Head bruise

Any injury is fraught with certain negative consequences, especially if nothing is done.

Head bruise

Even a simple blow can bring a lot of pain, both literally and figuratively, because the symptoms are far from the most pleasant, but correct treatment will definitely correct the situation ..

Head injury

Everyone knows that the human brain is located inside the cranium, and its small damage can cause adverse and irreversible abnormalities in the human body.

Many have probably heard such expressions as a skull fracture, brain concussion, bruised neck, and other diagnoses. So the last problem is the most common trauma of this part of the body, so we will pay attention to it in today’s publication.

Bruising the neck is a mechanical damage to the soft tissues of this part of the body, and the integrity of the skin is not broken. The reason may be a fall or a blow with a blunt object.

How does a bruised head?

The symptoms are very different, and they directly depend on the person who received the degree of injury, as well as in what place she is.

Head bruise

When damaged soft tissue appears severe pain, which is accompanied by internal hemorrhage. After a certain period of time, the pain subsides, and a lump appears at the impact site, as a result of accumulated blood.

All these symptoms are inherent in light bumps. With damage to the brain and bones of the cranial box, the victim experiences nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and sometimes blood from the nose. In this situation, everything suggests that the person was seriously injured.

With damage to the back of the head, A visual impairment may occur, due to the fact that the main center is located here, which is responsible for its function. In extreme cases, the victim may experience a feeling of weakness, up to loss of consciousness, since this kind of blow very often entails a concussion of the brain.

There are situations when a small child can simply fall at home and hit his head on the floor, in such cases, when the child’s condition worsens, an ambulance must be called in immediately in order for the experts to examine and diagnose. Known fact that the consequences can manifest itself after forty years.

Trauma to the skull can be obtained anywhere, whether this fight or fall. However, the face may suffer. For example, eye injury or nose injury, as well as dislocation of the lower jaw, so it is important not to delay a visit to a specialist and examine the affected area of ​​the body.

What to do with a head injury?

First aid to the victim can be provided by anyone nearby. But often you need the help of a specialist, and here you have to call an ambulance or go to the appropriate institution yourself.

With a mild degree of injury, you can get by with ice or another cold object that needs to be applied to the sore spot. Cold helps relieve swelling and reduce pain. All this must be done within a few hours for fifteen minutes.

However, if you decide to self-medicate, do not give painkillers, if the diagnosis is not confirmed by a specialist. These drugs will make further examination of the patient difficult. It is necessary to be careful, because the victim may have a fracture of the base of the skull bones, and this is much more dangerous.

In case you hit the street, you must go home and if you can stay there, assume a horizontal position. Dizziness, muscle weakness – something that can occur immediately after receiving a stroke.

If symptoms worsen or remain unchanged, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Sometimes it happens that at first glance minor drops cause severe hemorrhage in soft tissues, and it is important to determine it in time.

Within four hours after injury, the victim should not be allowed to drink water, take food or medication. If, on returning home, symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, dizziness, general weakness, or vision are worsened, then you should immediately call an ambulance.

The specialist will diagnose and prescribe treatment, so you should not self-medicate, this can lead to complications.

Head bruise

How is the treatment?

After a specialist has diagnosed, you need to ensure peace for several days after the injury. Follow all doctor recommendations.

When suffered a severe head injury, exercise should be forgotten for at least a month. The victim, who suffered a concussion, must adhere to the correct daily regimen, that is, often be in the fresh air, limit the time spent at the computer, TV, and similar devices.

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