Heart drugs

The modern pharmaceutical industry uses all possibilities to meet the demand for medicines. Consumer or buyer are sick people. Pharmacy retail network perfectly takes into account the fact that a person tries to get rid of cardiovascular problems by all available means.

The advertised list of heart medications includes everything you need to sell. Very often, a well-established sales system imposes completely ineffective pills.

Therefore, it is not recommended to choose drugs for the treatment of any disease, especially for the heart.

Where can I get the available information?

Doctors use special directories with:

  • composition and chemical formula;
  • mechanism of action of the drug;
  • dosages for children and adults, optimal and maximum per day;
  • methods of use (before meals or after);
  • contraindications and symptoms of overdose;
  • analogues.

The doctor is required to acquaint the patient with the possible treatment options, to give comparative data, to offer the most effective drug. Unfortunately, in clinics the doctor most often asks: “Do you need to be more expensive or cheaper?”

The question of the effective result goes to the side. This is where our medicine differs sharply from the western one, where every patient knows that he has the right to receive information about the studies conducted and the results of clinical trials.

Doctors of the older generations do not all agree to spend time on additional training, adhere to years of proven appointments with questionable benefits for the patient.

This article is an attempt to review the most effective drugs used in the practice of treating heart disease. We will group remedies into understandable syndromes for patients and present common Russian and imported drugs with proven and unproved efficacy.

What to take for pain in the heart?

Nitroglycerin and other nitrate derivatives are considered the most effective for chest pains. It can take 2 tablets under the tongue.

Some people have severe headaches. Therefore, it is proposed to switch to the prolonged (elongated action) Sustak, Erinit. During the attack, you can use the spray of dinitrate isosorbide – Izoket. The main thing is to feel the quick effect of relieving pain.

Validol is considered a mint pill for breath freshening. It has absolutely no effect on the coronary vessels. Intramuscular or intravenous administration of the antispasmodics Papaverina and No-shpy have very low effectiveness.

The effect of Corvalol and Valocordin on a person is based on the composition of phenobarbital. Pure drug is used for treatment in neurology and psychiatry, especially for convulsions. It is proved that its accumulation in the cells leads to dependence, destroying mental abilities and reactions to others. It does not affect the heart. Banned everywhere except CIS countries.

Arrhythmia Medicines

In the case of mild extrasystoles, treatment with the addition of electrolytes such as potassium and magnesium can be effective. Both substances are interconnected and support the mechanism of contraction of the muscle layer. They are sufficiently contained in the preparations Panangin and Asparkam. Can be used as a preventive measure. The only difference between them is that Panangin tablets are coated with a coating that Asparkam does not have, so part of the dose will be destroyed in the gastrointestinal tract.

When tachyarrhythmic forms to reduce the heart rate prescribed: drugs from the group of β-blockers:

They are most useful in the combination of arrhythmias with heart ischemia and hypertension, but the effect intensifies bronchospasm in asthmatics.

Means such as:

can also be taken by persons with obstructive respiratory diseases.

According to individual indications, cardiac glycosides — Digoxin — are used.

The means of blocking the occurrence of additional foci of excitation in atrial fibrillation are:

  • Procainamide,
  • Quinidine,
  • Novokainamid,
  • Gilurithmal,
  • Norpace,
  • Rhythmylene,
  • Lidocaine,
  • Xylocaine
  • Mexitil,
  • Ritmonorm,
  • Etatsizin,
  • Etmozin,
  • Propanorm
  • Bonnecor.

Potassium channel blockers can be drugs of choice:

Calcium channel blockers are assigned to restore the strength of myocardial contractions:

In the treatment of blockades and bradycardia use:

Heart drugs

What dilates the vessels of the heart?

In cardiology, they have moved away from attempts with the help of drugs to expand the coronary vessels. The fact is that after applying Papaverine or Dibazol, the coronary arteries do indeed expand for a short time. But during this period, blood from the ischemic sections of the heart muscle “leaves” in them. The effect is called the robbery syndrome.

Therefore, local expansion is now being sought through the installation of the stent.

How do cardioprotectors protect the heart?

Anabolic drug Retabolil has a cardioprotective effect.

Means that increase the resistance of the myocardium to oxygen deficiency:

  • vitamins E and C,
  • Quercetin,
  • Corvitin,
  • Lipoflavone,
  • Thiotriazolin,
  • Rhythmcore

Drugs that enhance the synthesis of energy in the cells of the heart:

  • Korvaton,
  • Dilasid
  • Sidnofarm,
  • Carbocromen,
  • Trimetazidine,
  • Incordin,
  • Preductal
  • Mildronat.

Some of these drugs have an effect, but too low. They must be applied for a long time.

We strongly recommend not spending money on a purchase:

  • Cocarboxylase – no major studies on the drug have been conducted;
  • Riboxin (Inosine) – equals to “water”, but not completely harmless, since it promotes enhanced synthesis of uric acid and damage to the joints, increases the body’s allergic mood;
  • ATP (adenosine triphosphate preparation) is proven to act several minutes after intravenous administration, then quickly disintegrates. Therefore, it is used in the hospital in a complex for the relief of attacks of arrhythmia.

How to prevent blood clots?

These include:

  • Cardiomagnyl,
  • Curantil,
  • Plavix
  • Dipyridamole,
  • Thromboth ACC,
  • Clexane,
  • Aspirin Cardio,
  • Fragmin
  • Zocardis
  • Cardi ASC.

Preparations for the treatment of heart failure

If the patient develops symptoms of cardiac decompensation, drugs from the group of cardiac glycosides are prescribed. Despite the fact that they are all made from vegetable raw materials (foxglove, spring adonis grass, strophanthus, lily of the valley, adonis, yellowcone, jute), errors in use and dosage can lead to severe intoxication.

Used in tablets, drops and ampoules. Intravenous administration is required in case of emergency. The following forms apply:

  • Digitoxin,
  • Digoxin,
  • Celanides
  • Izolanide,
  • Gomfokarpin,
  • Gomfotin,
  • Periplocin,
  • Strofantin
  • Erizimine,
  • Adonizid,
  • Korglikon.

They differ in the speed of onset of action, duration, the ability to accumulate in the tissues, and their removal from the body. By increasing the strength of heart contractions, these drugs inhibit the impulse conduction along the myocardium. Therefore, contraindicated in any form of blockades.

In combination with glycosides, diuretics are used (diuretics).

With damage to the heart, preference is given to potassium-sparing agents:

  • Spironolactone,
  • Triampur
  • Veroshpironu,
  • Aldactone.

But in the case of emergency medical care more help drugs with a rapid diuretic effect:

What is the treatment of atherosclerosis of the coronary arteries?

At elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood, special drugs are prescribed to prevent the spread of atherosclerosis in the network of coronary arteries. These include:

  • The statins (Rosuvastatin, Simvastatin, Atorvastatin) are considered the most effective, the Americans have been using them for a considerable period of time and have accumulated experience of negative effects on the patient’s psyche, women are especially sensitive.
  • Nicotinic acid injections, Nikoshpan tablets – reception is accompanied by the expansion of peripheral vessels and temporary facial flushing.
  • Funds delaying the production of fatty acids in the bile — Colestipol and Cholestyramine.
  • Compound of fibric acid (fibrates) – Traykor, more effective with increasing levels of triglycerides, rather than lipoproteins.

For various heart conditions, you may need:

Heart drugs

  • anti-inflammatory drugs (antibiotics, antiviral and antifungal agents);
  • immunocorrectors for limiting an overly pronounced allergic reaction with coronary artery disease;
  • thrombolytic agents for the use of the possibility in the resorption of a blood clot in the first 6 hours after its formation.

Do not expect miraculous healing, as promised by advertising, the doctor should choose the right medicine. You can not hide information about the presence of various diseases, allergic reactions. Most of these drugs are contraindicated in pregnancy. Sharply reduced choice for the treatment of children and adolescents.

Almost all drugs are destroyed in the liver and excreted through the intestines and kidneys. Therefore, it is important to be sure that these organs work normally.

There are too many drugs on the pharmaceutical market that do not have the desired efficacy. The clinical trial control procedure is not well established. When sponsored by companies interested in selling, the result is known in advance.

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