Heart cough treatment with folk remedies

It would be rash to assume that a kennel cough can appear only in places of large concentrations of dogs. This is a viral disease that is difficult to avoid without regular preventive measures, the use of modern vaccines. Today we wanted to tell you about the features of this terrible disease, so that every owner would have an idea about him and could take the necessary measures in time.

general characteristics

Nursery cough is one of the most contagious diseases, which is similar to human influenza, also called adenovirus. This disease affects most often young and old animals. This disease manifests itself in those places where dogs can contact with each other or live relatively close. This is the private sector, large organizations where animals live at roadblocks and participate in the protection of the territory. Nursery cough can be picked up at exhibitions, especially if your pet is not vaccinated.

As we said above, it is an infectious disease that is transmitted by respiratory tract. However, sometimes the diagnosis and treatment can be complicated by the fact that infections of viral and bacterial origin are the cause of the development of the illness. If you notice the first signs, but a good round-the-clock veterinary clinic is located nearby, then you shouldn’t waste time – go to the doctor and develop your doubts.

The causative agents of this canine flu can be different pathogens. It can be microplasma, parainfluenza virus, reovirus of various types, herpes virus or adenovirus. Each of them has the ability to mutate and change, which also affects the picture of the course of the disease. Therefore, if your pet began to show the first symptoms of the disease, then do not postpone the matter indefinitely. A good animal clinic can provide effective treatment and quickly get rid of the disease.

Heart cough treatment with folk remedies

This disease can very quickly enter the body and affect all organs and systems. Adenovirus may be accompanied by bacteria and other infections, for example, parainfluenza.

How does nursery cough manifest? The main symptom is cracked and dry cough. Sometimes the owner may find that the animal has a foreign object stuck in the throat. Sometimes coughing causes regurgitation, due to which the host may confuse the symptom with vomiting attempts.

However, the diagnosis is complicated by the fact that at first the animal looks like quite healthy and behaves similarly. But at the same time any contact with the throat causes a coughing fit.

It is important not to be mistaken

Why do not we get tired to emphasize that self-treatment does not give a good result, that a good clinic for animals is needed, where veterinarians will assess the condition of the animal and prescribe an effective course? Because it is necessary to have certain experience and know what symptomatic manifestations of this disease is characterized.

Heart cough treatment with folk remedies

This is primarily a loss of appetite and a decrease in activity. Within a few days after the appearance of cough, the animal will begin to abandon most of the feed, and soon its favorite treats. Cough worse from day to day, and in addition, there may be an increase in body temperature. Characteristic features include serous discharge from the nose and eyes, as well as an increase in lymph nodes. This is a good sign: it means that the body is fighting the infection, it only needs a little help. Nursery cough in dogs can occur in different ways, it depends on the immune system and the state of the body. However, like any disease, it is much easier to prevent than to cure it.


A kennel cough can affect any dog, so if you frequently visit a kennel or walk a pet on a common area where many other animals go, be careful. At risk, your pet is when an animal living in the same staircase gets sick. Therefore, the only means that guarantees your pet full protection is prophylactic vaccinations. They are recommended to be made at least once every six months. However, it must be remembered that a vaccinated animal may also get sick if the immunity for some of the reasons has decreased. Therefore, sometimes quite fleeting communication with an infected animal, and a meeting with a veterinarian is provided to you. It should be noted that any round-the-clock veterinary clinic is ready to offer you a good selection of high-quality vaccines, so there are no difficulties with this.

Heart cough treatment with folk remedies

Preventive measures include the proper diet, providing the pet with vitamin and mineral complexes, as well as normal physical activity. If you decide to have a dog, then first consider whether you are ready for another item of expenditure. Every day your pet needs meat and fish, cereals and eggs, dairy products, vegetables. Poor nutrition weakens the immune system, which means that infectious tracheobronchitis, as this disease is also called, will have a higher chance of developing.

What to do if your pet is already sick? Of course, he needs emergency help, but where to start? First of all, consult your doctor and get a conclusion that your pet has a nursery cough. Treatment should begin with the isolation of the dog. Do not take it outside – inhalation of cold air will not benefit the sick animal, but will only lead to irritation of the respiratory tract.

Only after a thorough examination, the doctor can prescribe the most appropriate drugs. It may be antibiotics, antitussive drugs, immunomodulators and vitamins. However, in addition to medical treatment, the veterinarian will provide recommendations to speed recovery and at the same time alleviate the condition of the animal.

Auxiliary events

Inhalation helps very well with this disease. At first glance it seems impracticable, but this is not at all the case. It is recommended to open 2–4 times a day in the bathroom hot water and wait until the room is filled with moist air. And then bring the dog to the bathroom. Inhaling the moist air, the dog immediately feels better. Steam promotes the dilution of mucus and reduces the degree of swelling of the respiratory tract.

The body needs strength to fight infection. However, the animal refuses to eat, which means that you need to provide him with a nutritious drink. It can be warm milk with honey and low-fat broth. The most important thing is to consistently carry out all the recommendations of the attending physician, and the pet will certainly recover.

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