Vestnik HLS 2005, No. 7, p. 29). After this remedy, the redness quickly passes, and the itching remains, and wiping off the damaged skin with apple cider vinegar will help to cope with it (A folk remedy from the newspaper “Vestnik ZOZH” 2009, No. 16, p. 24)

Erysipelas of the skin – an integrated approach to the treatment of erysipelas.

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Treatment of chronic erysipelas of the leg. Erysipelas did not pass for 2 months, despite the treatment in the hospital and the treatment with the above mentioned folk remedies. The inflammation has already passed into the festering wound, helped by the following recipe: mix 3 grams of boric acid, 8 grams of white streptotsida, 12 grams of xeroform, 30 grams of powdered sugar. Treat the wound with hydrogen peroxide and powder this compound through a double layer of gauze. Do 2 times a day. Erysipelas on the leg in 5 days! (Recall from the newspaper Vestnik of healthy lifestyles 2006, №8, p. 32).

Folk treatment of erysipelas with silver. Feedback The man’s erysipelas did not go through the whole winter, the official antibiotic treatment did not help any more, only the anti-infective GIT stopped working and immunity fell. Folk remedies also helped badly. The man decided to treat erysipelas of the skin with silver water. Silver water was made by a special device, which I learned from the newspaper “Vestnik ZOZH” and drank this water more often for several months. Erysipelas retreated. Other concomitant diseases have also passed, because silver water is an excellent disinfectant that can fight well with streptococcus, which causes erysipelas of the skin. (Recall from the newspaper Vestnik of healthy lifestyles 2006, №16, p. 8).

How to treat erysipelas of the skin with herbs. In the treatment of faces helps infusion of medicinal plants. It is necessary to take in equal parts the roots of calamus, burnet, licorice, leaves of eucalyptus and nettle, yarrow and dried saplings, all in equal shares. 10 g of the mixture is poured with a glass of boiling water, insist, take 50 grams 4 times a day. This infusion can also be used for dressings on the skin affected by erysipelas. Also, the skin can be lubricated with pharmaceutical tinctures of valerian, chamomile, eucalyptus chaga, diluting them with warm water 1: 2. To increase immunity, Eleutherococcus tincture is taken at the same time – 20 drops every morning for a month. (Recipe from the newspaper Vestnik of the HLS 2007, No. 18, pp. 16-17), (HLS 2010, No. 12, p. 33). If you have a mug, then a bandage made from an infusion of a mixture of herbs: chamomile, plantain, sage, and St. John’s wort. Over dressing with herbs to make a bandage with a solution of salt: 1 tsp. in a glass of water. Dress up at night and 2-3 times during the day (Home treatment from the newspaper Vestnik ZOZH 2007, №24, p. 11).

How to treat face potato. Erysipelas of the feet helped cure compresses with a thick layer of grated raw potatoes. From above the compress was wrapped with a red cloth. (Recipe from the newspaper Vestnik of the Healthy Living 2010, №7, p. 10)

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