Heart hurts what to do at home

It is difficult to find such a person who has never experienced pain in the heart area..

At this moment, the only question that arises in a person looks like this – if the heart hurts, what to do at home.

For the reason that pain in the heart can be a sign of a rather serious pathology, you should know what you can do at home.

This will greatly alleviate the general condition and prevent serious consequences.

Actions depending on the type of pain

To understand how to act in a situation, if you feel pain in your heart, you should figure out what kind of pain plan arises, how it manifests itself and what available means can be used when it occurs.

Below will be considered the most common cases and the main options and patterns of action.

Sharp pain

In this case, you can not panic, and when such pain appears, you must try to completely relax all the muscles.

To do this, you can lie down or sit down so that nothing is squeezed. After taking a comfortable position, one should try to breathe deeply and slowly, trying not to touch the threshold of pain that may occur during breathing.

If an unpleasant stabbing pain does not go away within 10 minutes, you should take Corvalol. You should not call an ambulance in advance, as a sharp pain can lead to quite serious problems.

Pain in the heart does not arise from scratch. It can be nervous stress, there can be different pathologies. Only a qualified doctor who will prescribe treatment can deal with the causes.

Aching pain and burning in the heart

Many doctors when answering the question how to understand what hurts the heart are advised to pay attention to the burning sensation. A similar phenomenon quite often accompanies heart problems.

For aching heart pain, take aspirin and analginum just by drinking the preparation with a glass of water..

If the pain in the region of the heart does not subside after about an hour, you should call an ambulance. Waiting for doctors is to provide fresh air in the room, remove cramped things, open doors and windows, and also adopt the most comfortable posture.

Pain and shortness of breath

If the pain in the heart is accompanied by difficulty in breathing, you should pull yourself together and stop worrying.

Be sure to drink sedatives, as well as drugs to normalize the work of the heart.

Lying in a comfortable position and deep breathing, you need to wait for an ambulance, due to which, by the help of professionals, first aid was given for heart pains.

Regardless of the nature of the pain, you do not need to let everything take its course. Unpleasant sensations in the heart can be signs of quite serious diseases, so consulting a doctor and following his recommendations is very important.

Only a specialist will be able to explain what to do in case of pain in the heart, answer the question of whether the heart can be sick constantly, and also prescribe a proper treatment.

General first aid methods

If the pain in the heart has arisen suddenly, you should immediately take certain measures to provide first aid.

Reflexology helps very well. To do this, squeeze and squeeze the little finger on the left hand, exerting pressure from the nail.

Squeezing should be strong enough before the onset of pain. After that, the finger must be slowly, for 5 seconds, released. So you need to repeat several times until the pain in the heart disappears.

It is necessary to lie down at the window and through undoing or removing clothes you need to ensure the flow of air to your chest and at the same time put a nitroglycerin tablet under your tongue or drink 30 drops of valocordin.

It is worth putting a pair of mustard plaster on the sternum area and making a hot foot bath.. If these methods do not help, you should immediately call an ambulance.

Popular Drug Treatments

If you are worried about pressing pain in the heart, any person is interested in the question of what to take, which medications can help in a difficult situation and eliminate pain.

Every person who from time to time faces pain in the region of the heart should have in his medicine cabinet such drugs as:

  • Validol. Characterized by sedative effect. To enhance the positive effects, the drug should be taken simultaneously with Nitroglycerin;
  • Corvalol. It helps well in the nervous state and helps a lot when intercostal neuralgia appears. It is necessary to take this remedy only after consulting a doctor and it is strictly dosed, since the remedy is able to have a negative effect on the liver;
  • Acetylsalicylic acid. To eliminate the pain in the heart, it will be enough to take just one pill. In order to avoid negative effects on the stomach, the pill should be thoroughly chewed;
  • Cardiomagnyl. It has an ideal analgesic effect. Drug treatment is effective, and more importantly, does not adversely affect the stomach.

Each of the above means is able to provide effective assistance at home.. Most importantly, these should be medications previously approved by a professional.

If after taking the pill or drops of relief did not come, you should call an ambulance. This will help prevent serious health problems.

Traditional methods of treatment

Folk remedies for pain in the heart do not have a quick positive effect in contrast to drugs.

Their advantage is that the funds can be an ideal prevention, that is, their constant use will help prevent severe attacks, when breathing is hard and when severe pain is given to the left hand.

For centuries, people in the process of treating and eliminating pain in the heart used the gifts of nature. Most recipes are widely used in the modern world.

Many of them can not be attributed to first aid, they are ideal preventive and therapeutic agents that give a positive and sufficiently lasting effect. Here are the most popular means of folk therapy.

If you use garlic in the amount of two cloves every day, you can effectively prevent the manifestation and development of heart disease.

To eat this product is not for people with stomach problems or with established pathologies of the pancreas.

In the process of treating heart pain, a berry infusion from this plant helps well.

To prepare the broth you need to take the following components:

  1. Hawthorn – 20 grams;
  2. Melissa – 15 grams;
  3. Water – 1 cup.

The grass is poured into a glass, filled with water and placed in a water bath. It is necessary to prepare the broth in the bath for 20 minutes, after which the composition is cooled and filtered.

It is necessary to drink the received structure on 20 ml before food three times a day. The treatment time is on average two days.

Many to eliminate the pain in the heart preparing the tincture of this plant.. For its preparation, the berries should be poured not with water, but with alcohol tincture and then insisted for 14 days, preferably in a dark place.

Grass collection

If you have a dull ache in your heart, you should use a herbal collection based on such components as a train, leaves of lingonberry, motherwort, hawthorn and chamomile.

Each herb should be taken in a volume of 20 grams and mix thoroughly. The finished composition should be taken in a volume of 25 grams, poured into a glass and pour boiling water.

The product is infused for 4 hours and is taken after filtering and cooling.. It is necessary to accept means on 50 ml for reception, three times. The treatment time is approximately 14 days.

Wild carrot

This recipe is the most useful in that it can be prepared at any time. The medicine is drunk as a tincture, and it can be prepared from 60 grams of seeds and 250 ml of alcohol or vodka..

The tool is infused for three weeks and preferably in a place where the sun does not fall.

This tincture is ideal for prevention.. To this end, you need to take the drug in diluted form – 6 drops of tincture per 20 ml of water.

This dosage is taken three times a day and is very well suited to alleviate the condition of a hangover. If the pain is exacerbated, you can drink the drug can be three drops every 30 minutes.

Grass of veres

Infusion based on this plant is able to quickly eliminate pain. To prepare a remedy, you need to take 10 grams of dry raw materials, pour 200 ml of boiling water over them and insist in the bath for 5 minutes.

It is necessary to accept means on 50 ml in 4-5 hours.

May Lily of the Valley

The recipe based on this plant has been tested for years and centuries.

For the preparation of a therapeutic agent, you will need to take a liter jar and fill it with flowers of lily for about three-quarters. Vodka is poured into the container at the very neck and covered with a lid. The tool must be insisted for 20 days, then strain.

Before use, you need to insist in a glass of water 20 ml of therapeutic solution, that is, that the proportion was 1:10. Take the composition you need three times a day, no more.

It is worth knowing that this plant is poisonous, because it should be taken very carefully and strictly according to the recommendation of a specialist.

Mint and lemon balm

These plants are not able to cope with the pain, but are able to effectively calm the nerves. This will automatically benefit the general treatment of heart disease.

Infusion is prepared quite simply. You will need to take 25 grams of raw materials and pour 250 ml of boiling water over them. The composition can be taken after the agent is infused for an hour.

Therapeutic infusion is taken before meals, 25 ml approximately three times.

Mint lowers blood pressure, according to hypotonic patients such treatment is contraindicated.

The plant is ideal for stimulating the functioning of the heart. You need to take 100 grams of raw materials and insist on 400 ml of alcohol for a couple of weeks. The composition is taken about 3-4 times in a large spoon.

Based on this plant you need to prepare an infusion. A tablespoon of valerian root is poured with boiling water in a volume of one and a half cups and about 120 minutes to insist. It is necessary to drink the received means three times on a small spoon.

Other products

Significantly improves the performance of the heart lemon peel.

You can use the mummy, but only according to the scheme recommended by the doctor.

Every evening you can drink tea on the basis of violet flowers. Pumpkin juice with a spoon of honey helps very well.

Heart hurts what to do at home

All this will help strengthen the heart muscle, prevent disease and reduce the likelihood of acute pain.

Preventive measures

To effectively prevent the emergence and development of the disease, you should use a variety of useful techniques, the main action of which is directed to strengthening the heart.

First of all, it is necessary to completely eliminate nicotine and alcohol.. The most beneficial effect on the general condition of the body has morning exercises, hour walks in the air.

Additional help to the heart can have special formulations. The most effective of these is chestnut tincture..

For its preparation, 6 fruits of the plant are taken and filled with a liter of vodka. The tool should be infused for one month, shaking from time to time.

The resulting tincture needs to be taken 35 drops three times a day and before eating. The total treatment time should be at least 11 days.

Another effective remedy is natural honey.. Its daily use is able to significantly strengthen the heart. Take honey you need three times a spoon. It is very important not to take honey at the same time with hot water or tea.

The use of these tools should be combined with such useful products as walnuts, raisins and bananas. For the heart to work quietly, it is worth to eat these products for food. There will be no interruption in this case.


It may seem that relief from heart pain is not a problem. This is a misconception.

With the help of self-medication, you can only get the effect of temporary relief.

It is necessary to treat the heart only on the basis of expert advice and the passage of special courses with drugs and traditional methods.

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